28 MAY 1942

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HAT General Rommel has launched an offensive in Libya is certain. Whether he has in view distant or only local objectives not yet certain. Till that is cleared up it will be...

Mexico and the Axis

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The repeated sinkings of Mexican ships by German U-boats, and the disregard of Mexican protests, had their logical sequel in President Camacho's request to Congress for a formal...

e Dilemma of Laval

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Nothing has gone right for Laval since he became head of the thy Government as the tool appointed by Germany to promote policy of collaboration. His efforts to satisfy Germany...

Food in Germany

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The dismissal of Walther Dane, the Reich Minister of Agriculture, or, to quote the official intimation, his removal from office for reasons of ill-health, is an event to which...

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The Demand for Aeroplanes

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In an interview he gave in London on Tuesday, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, the late Commander-in-Chief in the Mediter- ranean, declared that the naval air arm must be built up...

The Wage-Earner's Teeth

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The urgency of more adequate dental treatment for the mass the workers of this country, emphasised in a recent article and su sequent correspondence in our columns, is still...

Towns and their Land

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Few experts on physical reconstruction speak with grea authority than Sir Charles Bressey, and it is to be hoped that observations in . ast Sunday's Observer, on the rebuilding...

Poverty and the Birth-rate

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No doubt there are more reasons than one for family limitat i and the consequent fall in the birth-rate, but there is eviden which favours the view that economic considerations...

The School o' Hate

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The Commander-in-Chief, Sir Bernard Paget, has done well in banning the use of strong language and other similar methods of in- stilling blood-lust or hate in the course of...

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WHERE LABOUR STANDS OR two years leaders of the Labour

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Party have been among the most active members of Mr. Churchill's National Govern- t, and the rank and file behind them have given loyal support. the annual conference held this...

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What I said last week about the admission by speakers

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at annual meeting of the Union of Post Office Workers that prl telephone conversations are listened in to by the operators, br me an interesting communication from a...

It is true that Mr. Duff Cooper in his -postscript

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on Sunday night only claimed the r. , ,,;ht to say on a single day in the year that " We are the greatest people on earth, and I am not at all sure that we are not the very...


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C OMPLAINTS of the censorship's excessive zeal are common enough, and natural enough, but there seem to be times when the eminent persons who conduct that institution prefer...

Indications of approval of The Spectator not infrequently reach this

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office, nicely interspaced with the not infrequent criticisms. As a rule, they are simply acknowledged privately, but one has just come into my hands which I think there is no...

Journalists are a patient and uncomplaining tribe, but let no

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one doubt the poignancy of their sufferings. Here is a single hour's ordeal one day this week. Sit next to X at lunch. " I have just come from blank," he says, " where blank has...

Apt headlines brighten life, and when apt enough deserve q

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tion. This one, for example, from Tuesday's Evening News: OFF THEIR DRIVE Petrol restrictions have caused 3o members of Leig Buzzard Golf Club to resign.

The gallantry of Malta is one of the magnificent episodes

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the war, and the part the island has played in frustrating Axis p in the Mediterranean may well have been a determining facto that vital theatre. But while the island remains...

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By STRATEGICUS HE campaigns in southern Russia and in China emerge through the fog of war vague, ill-defined, full of sound and fury. If could analyse and accurately estimate...

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By DAVID THOMSON T HE first six weeks of Laval's Government have produced results very far removed from the intentions of those who took part in its formation. The Germans...

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By FRANK LEWIS N a recent public lecture on the subject of wishful thinking the I eminent psychologist, Professor J. C. Flugel, referred to the kind of apparently meaningless...

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By BARBARA WARD T HE presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Cardinal Hinsley at a gathering of Christians of all communions this week marks a new and notable stage in the...

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By BETTY ASKWITH ifIE first thing that struck me in the factory where I have worked for some time was the friendliness and helpfulness of my .workers. In my early...

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My feelings in the matter are quite definite. I find

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myself heart and soul on the side of the small shopkeeper. The President of the Board of Trade would doubtless assert that he abundantly shares these human sympathies ; in fact,...


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NICOLSON By HAROLD S WIFT in his last years, happening to turn the pages of a book which he had written in his prime, groaned aloud and exclaimed, " Great God! What genius 1...

I soon found that the business was not in the

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least as simple as all that. My first discovery was that my loyalties were multi- form, and not uniform. i had a loyalty to my constituents, another . form of loyalty to my...

Thus, as the interim report of the Committee points out,

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situation of serious gravity is rapidly developing, and unless so thing be done the 'small trader will in the next few years alm certainly disappear. A few businesses, which...

Before the House rose last week for the short Whitsun

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recess there was an excellent debate upon this very subject. I regret that this debate did not obtain the publicity that it deServed, since the debates on the two previous days...

There are those who contend that these are but idle

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tears, that it is as sentimental to bemoan the fate of the little shop as was in 185o to grow soppy about the dear old coaching days. I no analogy between the two occurrences. I...

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" They Flew Alone." At the Odeon.—" The Man Who Came to Dinner." At Warner's. MR. HERBERT WILCOX has always been a courageous producer and he has never been afraid to...


