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The meeting at Glaen ° aw of the:Association' ,for. the Pronaotion. of

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Social Science, if it has done nothing more, has shown the unflagging vigour of Lord Brougham. His inaugural address - will stand comparison with any . of his oratorical efforts...

The Prince of Wales has a competitor — his royal brother Alfred.

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Escaping from. the. Orangemen of tipper-Canada,, the hear apparent, henceforward:10rd Renfrew, is now in OM United Stites, where his weleome will not be disfigured by...


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THE progress of the arms of Victor Emmanuel in the Papal States and of Garibaldi in Naples has not been so marked as it was last week, while towards a solution of the Italian...

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THE PAPAL STATES. The siege of Ancona is the principal event which attracts attention in the Papal States. The whole country has been overrun by the insur- gents and regular...

The wreck of the Lady Elgin has areated a ;profound.

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impres- tion. That a schooner should sink .a steamer of one thousand tons burden is a remarkable fact in itself ; but what has roused public feeling is the absence of boats on...

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The annual session of the Social Science Assoffiation was opened. on Monday, at Glasgow, by Lord Brougham, who delivered an address to the metebers in the City Hall. This...

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The Prince arrived at Niagara on the 14th of September. An Ameri- can news-letter says- " At the Falls the Prince received an address from the magistrates of the county. The...

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'jr &nil.

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To QUERN and the Prince Consort embarked at Gravesend on Saturday evening, in their steam yacht, and proceeded to Antwerp, escorted by three Government steamers. The squadron...


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Mr. John Trevillian Senkin, an attorney of Swansea, well provided with the sinews of war, is to contest the borough of Honiton in the Conservative interest. His opponent is Mr....


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The rioters in St. George's-in-the-East have recommenced the cam- paign; the assigned cause being the absence of Mr. Bryan King and the inability of the curate to control or...

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Frances, Marchioness of Londonderry annually makes speeches in divers places. She has recently been to visit her Irish estates, and at Carnlough she spoke to her tenantry in the...


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The freedom of the city of Glasgow was conferred upon Sir John Lawrence on the 21st of September in City Hall. This ceremony gave Sir John an opportunity of expressing his views...

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i-arrign anti CnInnial.

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'tem.—The French Emperor and Empress are again in Paris. They landed at Port Vendres, in order to avoid crossing the Gulf of Lyons. Notwithstanding the violent storm of wind and...

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, The following line-of-battle ships, frigates, corvettes, and other steam- vessels compose the steam reserve in the Medway at diatharn, under the command of Captain C. F....

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Tin enterprise to which we have more than. once alluded, the Atlantic and Great Western Railway, has now been placed fairly before the Bri- tish public, and we may refer to the...


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SATURDAY Monailare. The mysterious relations between Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi give rise to shoals of rumours. It is now stated that the hostility of Garibaldi will be...

A letter from Vienna states that several regiments of infantry

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are to be put on a war footing ; that it is not true, as reported, that officers on the list of non-activity or on leave have been recalled; but that , warlike pre- parationa...

" The world is wide:" These words, addressed to General

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Goyon by the Pope, are the foundation of his reported withdrawal from Rome. M. de Cadore has posted hither bearing this intelligence. It must be admitted that the phrase bears a...

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Srocx Excaraas. FRIDAY Arrznsoox. The English Funds have experienced very little' fluctuation throughout the week the final quotations of this afternoon being only a shade...

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ITALY. IT is a moot question whether Garibaldi will succumb under the intoxicating fragrance of his swift successes, or whether his native robustness of mind will euablahini to...


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On the 18th of September, at the Dowager Lady Weulock's, 29, Berkeley Square, the Hon. Mrs. James Stuart Wortley, of a daughter. On the 18th, at 2!, Manchester Street,...

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Two Emperors and a King are about to meet at Warsaw, and Germany is perturbed. In the ancient capital of Poland, the re- presentatives of her spoilers will assemble, and honest...

OVER-WORK AND OVER-TALK IN PARLIAMENT. Two facts seem to encourage

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the hope of a coming remedy for barren and profitless Sessions in legislation. Members of Parlia- ment when called upon during their extra-Parliamentary labour in the autumn...

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PRESIDENT BUCHANAN. - Ix a few short weeks, the electors

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of the United States will de- termine who is to succeed James Buchanan in the Presidency of the United States. Looking upon the occasion with the eye of "a contemporary...

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A =wen incident is often a crucial test of the value of national institutions. The amount of political liberty enjoyed by English- men is pretty freely exemplified in the...


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THE Law of Evidence is generally believed to be well defined in the text books, and, probably, in no branch of our legal literature has a larger amount of ability been placed at...

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LIE vast number of persons in the United Kingdom who sub- scribe to benefit societies of every description, and the incredible amount of money which is thus raised to provide by...


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DOES Mr. Gladstone with to kill the Income-tax? We were inclined to believe last spring that he had become a promising recruit in the ranks of those who advocate direct taxation...

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TrusWithin a comparatively recent period the study of logic was not only entirely pretermitted, even by the generality of reflective Men, - but had fallen into positive...

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IF the history of New Zealand is not as well known as it ought to be, it is not for lack of a liberal expenditure of ink and paper. The bibliography appended to Dr. Thomson's...


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THIS volume is as good as new, though it is a reprint of well- remembered papers which have enjoyed an extensive popularity during the last six years. Of the thirteen papers it...

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TRAITS OF CILaitICTB11. * THIS is a milk and water book

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; and what is worse, the propor- tion of milk in it is very small, and the water is ditch water. The amount of original matter it contains might suffice to furnish forth a...

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Messrs. Hurst and Blackett announce for appearance in Oetober "The Valley of a Hundred Fires," by the Author of "Margaret and Her Bridesmaids ; " "A Book about Doctors," by Mr....

s4 talus.

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A period of general activity is at last about to commence. On Mon- day next, Madame Celeste will reopen the Lyceum, with a new drama by Mr. Tom Taylor, entitled the Brigand and...

Muir. -

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The Norwich Festival, as we mentioned last week, was very success- ful. The ancient cathedral city was filled with visitors, not only from the neighbouring district, but .from...


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BOOKS. English History : with very copious Notices of the Customs, Manners, Dress, Arts, Commerce, &c. of the different Periods. By Henry Ince, M.A., and James Gilbert. The...

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lint arts. .

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M. Alexandre Dumas, it is said, has been appointed Director of the Museum of Naples and of the excavations carried on at Pompeii. The Museum, which was known as the " Museo...

The improvements and restorations going on in St. Paul's Cathedral

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will add very much to the beauty of the magnificent interior. The organ and screen are to be removed, so that the whole of the choir and nave will be seen, and tho organ, which...


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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 25. Bankropts. - OLIVER ALPRED SEAGOOD, and HENRY WILLIS S111121, Wellington Road, Holloway, builders-EDGAR Romany RAMAGE, Bond Court,...

The great Art Exhibition of Paris is now officially announced

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for next year. During the months of May and June, artists of all nations are in- vited to send works in painting, sculpture, engraving, architecture, &c., to the extent of four...


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BRITISH .F UNDS, (Cloalng Prices.) FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) — French 6 11 ) .M. — Mexican 3 - - PerIllriall. 45 - -...