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The first session of the twenty-fifth Congress of the United

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States was opened on the 5th. instant, with a message from the new Pre- sident, MARTIN VAN BUREN. This document is, as usual, of great length; but it deals with one subject...


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THE political calm continues. But little attention is paid to the proceedings in the Revising Barristers' Courts ; and we verily believe that the " thinking public " care more...

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C,br Court.

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THE Queen has reviewed a body of infantry and cavalry, and inspected the coats and breeches of the new Sheriffs of London—both for the first time—this week. We have seen no...

There have been rumours in Paris of another change in

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the Ministry, in consequence of a disagreement respecting the disso- lutiot tff the Ofeteabers ; Ittie ordinaries; ter which has not yet ap- peared, 1 11bough tiMly explettel....

The Carlists have left the neighbourhood of Madrid, pursued by

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ESPARTERO ; who, in the Madrid Gazette, claims to have de- feated the rebels near Arauzueque on the 19th instant. Noboey, however, believes that lie gained any material...

The Queen of Portugal gave birth to a son on

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the night of Sa- turday the 16th : the royal mother and infant were both an- nounced to be " doing well." No intelligence whatever has been received of the movements either of...

In the City Revising Barristers' Court, on Saturday, Colonel Jones

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appeared to defend his claim to vote, which hud been objected to. The swaggering scene which follows is from the Chronicle of Mon- day— Colonel Jones said, he was brought...

Etr $tictrapatiss.

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Michaelmas-day was celebrated yesterday in the City with all the honours. Alderman John Cowan was unanimously elected Lord Mayor, by the Livery assembled in Common Hull. A...

Lord GOSFORD, as we expected, has found the House of

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Assem- bly of Lower Canada unmanageable. The address in reply to his speech proved how hopeless was the attempt to shake the resolu- tion of the Canadian Represeetatives not to...

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Workmen have commenced preparing for the new carriage entrance into

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Hyde Park at Knightsbridge, to be called the Sussex Gate. r On Monday, a small steamer, constructed on an entirely new princi- ple, put into Broadstairs on her passage from...

In the Central Criminal Court, on Tuesday, sentences were passedon

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the prisoners convicted at the Sessions just over. Nine were sentenced to be transported for life; seven for fifteen years ; two for fourteen years, (the gradation of crime must...

:be Country.

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The Liberals of East Somersetshire gave their excellent Represenaa- tive, Colonel Gore Langton, a splendid entertainment at Glastonbury on Wednesday week. The tables in the...

We are happy to state that the present registration for

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South Devon holds out highly flattering prospects to the Reformers. We have no doubt that the Reformers will gain nearly 400 on the total registration of the division.—...

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On Saturday last, about one o'clock, as a heavily-laden luggage-train

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was proceeding along the railroad from Liverpool to Manchester, it it came in contact with a steam-engine, with such violence that the latter was almost entirely destroyed. Both...

Lieutenant- Colonel Madox, commandin_g the Enniskillen Dragoons, has written to

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the editor of the Dorset County Chronicle a statement of the affair between the country-people and the military on the race- course, which imputes all the blame of the encounter...

Some confusion and disappointment have arisen respecting the choice of

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a President for the next meeting of the Scientific Association, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The General Meeting at Liverpool, con- sidering that the choice of President belonged to...


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Mr. Drummond is now at Besborough, with Lord Duncannou and Mr. Nich011, the Poor Law Commissioners, paving the way for the Irish Poor Law Bill. Mr. Edmund Power, a solicitor,...

The poll for a church-rate for the parish of Ashton-under-Line

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closed oo Saturday last, when the numbers were—for the rate, 902; for the adjournment, 2,020; majority against the rate, 1,127. This result c in hardly excite surprise, when...

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A sixth letter from Mr. Sharman Crawford to Mr. O'Connell

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con. eludes the series ; though Mr. Crawford warns the Agitator, that as he is "the medium through which the greatest good or the greatest evil can be produced" to Ireland, his...

An investigation of the circumstances attending the murderous assault en

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Allen and M'Kenzie, in Sligo, has been made in that county. It appears that M'Kerzie, though severely hurt, was not killed. He was the principal witness against Mr. Spelman, a...

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Much astonishment has been caused by the rumour at the

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Stock Ex- change that notices have actually been forwarded to the proper offices to make application to Parliament for a new line of railroad from Lon. don to Brighton, under...


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The Colonelcy of the Second Battalion of the Sixtieth Regiment of Foot has become vacant by the death of General the Honourable Ed- mund Phipps. The Commander.in-Chief has been...