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m tasia on " Hamlet." At the New Theatre. p present the story of Hamlet in terms of mime and dance without ° ming the external dramatic shell of its inward tragic meaning ;...


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Iwake and Sing." At the Arts Theatre Club. play by Clifford Odets is a study in frustration—the frustration living in cities and the more general frustration of mind which ed...

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A NEW TABLE OF LESSONS Sus,—We are told that the authorities of the Church of England are working on a new Table of Lessons to be read in its services. May I take the...


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Sta,—Your " News of the Week," usually so well informed, appears to have fallen into the popular trap regarding the merits of the dive-bomber. Invested by the lay Press and...


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Slit,—It was not my ambition " to exhaust the problem of mod administration," nor had my article anything to do with " a progr for breaking the power of German generals, Junkers...

Sut,—The statement made by Mr. E. Strauss in the issue

The Spectator

The Spectator of May 22nd, that " The Weimar Republic was to fail because it did not destroy this bulwark (the German bureau of reactionary power . . . " may be true. Whether it...

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Snt,—Harold Nicolson deserves our thanks for his attack on the fork in a recent Marginal Comment. The fork has beet, responsible for a systematic propaganda against the spoon,...


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—As a constant reader and, speaking generally, an admirer of The pectator, I should like to express my profound disagreement, which will y be shared by many of your readers,...


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Srit,—A recent [April 22nd] number of The Queen contains, under a fantastic title, an article about myself by Richard Aldington. This article is a verbatim reprint of one which...


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Sta,—The letter from Mr. G. Wray in The Spectator of May 15th seems to require an answer. Has the writer even taken the trouble to get at some of the facts about N.H....

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In the Garden The war has brought it home to

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us that we have previously thro away much good food, and indeed fodder. In one household it A decided that the ribs and stems of spinach leaves were rather bet than the rest,...

High Values

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The price of products has given a new zest to rural gossip, if the wo may be used in a good sense. Some fresh example occurs continual! " After advertising for two months to no...


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ALREADY, though the year is late especially among the grasses, the meadow are being shorn. On the most highly expert farm I know the cutte were at work last week, though the...

Sta,—It is most gratifying to note that The Spectator has

The Spectator

taken up the cause of the wage-earner's teeth, and I heartily agree with all the main points that have been raised by your Medical Correspondent and Mr. G. Wray, but there is a...

A Colour Trick

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One of the most charming and popular of butterflies, the orange-ti was hatched last week in great quantity ; and though the prime beau of the butterfly is the eccentric patrol...


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SIR,—I support the proposal of Family Allowances for various reasons, of which one is that it is calculated to achieve the desirable result of encouraging larger families. I...

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" The Saturday Reviler " 1 WISH that a gifted writer, with courage and industry, would give us a History of English Literary Reviewing. He would, I suppose, begin among the...

The Real Russia

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U.S.S.R.: Its Significance for the West. By S. C. G. (Gollancz. 2s.6d MORE nonsense has been written about the Soviet Union th about any other country. The writers generally...

Heroic Greece

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Greece. By Stanley Casson. (Oxford Pamphlets on World Affairs. 4 The Greek White Book sets out in austere and judicial array t various diplomatic documents relating to the...

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Walter Landor

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Savage Landor. By Malcolm Elwin. (Macmillan. as.) THE problem set in writing the life of a man of letters is not easy one to solve. To write the story of anyone's life is to...

South African Problems

The Spectator

Native Labour in South Africa. By Sheila T. van der Horst. (Oxford University Press. as.) As everyone knows, who has ever issued an appeal, it is of the first importance that it...

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The Source of Health

The Spectator

English Woodland. By John Rodgers. (Batsford. 1os.6d.) In the Heart of the Country. By H. E. Bates. Illustrated by Nature Abounding. Edited by E. L. Grant Watson. (Faber....


The Spectator

God's Warrior. By Parry Williams. (Faber and Faber. 9s. 6d.) IT might be thought that a novel dealing with the years 5937-38 the present Japanese war against China, and written...

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The winner of Crossword No. 166 is LADY BAGSHAWE, amblehaw, Lower Bourne, Farnham.


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for one guinea will be awarded to the send, of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week. Envelopes should be received not...

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Shorter Notice

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The Oxford Companion to American Literature. (Oxford Uni sity Press. 28s.) THIS fellow volume to the Oxford Companion to English Lit era will be found indispensable as a work...


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By CUSTOS IN Throgmorton Street the accent is still on recovery shares. It not yet a case of heavy buying, which is not to be expected w the first battle on the Russian front...

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P. H. GALLOWAY, LIMITED CONCENTRATION OF PRODUCTION THE thirteenth annual general meeting of P. H. Galloway, Limited, was held on May 26th .. at Winchester House, E.C. Mr. J....


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DURBAN ROODEPOORT DEEP (Incorporated in the Union of South Africa) INCREASED DEVELOPMENT W. H. A. LAWRENCE. the chairman, presided at the annual meeting urban Roodepoort...