2 JULY 1831

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Tnz subjects that have occupied the attention of Parliament this week have been sufficiently miscellaneous,—Cholera, and Suttees ; the Scotch Rioters, and the Irish Yeomanry ;...

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The Belgians have got a King, if they can keep

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him. The fol- lowing is a copy of the letterdelivered to the Deputation previous to their departure on Sunday. ". Gentlemen—I entertain a deep sense of the wish of which the...

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There is a strange story in the French journals, of

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a meditated attempt by the Duchess DE BERRI to excite a civil war in the country. The facts, so far as they are known, are these—the Duchess has left England, and is proceeding...

" Most gracious Sovereign,—We, your Majesty's dutiful subjects, the Archbishop, Bishops,

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and Clergy of the province of Canterbury, in convocation assembled, most humbly entreat your Majesty to accept our assurances of sincere affection and loyalty. It has been the...

. Although very little has been effected of an important

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character, there seems no doubt that, notwithstanding the decided check at Ostrolenka, the affairs of t he Poles are going on well. In Sarno- gitia, General GIELGUD had received...

ELECTION OF SIIERIFFS.—Messrs. Cowan and Pine have been elected. TIIE

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Law INSTITETION. — A meeting of this highly respectable body was held on Tuesday, in their own ball, Chancery Lane. Mr. Freshfield, M.P. was in the chair. report 'stated that...

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SIR RICHARD VYVYAN:" The ex-member," says the West Briton,- " has

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gone to town; it is now understood that he does not come in for Newport, but that he will be returned for a borough in a distant county." We have not heard where he is to come...

"ONCE IN THE Hace-YEAR."—These words, in the last copy of

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the Reform Bill, have produced a wonderful sensation in the country and in the newspapers of the week. Some of the Reformers have been weeping from grief, the Anti-Reformers...

NEWTOWNEARRY MASSACRE.—The case for the Yeomanry closed on Thursday, and

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on Friday the witnesses for the prosecution were begun to be examined. In Ireland they manage every thing tiller their own fashion. Here, we should have had the case of the...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING.—CollSuli Da Saturday closed at 82k ft; Brazilian Bonds 51i; Exchequer HUI.; 11-12 premium. The fluctuation in Consols on Monday was considerable,...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. The Irish members are to have a meeting on Monday respecting the Reform Bill for Ireland. The Scotch members are to meet this day oft...


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JUNE 10.—On the 29th IL N. Budding - , B A. of Exeter College, R. E. Cc•plestatt, of Exeter College, and G. F. Fowle, B.A. of Balliol, were elected Fellows of Exeter Coleee; and...

r DON PEDRO.—The ex Emperor arrived at the Clarendon on

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Sunday evening ; he travels ander the title of the Duke of Braganea. His ap- pearance at Omit we have noticed. He was present at the ball at Almacks on Wednesday night, and of...


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Paxesaannera.—The Rev. C. Simpson, M.A. vicar of East Drayton, Notts, sap domestic chaplain to Lord Faversham, to the Rectory of Teversal, Notts. The Lead 111' of Gloucester has...

OLD BAILEY.—These Sessions commenced on Thursday with a

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calendar of 312 prisoners. Burglary 2, forgery 2, housebreaking 12, highway robbery 3, horse-stealing 2, stealing in dwelling-houses 11, cutting and maiming 3, embezzlement 1,...


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The Surrey, Deere, from London to New South Wales, put into Rio Janeiro an the 15th April, with loss of foremast. Arrived. At Gravesend, June 28, Sir Joseph Banks. Frazer, from...

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P.ARTNERSHIPS rossotv on. AUMGER and BAXTER, Oxford, tailors-FLINTDrp and BoTTERWORTH. cotton- spinners-Cu Ron EN and GE tt A itn, Milk Street, Cheapside, box-makers-WALKER and...


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BIRTHS. On the 24th ult. in Grosvenor Square, Lady PORCHESTER, of a son and heir. On the 22nd ult. at Hurdeott House, the Lady Of RICHARD STRACHEY, ESQ. Of Ashwiek Grove, of a...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 28.-4th Regt. of Light Dragoons : R. Knox, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice M`Dortogh, appointed to the 10th Light Dragoons-10th Light Dragoons : Cornet...

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HAVE WE BEEN DECEIVED? "The Bill, the whole Bill, and nothing but the Bill." SPBCTATOR'S R.41.1•YING.CRF. THE John Ball of' last Sunday said, that the Bill introduced by Lord...


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824 4 14 Thurs. 814 2 824 834 894 k 624 14 834 4 2 1 3 894 * 814 24 93 24 3* 894 SILITI811. 3 per Cent. Reduced . 3 per Cent. Consols .....• . Ditto for Account .• •...

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A CORRESPONDENT, under the signature of SIGMA, has favoured us with a communication on this subject, which is a great deal too long for our pressed columns. It contains much...

