3 MARCH 1984

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India na Urti verSiti MAR 0 9 1964

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Mr Hart's, ump S ome observers say that Senator Gary Hart speaks through his nose rather more than he used to. This extra nasality gives his voice the faintest twang of Presi-...

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Political commentary

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Over the worst Charles Moore M r Denis Healey has now been Sir Geoffrey Howe's opposite number, in various guises and with one gap, for nearly ten years. In all that time,...

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F or some reason when a girl is described as the daughter of a 'top gynaecologist', one immediately has a very clear impression of her. That impression very closely re sembles...


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UK Eire Surface mail Air mail 6 months: £17.25 £17.25 £20.50 £26.50 One year: £34.50 £34.50 £41.00 £53.00 For special offer turn to P.24 Name Address US Subscriptions: $75.00...

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Another voice

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Nymph, in thy orifices . . . . Auberon Waugh Tt seems unlikely that more than a thous- 1. and people in this country have read Mr Leon Brittan's Police and Criminal Evidence...

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The struggle for Angola

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Fred Bridgland I t i is tempting now that peace — or, rather, something more like an imposed tra nquillity — is threatening to breakout in. southern Africa to regard the region...

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Gary Hart also rises

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Christopher Hitchens Concord, New Hampshire A merican politics is a sort of permanent contest between 'backers' and 'believers'. A candidate needs lots of both in order to be...

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Un.dangerous edge

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Adam Nicolson Kirkenes, Norway J ohn Steinbeck once recommended 'the s imple expedient of dyeing different countries different colours so we would know whether we werefor or...

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$2 million a week to spend

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Charles Foley Malibu, California I t is given to few of us to enjoy the best of both worlds, but such is the genial destiny of a dozen men — mostly board- room figures — who...

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The Dublin dimension

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Patrick Bishop O the opening day of the New Ireland ‘.../Forum the leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party, John Hume, said: 'Let no one doubt the Forum's impact on...

One hundred years ago

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London has been excited, though not alarmed, by the discovery of a plot to blow up three great railway stations -Victoria Street, Paddington, and Char- ing Cross — with...

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Gavin Stamp T he most entertaining obituary I recall chat'. 'Without interest in politics and bored by men's affairs, she was indifferent to the problems of her times.' If...

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Waffle and drivel

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Andrew Brown W henever I find that I have to stand well back from the edge of the plat- form at tube stations so as to keep under control the urge to jump, then I have only to...

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hi the City

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Dusk raid by Inland Revenue Jock Bruce-Gardyne F o ur Years ago Mr Nigel Lawson, then Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Pa?d a visit to the annual conference of the...

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Sir: My late uncle, the Reverend F.H. Maycock, one time

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Principal of Pusey House, Oxford, wrote a diary in Kuching, Sarawak (Borneo), during the first six months of the second world war. His unpublished thoughts on the Liturgy,...

Swedish message

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Sir: Of course I do not oppose the right Qf journalists to express their own views in chronicles. Facts, however, ought to be' correct. In the Spectator of 4 Februa r Y Richard...


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A wise church Sir: In the circumstances it was wise to invite a Roman Catholic to review the collection of essays, When will ye be wise?. It is easier for one outside to see...

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Dizzy's deal

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Sir: Pace Colin Welch (Centrepiece, 28 January), Britain's economic complacency and decline might have been abated by Gladstone's 'sinking to selling cement to Arabs': after...

The swastika incident

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Sir: I must be one of the children Lord Sligo asks to finish the great swastika incident story (15 February), so I should oblige. Unfortunately his story is false in every...

Dr Koryagin

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Plight PsYchi of Dr Anatoly Koryagin, the Russian atrist now in prison in the Soviet Unio n ? K Th ree years ago, on 13 February 1981, Dr tw e l ve - Year was arrested and...

Good riddance

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Sir: Sadness at your own reported departure from the editor's chair is _certainly sweetened by the suggestion that Mr Ingrams is also leaving. Is it too much to hope that the...

Hands off Jahweh

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Sir: I assure Mr David Pugh (Letters, 4 February) that I was quite aware that two interpretations are possible of the story of Onan. Until quite modern times the `solitary vice'...

Swedish rape

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S , ir : A man who can find bookstalls bulging with ripe porn' should not lightly be criticised. But Richard West's survey of S candinavian literature (`The threat to 4...

Elizabeth RI? S , W jr: We note with disappointment the trepiece'

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article 'Wiser counsels' by Colin elch (21 January). As admitted by the author himself, this is a continuation of the blatant personal attack under the guise °r 'Personal Views'...

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Restrictive practices Colin Welch T don't have the advantage as I write of 'knowing the result of the Chesterfield by- election. But I am saddened by the thought that, if Mr...