As a satisfactory proof that the Queen intends to countenance

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and support the turf, we are enabled to state that her Mujesty has been graci graciously pleased to appoint the Earl of Albemarle Stew u id of the ously Races for next year,...


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A numerous meeting of the. Reformers of Lanark was held on Tues- day week, in Hope Street Relief Chapel; J. Gibson, of St. Patrick's, in the chair. The object of the meeting was...

The arrangement alluded to by a contemporary will not be

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so easily closed, though the difficulty relates entirely to the alimony.—Post. [Are the Nortons alluded to 2] On Friday night, his Excellency General Count Sebastiani, the...

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The noblemen and gentlemen who set on foot the subscription

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for a " memorial of the military achievements of the Duke of WELLING.. TON," affirm, in one of the resolutions passed at their preliminary meeting, " that there is no great...


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THIS is an eventful week in the theatrical world : all the Winter Houses—poor old Drury excepted--open for the Reason ; the Olympic, Adelphi, and St. James's yesterday, and...


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STUCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The operations of the Money Market during the present week have not been characterized by any increased activity ; and the transactions have...


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SATURDAY. Accounts from Madrid, dated the 23d instant, were received this morning through the Paris papers. They state that the affair of the 19th between EfIFARTER0 and the...


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Arrived—Off Falmouth, Henry Pomher, fiat, from Bengal; Eden, Mollison. sad Ann Lockerby, Watson, from Batavia. At the Mauritius, May 9th, Ranger, Jellard„ from Liverpool. At...

A number of remarkable antiquities have recently been discovered in

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Saxe Weimar, and the Grand Ducal Government has published an ordonnance for the preservation of these different objects. In making excavations for a new road in the environs of...


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BIRTHS. Her Serene Highness the reigning Datehess of ANKALT Demo, of a princess. On the 23d inst., at Upper Brook Street. the Lady Amuse, of is daughter. On the 22d inst., at...

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Miss RAINFORTH got up Bum-tomes Fidelio at the Lyceum on

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Mon- day night, for her benefit a bold and also a laudable effort. The prima donna of a theatre must appear in such operas, good or bad, as her em- ployer selects ; but at her...

Next week we shall have more space as well as

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leisure to spare for an account of the doings at the Minors, as well as at Covent Garden : though we shall probably find room for a few lines about MACREADY'S stage reforms in...


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WANT OF MORAL POWER IN PARTIEti. [From the Weekly True Si]R. The worst evil in the present condition of our country is, that no one of its political r trtits po, , esses any...

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No. I. IF the last two sessions of Parliament be carefully scanned, they will be found to have produced nothing, or worse than nothing, regard being had to the circumstances of...

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I N telling the news of the Court last week, we, in our simplicity, remarked on the irksomeness to " the pococurante Premier " of being compelled to beat the Queen's elbow, when...


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THE Courier invites us to consider a " simple," and, ac ha be- lieves, "efficacious method of at once putting a stop to the great majority of vexatious objections which are now...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Friday. 25th September. Ste—The Morning Chronicle of the 27th has a long article upon the im- portance of effecting a change in the present...


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THE parade of mock humanity is a besetting sin. The way to get a handsome subscription to a chat ity, is to publish the names of the donors; and the honour of being placarded as...

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IN her present work, Miss LANDON displays a very considerable improvement over her funnier prose productions; for though Ethel Churchill cannot take a place amongst the first...

The Brockville Statesman, an Upper Canada Tory paper, boasts that

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at the last election the Orange clubs were of great assistance to Sir Francis Head. There are at present, it seems, no fewer than 215 Orange Lodges in Upper Canada, comprising...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. " Quis custotliet ipsos custodes ?' St a—Mr. O'CoNNELL's Letter to the electors of Kildare contains the follow- ing passage. I told him (4r....


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FICTION, Ethel Churchill; or the Two Brides. By the Author of •` The Improvvituttrice," " Francesca Carrara," & c. Sic. In 3 cols Coittern. NATIO:NAL CHARACTERISTICS,...

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THESE volumes are a welcome and valuable addition to English literature. In their character they are true, profound, philosophi- cal, and suggestive; giving by far the best tiew...

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are no less extraordinary than the title, though they are of a different nature front what it would lead us to expect ; for, instead of a " in the ordinary sense of the term, a...

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CHALON . 9 portrait of the Queen has gained for Lim the appointment of Portrait Painter in Water Colours to her Majesty; an honour that his rank in this branch of the profession...


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" SCULPTOR" returns to the charge, with a furious intention to put us hors de combat. Ilis thrusts, however, though tierce, are easily par. tied, for we merely stand on the...