4 MARCH 1848

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Intelligence of the movement in France has created the most

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lively interest in surrounding countries. In Belgium there is a mixed feeling—joy at the advance of Liberalism, jealousy of na- tional independence. An attempt at disturbance...


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_Titus far the revolution in France has been attended by a sur- prisingly small amount of disorder. The contest over the Re- - form question may he said to have fairly commenced...

Our Parliament has been favoured with another Ministerial re- velation.

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The Ptemier and his colleagues beat Professor Risley and his sons, by the succession of unexpected attitudes and sur- prisin g flings whiCh they take in finance. On Monday, Sir...

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Debates anti iproutbings in Varliament.

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RELATIONS WITH FRANCE. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. HUME asked Lord John Russell a question which drew from him an explicit statement on the subject of our relations...

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gbe omit.

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THE arrival of the Royal fugitives from France formed a change in the placid life of our Court. On Tuesday, the Duke and Dutchess Auguste of Saxe-Coburg were invited by the...

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The Town-Council of Glasgow, which represents 344,200 constituents, has resolved on a petition against the Income-tax as now levied. A fatal accident has occurred on the...


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Sir Henry Winston Barron has been returned for Waterford, in the room of Mr. Daniel O'Connell. At the close of the poll, which exhausted the constituency, the numbers were—Sir...

Ebt Metropolis.

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A numerous meeting of the Livery of London assembled in the Guild- hall on Monday, to oppose the Income-tax, under the chairmanship of the Lord Mayor. All the City notabilities...

iforeign any ea Natal.

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FR4ImE.-1In resuming the narrative. of the revolution-of last week, we coma nee-with the events of Thursday the 24th....?'EaVy on this day, news of defection among the troops...

Zbe f3r4ptivc.Rs.

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Mr. Estcourt has been elected Member for 'Devizes, in the room of Mr. Ludlow Bruges, resigned. There was no opposition. Meetings against the increase of the Income:tax have...

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Throughout the week, every day has produced a variety of rumours as to the fate of some of the Royal Family of France; whom report consigned to all quarters. Most of these...


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SATURDAY. Paris was perfectly tranquil yesterday morning. The public were paying the taxes in advance with unqualified cheerfulness. Lord Nor- manby had communicated to hi. de...


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On the 22d February, at Stroud Lodge, Hoseneath, Dumbartonshire, the Lady of Colonel P. Edmonstone Cralgie, Alde-de-Camp to the Queen, of a daughter. On the 23d, at Yeovilton...

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Accounts from Brussels to the 2d of March represent all

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classes of Bel- gians as concurring to maintain the national independence—King, Min- istry, Chambers, and People: the universal determination is, " Nous rests- rims Beiges." Two...

In the House of Commons, last night, the CusucEttemt of

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the EXCHE- QUER having moved the Committee of Ways and Means, Mr. HORSMAN moved as an amendment,— "That, if the Income-tax be continued, it is expedient to amend the act, and...

Yesterday, Annette Meyers was tried for shooting Henry Ducker, the

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soldier, in St. James's Park. She was found guilty, but was strongly recommended to mercy, on the score of the extraordinary provocation that she had received. Chief Baron...

The overland mail of the 1st February from Bombay has

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arrived at Marseilles, bringing dates from Calcutta and Madras to the 24th of January. The Indian news is barren of interest. A notification had been published in the several...

Important news has been received from Naples and Sicily, respectively

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to the 23d and 22d February. Naples was tranquil; but at Messina the people had just recommenced fighting against the Royal troops: the in- surgents were rapidly gaining the...

Last night's Gazette notifies a Court mourning for the late

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Dowager Dutchess of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg; to begin on the 5th instant, to change on the 19th, and to terminate on the 26th. The Queen has appointed Lord Cowley, now Secretary...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market as might have been expected, has, experienced considerable agitation. In the course of Monday afternoon, Consols for...


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An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 26th day or February 1848. tuna DEPARTMENT• Notes (maned L28,101,940...


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ARRIVED— At Gravesend, 28th Feb. Emperor of China, Brown, from Calcutta ; 29th, Royal Alice, Hopper, from China ; and Victory, Potter, from Calcutta ; 1113 March, Rifleman,...

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Un Caprice, a little comedy, or rather comic scene, which

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is now played at the St. James's, created a perfect furore in Paris when produced there about three months ago. Journalists rivalled each other in extolling its perfections; and...


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The Italian stage does not afford a pleasanter entertainment than the Barbiere di Siriglia. The most saturnine spectator must yield to the ex- hilarating influence of its...


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FRANCE, PAST AND PRESENT. FRANCE, for the fifth time within little more than half a century, is engaged in the labour of trying to find out what is her govern- "ing influence....

The managers of the Lyceum have given their audience a

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very nice ver- sion of a French drama, entitled Lasater, and have bestowed thereon the name of Not a Bad Judge. The object of the drama is to represent a clear-sighted, cool,...

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SINCE our recent observations on Canadian affairs, we have re- ceived newspapers and letters from the colony. The further in- telligence is upon the whole satisfactory. The...


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Tan Chancellor of the Exchequer relies for the present on his balances, and postpones the question of augmenting or readjust- ing taxation.. It will be well if we get through...

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SIR CHARLES WOOD'S yielding has filled people with indefinite notions as to what may be squeezed out of him : all the Govern- ment measures at least ; perhaps also the liability...


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Fxw records of human power are more striking than that pr e . sented in the Second Report of the Metropolitan Sanatory C om . missioners. They 'may be said to show that they...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 22d February 1848. Sin—I have perused the remarks in the last nmolber of your journal relating to Canadian affairs: and as they appear...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sut — It is ridiculous that the Income-tax from the farmers of England and Scotland should amotint to so litnall a proportion of the whole sum...

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BIOGRAPHY, The Life of the Most Reverend James Ussher, DIE, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, and Primate of an Ireland. With an Account alas Writings. By Charles Richard D.D., Begins...

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Is an ill-considered title ; for it not only conveys no notion of the scope o f the book, but suggests an idea of its subject which is the reverse of the reality. A "henpecked...


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THE author of the smart, forcible, and rather interesting series called Ireland and its Rulers, as well as of some other political publications with similar characteristics, has...

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Boons. The Henpecked Husband; a Novel. By the Author of " The M.P.'s Wife." In three volumes. Journal of an Expedition into the Interior of Tropical Australia, in search of a...

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Tuesday, Feb. 29. PARTIUMSHIPS DJUOLVED. Beeretan and Capper, Change Alley, stack-brokers--Nicholson and Co. Kendal, hosiers -Cherry and Son, St. Alban's, drapers-Clay and CO....


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WAR - OPPICE, March 3.-Grenadier Guards-Lieut. and Capt. H. G. Conroy, to be Capt. and Lieut.-Col. by purchase, vice Sir J. M. Burgoyne, Bart. who retires; Ensign and Lieut. the...

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BRITISH UNDS. Salami. (Closing Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. -- Widnes -- Thurs. Midas, 8 per Cent Consols -- 833 — 803 62} 823 81 821 Ditto for Account 831 81} 824 823 82...