4 MAY 1833

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The Russians are now the virtual masters of Constantinople. A

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considerable detachment of their troops disembarked on the 5th April on the Asiatic shore opposite the Turkish capital. Rein- forcements were immediately expected, which would...

The French Minister of Finance presented his .s.4 Chamber of

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Deputies on Monday evening. It gc" little sensation at the Bourse, and announced no reduction of expenditure. The Republican party in France, which, though by no means...


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WE left theMinistry at the close of last week, to use Lord At- miouP's expression, " in a state of extreme embarrassment,"— their retainers angry and dismayed, their foes full...

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Accounts have been received from Oporto to April the 23d.

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They are favourable to Don PEDRO; who at last had contrived to pay the seamen belonging to the squadron of SARTORIUS, and make up his quarrel with the Admiral. The squadron was...

King LEOPOLD has dissolved his unruly Chambers; and the electoral

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colleges for choosing new Senators and Deputies are con- voked for the 23d instant. The reason assigned by the King for the dissolution, is the difference of opinion between his...

19tbata anti' Procerbing1in Vatliament.

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1. MINISTERIAL DIFFICULTIES. The House of Commons, on Monday, was thronged with members at an early hour, and the anxiety to hear the announcement of the plan which the Ministry...

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Pants THE LONDON GAZETTE. DOWNING STREET. Mil April 1813.—The King has been graciously pleased to no. mivate and appoint Vice-Admiral Sir Pours:Is:sr MALcor-m, Knight Commander...

"Clic ilictropoTil.

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A meeting of the friends of Sir John llobliouse, composed princi- pally of the gentlemen who had formed his Committees at the two last elections, was held on Thursday, at the...

Eric Court.

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THE King and Queen invited the Dukes of Cumberland, Sussex, and Gloucester, Lord Adolphus Fitzc]arence, and Lady Sydney, to a grand dinner-party at the Palace on Tuesday, to...

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The delegates appointed by the united parishes of Westminster for

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the purpose of obtaining an immediate repeal of the Assessed Taxes, met at the British Hotel in Cockspur Street, on Thursday night. Eighty-one delegates, nearly three fourths of...

Elie Countrn.

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A meeting of the Council of the Birmingham Political Union was held on Wednesday last ; when the following ominous resolutions were adopted unanimously. "1. That his Majesty's...

The inhabitants of Enfield have raised a subscription in order

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to rid the neighbourhood of Cooper, one of the murderers of Mr. Darby, who turned King's evidence against his accomplices on the trial. He was put on board a vessel a few days...

In the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, Sir James

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Searlett ob- tained a rule nisi for a criminal information against the proprietor, printer, and publisher of the Weekk Dispatch, for a libel upon Captain Adam Young, the...

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The friends of Colonel EVANS are exerting themselves to secure

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his return for Westminster ; but the party which supports Sir JOHN HOB- nousE have so great a command of the machinery requisite to carry an election, and have besides such...

BUSINESS or THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. — Among the Notices of Motions

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for the ensuing week, the following are important. On Mon- .day, Mr. Friscn, for the suppression of Political Unions. Mr. H. L. I3et.wErt, for a Committee on the National...

M. SARRANS, the Aide-de-Camp of LAFAYETTE, returns to Paris 'to-morrow.

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Report says that his visit here has had a very important object, and that an extraordinary change in France is on the eve of taking place. M. SARRANS has had frequent...

The indignation and disappointment which the rejection of Sir Jolly

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KEy's motion has produced in the Metropolis, is extensive and . alarming. The householders of the principal parishes are preparing to meet early next week to take the conduct of...

The Standard to-night announces a new candidate for Westmin- ster,

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in the person of Mr. BICKHAM ESCOTT, who stood an unsuccess- ful contest for Wrest Somersetshire at the last election. We have seen n o address from this gentleman to the...

It is a curious fact, and strongly indicative of the

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way in which affairs are conducted in Parliament, that Sir FRANCIS BURDETT, who -voted against Mr. ATTWOOD'S motion on the Currency question, had previously offered to second it.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENIXG. The transactions of the week have not been extensive. Although the de- cision of the House of Commons on Tuesday night was expected with much...


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Graham, Lord John Russell, Sir Robert Peel. Marquis or Chandos, Mr. Littleton, Si Richard Vyvyan, Lord Ormelie, Sir John Sebright, Mr. Alexander Baring, Mr. Dominick Browne, Sir...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SFECTATOR. 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, 29th April 1833. MV DEAR Sin—If you will allow me three minutes of your time, I will en- deavour to set you...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A Cabinet Council is summoned for to-morrow, to meet at two o'clock ; some further modification of the Budget, and possibly an aban- donment of the House and...

Yesterday a ballot was taken at the East India rinse

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on Sir John Malcolm's resolutions. At six o'clock the glasses were closed, and delivered to the Secretaries; who reported that the resolutions had been adopted.

Lord KING, we regret to state, is extremely ill, at

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his residence in Dover Street. He has been indisposed for the last month ; and within two or three days his disorder has taken an alarming turn.

. .

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Taxatrox.--Our. Supplement on this subject is now republished; in an enlarged and much improved form. It is sold separately, and may be had of all Newsmen and Booksellers, in...

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No. 1. Mr, ATTWOOD'S motion, on the 22d April, for an inquiry into the State of the Country, with a view to an alteration in the Currency. Majority marked A; Minority, N;...

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FINANCIAL STATE OF THE COUNTRY. THE Reformed House of Commons has again been drao . o ,s, through the mire. In obedience to the Ministerial mandate, has resolved that "it is...

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WE have so often endeavoured to show the propriety of impos- ing a moderate tax upon incomes derivable from invested pro- perty—i. e. from rents, mortgages, dividends, &c.—that...

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Sixev years ago, Mr. BURIiE, in one of the earliest and perhaps the best of his political works, the Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents, advised the electors of...


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WE have more than once stated our opinion, that the obedience to Treasury mandates which is expected from a Government official, and the duties of a representative of a populous...

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last Number on this subject has, we are grati- fied to think, contributed materially to direct public attention to the true merits of the scheme propounded for the future ad-...

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"It was only a year ago, that the House heard that thousands of the people of Ireland were obliged to go on the sea. shore, and picked up the sea-weed for food. Were those...


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THE Theatrical Monopoly is breaking up of itself. The two huge overgrown houses, which have long been tottering to their fall, are now tumbling in upon the heads of their...

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As the night of TAGLIONI'S reappearance drew nigh, we began to fear that our recollections of the departed sylph HEBERLE might be in danger of being effaced by the featly foot...

HAITZINGER'S indisposition has deferred the commencement of the German Operas

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at Drury Lane till next week, when they open with Fidelio. No one can complain of want of variety at this house : BEETHOVEN one night, and BELLINI the next! like the shownaan...


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THE opera of Saturday and of Tuesday night was the first com- plete performance at the King's Theatre that we have witnessed for some years. Whenever there has been any...


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THE manner of telling a droll story, of describing an odd incident, and depicting a humorous character, constitutes more than half the fun. MATHEWS, therefore, is sure to amuse...