2 MARCH 1844

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Peers have met for scarcely any thing but to adjourn. The Com- mons have not been allowed to escape quite so easily ; for they have - been made the recipients of some of those...

Mr. MONCKTON MILNES'S constituents have been taking him to task

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for the Liberalism of his views respecting the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland ; and he has answered in an excellent letter, showing what is the actual state of facts with...

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The French seizure of Tahiti has been barely a nine-days

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wonder. First, the spirit of wonderment revelled in surprise and indignation at the arrogance of the French. Then, on Tuesday, came a story that the French naval commanders had...

;Debates anti Vroceebings in Warliaincnt.

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SUPPLY: GRIEVANCES. In the House of Commons, on Monday, when the order of the day for going into Committee of Supply was moved, Mr. SHARMAN CRAW.. FORD followed up his set plan...

The Irish agitators stick to "the Repeal": they do not,

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and ap- parently dare not, modify their demands to suit the new alliance with the Whigs. The Whigs and Repealers have entered into a league offensive and defensive as against...

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Ebe Zourt.

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tint strict privacy maintained at Windsor Castle presents scarcely any thing to record. The sole visiter has been the Dutchess of Kent, who has dined occasionally at the Royal...

Zht Stlettopolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. A by-law was passed, imposing a penalty of 10/. on steamers passing within the Government-moorings at Woolwich ; some danger...

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A correspondence between Mr. Monckton Milnes and a portion of his constituents, the electors of Pontefract, vindicates the sentiments lately expressed by Mr. Milnes towards the...

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The Repeal Association held the usual weekly meeting on Mon- day. Air. John O'Connell was called to the chair ; and he described the " enthusiastic reception " given to his...

goreign anb (Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Chamber of Deputies was engaged on the 14th and 15th February in discussing a motion by M. Remusat, to exclude persons in Government offices from sitting as Deputies...

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ARRIVED— At Gravesend. 26th Feb. Exporter. Anwyl ; and Australasian Packet. Hill, from Sydney; Portly, Reed. from China ; London. Edwards, from Singapore; Heleu Mary, Painter ;...


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Tuesday's Gazette contained an order from the Lord Chamberlain's Office that the Court mourning for the Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha should change on the 7th instant, and terminate...


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WMI.OFFICE, March I.-4th Drags.—Capt. W. C. Forrest. from the 11th Light Drags. sobs Capt. vice Ibbetson, who exchanges. 3d Light Drags.—Sergt..Major Itathwell. (Riding...

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Mr. O'Connell has issued a new address "to the People

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of Ireland," from London ; lecturing them on the folly and wickedness of some in- cendiary acts that have lately occurred in Carlow and elsewhere ; and reiterating his...

Admiral Dupetit Thouars has administered the severest rebuke that the

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French war-mongers have yet received. Carrying out their own spirit to extremity, he has converted their sublime to the ridicu- lous. There are more documents on the subject of...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. More party-debating engaged the House of Commons last night : the motion for a Committee of Supply, the licence for grumbling, let loose some of the indignant...

In the Court of Bankruptcy today, Mr. Charles Mathews again

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at- tended for examination. Mr. Anderson's solicitor stated that his client relinquished the opposition, on condition of being appointed one of the assignees ; and that was...

A very large meeting was held in Manchester Free trade

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Hall on Thursday, to express sympathy with the Irish people and their claims to redress of grievances, and to protest against the recent prosecution. The Mayor presided ; and...

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 2d December 1843 to the 24th February 1844. LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £20,414,000 Securities £22,482,000 Deposits 13,924,000 Bullion...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ATTERNOOK. The books of the various Storks, the dividends upon which become due in April next closed this day ; and the usual quarterly notice vras...

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THE MORAL OF THE IRISH DEBATE. Tux nine-days debate is on record, and it has yet to be turned to one use—to be read by the future historian. It is not given to us in 1'844 to...


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WIZEN Venus, yielding to the prayers of the enamoured youth, changed the form of his cat into that of a girl, the goddess did not or could not change its feline propensities ;...

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THE journeymen-politicians who "rub on," living, as it were, from hand to mouth, ridicule the recurrence to first principles, as the idle pedantry of closet-theorists : yet a...


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LET us not be harsh on anomalies in foreign laws while our own pre- sent absurdities are as glaring. Some few months back, a disastrous duel suggested to the English people,...

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ORRERIES and Oratorios were in days of yore the signs of Lent in the theatrical world ; but sacred music has found a more appropriate abode in Exeter Hall ; and, since the...

M. ACHARD is delighting the visiters of the French Plays

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with the drollery of his acting and the sweetness of his singing ; and for the short remainder of his stay the St. James's Theatre will be crowded. His assumption of the free...


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THE Ojibbeway Indians are great chiefs in their own country ; and they have been admitted to a private if not a confidential in- terview with our Queen. Yet these illustrious...

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Breenspnv. , The Worker:4W;Riam Shakespeare. The Text formed from an entirely new Collation of the Old Editions; with the Various Readings. Notes, a Life of the Poet, and a...

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THIS fiction will not be very entertaining to those who look for variety of action, rapidity of narrative, and breadth of treatment in a novel ; for its deficiency in these...

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THIS volume proceeds from the gentleman whose trial on a charge of slave-trading excited so much attention and comment last autumn. It consists of Mr. GURNEY'S report of the...

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From ?sensory 23d to February 291h. Booas. Memoirs of Eminent Englishwomen. By Loam STUART COSTELLO, Author of "Specimens of the Early Poetry of France," &c. In two volumes....

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Mozart's Te Deum for four Voices ; with an Accompaniment

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for the Organ OP Pianoforte, arranged from the full Score, by EDWARD HOLMES. This short Te Deum in C major is evidently a youthful work of the composer, in which he has made...


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AT the last meeting of the Institute of Fine Arts, Mr. WTsE, M.P.„ who has accepted the office of Vice-President, delivered an address not more admirable for its earnest...

Quatre Morceaux de Salon, star des Melodies de Francois Schubert,

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pour &- Piano ; composes par STEPHENHELLER. We doubt whether there is any path through the works of Mr. STEPHEN HELLER to CHOPIN, albeit there be some approach in the fin....


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THE SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY. THE Eleventh Annual Report, just published, exhibits a very satis- factory statement ; in which, whether we look to the success of the concerts,...

"Come, here 's a health to thee and thins;" a

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Song, the Poetry by THOMAS. DOUBLEDAY, Esq., the Music by WILLIAM JACKSON. A well-written Bacchanalian song, in the English theatrical style; with indicated accompaniments for...

Kathleen's Lament; Irish Ballad, composed and dedicated to Mrs. Francis

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Leigh, by JOSEPH PHILIP KNIGHT. This piece is calculated for success in the drawingroom and boudoir. It possesses an elegant languor; though feeble in its invention, and...

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BIRTHS. On the 14th February. at Langton Grange, near Genitor& the Lady of Captain Gs E. WATTS, R N. of a daughter. On the 17th. at Headfern, the Countess of BECTIVE, of a Km...


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Tuesday, Feb. 27. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Jones and Son. Bristol-Stanbury and Co. London, carriers-Hudson and Ward, Newcastle upon-Tyne. grocers -Cartwrieht and Horsfall,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. frednes. Thurs. Fridap: 3 per Cent. Consols 971 97i 011 971 97/ 97, Ditto for Account 971 9 71 974 971 971 9...