4 JANUARY 1862

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T HE 'news from America if not absolutely pacific is on the whole reassuring. 'The intelligence of British demands had reached the great cities and had not produced a popular...


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"Jim SPECTATOR" is published every Saturday Morning, in time for despatch by the Early Trains, and copies of that Journal may be had the same Afternoon through News-agents in...

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MONDAY, DECEMBER 30nr. Tin poll demanded on behalf of the Earl of Lincoln, at the nomi- nation for Nottingham, took place on Friday, and resulted in an over- whelming majority...

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Ot Court.

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DECEMBER 29.—Divine service was performed at Osborne this morn- big before his Majesty the King of the Belgians, the Prince of Wales, Prince Arthur, Princess Helena, Princess...


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(Per Hansa vid Southampton.) NEW YOE; Dec. 21. THE latest despatches received from Washington all agree in stating- that Lord Lyons has not yet presented any official demands...

ERRATUM—In the review of Mr. Furnivall's Edition of "The History

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of the Holy - Graal," in our last number, first column, 11 lines from bottom, for Johnson's Ship read Solomon's Ship; 12 lines from bottom, for the rock Perilous read the rock...


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Subscriptions to the "Form:, OF liana," and " OVERLAND FRIEND OF INDIA," wilt be received by Mr. A. E. Galloway, at No. 1, Wellington-street, Strand, London. Terms : Per Annum,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. UP to the close of the year the demand for money was active, and na business was done anywhere below the Bank minimum of 3 per cent....

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THE RISE OF THE TIDE. T HE attitude of England throughout the year has been one of unbroken observation. Lazily has the old athlete, conscious of magnificent vigour and nerves...


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At Beechland, the wife of Captain the Hon. C. C. Chetwynd, of a eon, stillborn. On the 26th inst., lady Norm a , of a son. At Edinburgh, the Lad" Mary Hope Vera, of a daughter....


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At Cheabam-place, aged 73, Main, relict of Sir Thomas Andrew Strange, first Chief Justice of Madras, and daughter of the late Sir William Burroughs, Bart, of Castle Bagshaw, Cavan.


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BRITISH S. (Closing Prices.) 2 per Gent Consols 921 Ditto for Account 92 3 per Cents Reduced 91 New 3 per Cents 914 Annuities 1880 — Annuities 1885 — Friday Bank Stock, 5 per...

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THE LATEST NEWS FROM AMERICA. T HE prospects of peace have

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improved, for the Americans have been startled into decorum and moderation. The British demand for redress acted upon an excitable people like a cold douche on a drunkard,...

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THE REVENUE. T HE-Revenue returns for the year are certainly not—so

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far as we can at present see—favourable to Mr. Glad- stone's estimate. They show a large deficiency on both Excise and Income tax as compared with that estimate,—a deficiency...


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. Kinglake takes a scientific interest in international politics, and has established a "theorem" of his own, at least to his own satisfaction ; not, indeed, a rigidly uni-...

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THE SACRED COLLEGE. T HE whole atmosphere that hangs about the

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Court of Rome is at all seasons so systematically filled with mist, that the smallest gap in its density cannot fail to be an occurrence of interest, even though it merely...

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T HOSE few members of Parliament, who without faith in democracy profess to be democrats, are dreadfully puzzled just now. The English " demos," like every other which ever...

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MEXICO. T HIS Mexican affair threatens to degenerate into a sad

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imbroglio. The policy sanctioned by this country in regard to Mexican affairs was, in the absence of Parlia- ment, understood to be briefly this : The three Powers most injured...

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T HE Emperor has promised at last to put down brigandage in Rome, and this time there is reason to believe he is sincere. We are aware that the French Government has ever been...

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W E have given in another place some account of the unsuccessful attempt of the Northern States of America to extemporize an appropriate national anthem for the great crisis of...

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rE seat of Government in India is really to be removed from Calcutta to the Hills. The order has been passed by Sir Charles Wood, and although it cannot be fully carried out for...

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fin 2rto.

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ART-PUFFERY. NEVER in the history of painting has the picture-dealer been so pro- minent as now. The old days, when a painter was content to quietly finish his work and send it...

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Equal and free ! It was the levelling dream Of men crushed equal by tyrannic fate ; Free are, who, what they are, dare also seem, And various culture makes a mighty State....


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AMERICAN TENTATIVE NATIONAL HYMNS.* Tins book consists of two portions—a critical and an original. The critical, so far as it touches upon the formation of the British and...


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THE great musical event of the week has been the long-expected, and often-deferred appearance in England of the celebrated sisters, Carlotta and Barbara Marchisio ; Mr. Land,...

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DANTE'S VITA NUOVA.* THE love of Dante for Beatrice is

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something more than a mere episode in the life of a great man. He himself, in the first passion of his grief, "all drowned in tears within this desolate city," declared that he...

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Tim title of this book is a misnomer, a complete misnomer. The hero is not good for nothing, and his path is by ne means all down hill. He is not of the best class of man,...

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THE LADY OF LA GARAYE.* THIS little poem will be

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read at many firesides this winter, and will delight many a man who hungers in the intervals- of busir iss for that odour of feminine grace and presence which is absent f.om his...

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Tin Magazines are dull this month, or rather they appear so in pre- sence of the vivid interests and strong passions produced by the events occurring every day. Only one...

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Little Maggie and her Brother : a Sketch for Children. By Mrs. George Hooper. Bell and Daldy, 1861.—This is a sketch of very great freshness and beauty—a living delineation of...