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An unattractive patriot Paul Johnson Begin: A Biography Eric Silver (Weidenfeld & Nicolson £12.50) M enachem Begin was the first Israeli i Prime m inister to run policy on...

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Ragged fantasies

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Peter Levi Charles Williams: An Exploration of his Life and Works Alice Mary Hadfield (OUP £15) C harles Williams has an oddly high reputation, which puzzled me for 30 years....


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Ferdinand Mount on the Treasury Kevin Sharpe on the Puritans Jeffrey Bernard on Racehorses of 1983 Francis King on Desmond Hogan

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A Soldier of Destiny

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Richard West The Boss: Charles J. Haughey in Government Joe Joyce and Peter Murtagh (Poolbeg Press 1R£6.50) w hen the most wanted murderer in Ireland was found to be staying as...

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Nathan Agonistes

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Julian Jebb The Anatomy Lesson Philip Roth (Cape £8.95) T his novel completes the trilogy about ilave l the a dventures of Nathan Zuckerman, with ist, begun with The Ghost...

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Cook's tour

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Christopher Hawtree Sun rising David Cook (Secker & Warburg £8.50) 'rnhe conversation was about the state of 1. the baby's nappy, but its sub-text was about authority and...

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Jeffrey Bernard A Jobbing Actor John Le Mesurier (Elm Tree Books £7.95) 1 , 1:311 r1 Le Mesurier once 'told me that he tia , l elt so insecure one day that he got on a is' ....

Strong women

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Peter Paterson Growing Up Russell Baker (Sidgwick & Jackson £9.95) M y one recollection of meeting Russell Baker of the New York Times was at somebody's house in London,...

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Out of step Julie Kavanagh Different Drummer (Royal Opera House) Different Drummer (Royal Opera House) Vfirst there were to be cloth wings twisted by dancers into curious...

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A new look Rodney Milnes The Valkyrie (WNO, Cardiff) Andrea Chenier (Covent Garden) Patience (Coliseum) The Gondoliers (Sadler's Wells) T he most extraordinary thing about...


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Inflation Peter Ackroyd Rumble Fish ('18', Lumiere Cinema) t was made yesterday (almost) and yet it has been photographed in black-and- ;9 with it begins in a mood of urban...

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Seeing stars John McEwen Eugene Atget: Photographs of Old France; Adrian Berg: recent watercolours; John Murphy: Beyond the fixing of appearances (Serpentine Gallery, till 25...

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Sun and sand Giles Gordon Boesman and Lena (Hampstead) Playboy of the West Indies (Tricycle) (Polish They Theatre, 238 King Street, W6) D ermot Hayes's set for Athol Fugard's...

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Trying Richard Ingrams T don't know whether the departure of 'Aubrey Singer heralds a purge of BBC executives by the Director General Alasdair Milne, but I would guess not....

High life

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Fun and games Taki A s everyone who loves Italian food knows, the Mafia frequent restaurants where the food tends to be perfect and the staff unusually polite. I became aware...

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Low life

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ke bye blackbird Jeffrey Bernard Ij I t b 's been another rather silly week in the b ack garden of Soho. On Monday I met a black bird with thrush and, as I predicted a st...


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Wednesday laughter P. J. Kavanagh T am now in a position to reveal myself as 1 one who has penetrated the Ministry of Defence establishment at Porton Down. Admittedly it was a...

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No. 1307: The winners

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Jaspistos reports: Competitors were asked for a poem, in their own style or that of a well-known poet, on the disappearance of the halfpenny. After 704 years of healthy life...


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No. 1310: Booking the cooks Set by Jaspistos: Cookery books, of which there is now a superflux, have become increasingly recondite and absurd. You are invited to supply the...

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Crossword 647

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Down in the forest te £,,, by Doc Down in the forest te £,,, or a copy of Chambers Dictionary, 1983 Edition 'Dictiona rlutio ry' under name and address) — for the first...

Solution to 644: Buffer zones ". 1 ," o dArE

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S CROSS T jam R Al C ORRA R E R A S AIWID ANCE LIDIAIA T o 1 5 _1 3 1 1 , • j aLljo . E TTERS N I D t N E S R K A I I g by E W a E t C P L o .. 4E IA SIR R The...


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Famous four Raymond Keene I t is several months since I announced Nigel Short's triumph in takin g to p honours at the Grandmaster tournament in aku, Gary Kasparov's home...

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Portrait of the week

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S ome disruption to public services and national newspapers was caused by the TUC's 'day of protest' at the Government's refusal to - allow employees at its com- munications...

Books Wanted

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HOUSE OF COMMONS Times Guide 1950 & 1959 editions. James Mackay, 31 Cottenham Rd, Walthamstow, London Eli 6RP. BRADSHAW'S BRITISH RAILWAY TIMETABLES pre-1939 and 'Mixed...