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Ewurtn WILL NOT BE FOLLOWED.] IN the House of Commons, on Tuesday, Sir JAMES GRAHAM read the following letter from Mr. MansDEN, a former Secretary of the Admiralty. "...


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ARGUS had a hundred eyes, Briareus a hundred hands ; he that had most faces in all antiquity was Janus, and he had only two. The moderns have a being whose faces are not to be...


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THE resuscitation of the Budget, which is at hand, reminds us of one of the most unpopular of the taxes which it proposed to impose —we mean the tax on steam-vessels; and the...

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A LITTLE comedy, in two acts, called A Friend at Court, has been brought out at this theatre with great success. It is by PLANCHE, and, if original, does him the highest...


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"WRAP is become of GEORGE ASPULL ?" has been asked again and again, by many who have wondered why one of the most bril- liant stars that ever appeared above the musical horizon...


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AFTER ring ing the changes for many weeks upon Medea, Ton- credi, and t- Senziranzide, the manager has contrived to give us the variety of two operas in one evening —much tO the...


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HUMMEL'S visit to London has, this year, been a failure. His first concerts were scarcely attended by sufficient numbers to pay the expenses even of the very meagre band which...

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Drrem.sc- 1 Dr.Pring's Sketches of Intellectual and 1 .... Longman and Co. TUAL PH/L. I Moral Relations P ,.? LiTIL " ! Fletcher's History of Poland f Cochrane and nISTOR Y.....


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must their duels fight, I wish they'd choose a place Worthy in splendid prose to write, Or tuneful verse to trace : At Waterloo, or Marathon, To die—with glory dubs ; But who'd...


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THE prizes given by this Club for the best Song and best Duet were awarded on Thursday. There were four competitors for each ; and it will be seen that the successful candidate,...

Mr. FLETCHER'S History of Poland is a seasonable publication. At

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a moment when the brave exertions and great sufferings of the Poles are occupying the attention of every liberal heart, this narrative carries us back to the great names that...

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Tales of Welsh Land and Welsherie,7under an affected title, comprise

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several agreeable stories, the scenes of which lie in Wales. The author is a practised writer, and his style is that of twenty years ago. We have of late been so racketed with...

Mr. JAMES, the author of Philip Augustus, and several other

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novels of the same kind, possesses an advantage over many who have pursued a similar walk of fiction, in his, very considerable know- ledge of the stores whence historical...

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Mr. PAYNE COLLIER'S Annals of the Stage, from the origin

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of the Drama in England to the Restoration, forms three corpulent volumes, consisting altogether of fifteen hundred paves of small print, note and text, prose and verse. Mr....

The Memoirs of Sebastian Cabot, with a Review of Maritime

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- Discovery, is a specimen of honest inquiry. It is quite frightful to think of the number of the inaccuracies it exposes : we shall cease to have confidence in books. By...

Mr. WADE, "the author of the Dwelling of Fancy, has

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been long known to the public as a successful musical composer and lyric poet. He is a kind of drawing-room minstrel ; he is the author of the verses as well as the music of his...

...Mr. GALT'S Lives of the Players has probably cost him

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as Many hours as the work on the History of the Drama • by Mr. COLLIER has consumed months. It will probablyeirculate more extensively than :the other—it may be more- profitable...

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AMONG the recent importations of pictures, there is one of prominent -beauty, a genuine RAPHAEL, which may be seen at 35, Piccadilly. It is a cabinet picture, exquisitely...

Three of the great series of national publications have brought

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forth during the last week. The Library of Entertaining Knowledge has produced the first volume of Historical Scenes in Paris. That capital has witnessed so many strange and...

Hortus Duroverni is a complete and ingenious catalogue of the

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productions of every kind and variety of flower, fruit, and shrub, cultivated in England. We do not think we are giving it too large a title, though the work itself only...

The two new Magazines are getting on very well. The

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Third Number of the Metropolitan is better than the first or second. CAMPBELL'S "Lines on Poland" remind us of the poetry of his early years. He begins somewhat coldly, and his...


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BRITISH INSTITUTION. THIS gallery reopened to the public on Monday, with a selection of pie- - tures from the Italian, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch, and English masters. We cannot,...


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THE stupendous Glass Vase, exhibiting at the Queen's Bazaar, Oxford Street, is a most magnificent object, and perfectly unique. No descrip- tion that we have seen conveys an...


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THE illustrations of Volume XXVIth of the Waverley Novels, being the first of Nigel, by COOPER and BOXALL, do not call for particular remark. The views in No. XV. of the...

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WE are sorry that any thing we have written on the above subject should for a moment appear to warrant the accusation of injustice, which Mr. KENNEDY somewhat unjustly makes...


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TO TIIE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Sully Terrace, 29th June. SIR—Trusting that the SPECTATOR will not form an exception to the general candour of the press, I submit, for...