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The taking of St. Jean d'Acre has nearly terminated all

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present interest in the Eastern question. Syria was to be left to the chances of war, and they have decided against the Pasha. Sub- mission to the Allies, with a good or a bad...

The English newspaper press has taken grelt credit to itself

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for preserving more self-command, while discussin; the Eastern ques- tion, than the French newspaper press. Thcre is, however, a measured tone that is more offinisive than angry...

The account of the inundations of the Rhone and Saone,

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which we now present to our readers, has been compiled on the spot by an eminent and influential merchant of Lyons—a man who combines with warm benevolence a 11:gh talent for...

The question of Church-rates is again prominent, owing to the

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resistance offered by Mr. BAINES ; who has become, as it appears, a very unwilling martyr to the cause. The principle is not quite intelligible which induces a man to resist...

The best news that can now come from Spain is,

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that there have been no events worth notice; and this is the state of affairs during the present week. The rumours of dissensions in the Regency, indeed, continue ; but they are...


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Two elections are now pending in Ireland, which, if carried ad- versely to the Liberal candidates, may turn the scale against Mi- nisters in the House of Commons on some...

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Zbe Court.

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Tim Queen has continued to gain strength, without having suffered any relapse. The Princess Royal is also, according to the bulletins, " in a most satisfactory state." The last...

The precincts of Buckingham Palace have been again invaded by

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a young man named Jones, who was two years since apprehended for a similar offence. In the present case, he succeeded in gaining access into the Queen's dressing-room; where he...

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VIbe _Metropolis.

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The election of Sir James Duke, Alderman of the Ward of Farringdon Without, in the room of Mr. Harmer, took place on Tuesday. There was no opposition. Mr. Lawrence has been...

bc IRobintrs.

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31r. Sharman l'rawford, having ' , t. • l■ signed requisition of toe .deetors o f Ro e ', :, i : . , 71 litiate for tlw represent .•I - t - di that' .. , visited lloolt lale...

The exposure of a very numeroas hai been made at

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the Mansionimuse, on the examimed•e, :wed Cliff who was :teprehelebel on a charge of f,•••,..• • .:see to a bill. ('lilt Ma.= 011 TlIeSaay ; whee -1 - tery could not be...

Lord Denman delivered judgment, in the Court of Queen's Bench,

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on Saturday, in the ease of Mr. Baines. The defendant, it will be remem- bered, had allowed judgment in the Ecclesiastical Court, for non-pay- ment of church-rates, to go...

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We understand that a communieatiou has been made to the

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Grand Junction Railway Company, intimating the intention of the Govern- ment to have the Irish mails conveyed by way of Holyhead ; and that immediate measures are to be adopted...

The Salopian Journal of Wednesday gives an account of a

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burglary of peculiar daring. The house broken into was that of Mrs. Beddoes, at the Barn near Minion, about three miles from (laurels Strutters. The house is in a very lonely...

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Mr. Samuel Gray of Ballybey, once a very prominent political

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cha- racter, has been eemmitted on a Coroner's warrant for the murder of a man named Owen Murphy. It appears that on Thursday week the Sub-Sheriff proceeded to give up the...


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l ' he Commis,: .t • al A once to the r... , Ittes. the Commi, , ,i.n,, having observed. :hat (nice eught to - ing in future 0.00 I .L it was re-,Iv, Iy • fer the re.:•L'Ill...


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The Carlow election commenced on Monday. The supporters of the rival candidates mustered in great numbers, but their orderly conduct showed the effect of the Temperance movement...

DEBATES IN 'nil: I.NC:t. CH AMBER OF iwprrics.

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The dehate on the midress ill the Eromelt Cliamlier of Deptc jet is not yet concluded. ' file stormy mounter in which it commenced has • been continued throughout. Last n esk...

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I - Miscellaneous.

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Viscount Ebrington is expected to leave Grosvenor Sanare on Satur- day, for Dublin, to resume his duties as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.— Morning Chronicle, Dec. 4. It is with...

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Lord Cardigan seems destined to be the pl-gue as well

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as the pet of the Horse Guards, The Adjutant-General has been instructed to re- primand Major Morse Cooper, for having, in defending himself from attacks of an anonymous...

A memorial from the ieliabitants of Margate has been presented

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to the Lords Commisek,mes of tile :1dmira1ty, on the subject of that port being selected as a refeete-lentlemr. It sets forth, " that during the recent storm, the Clan liee, 000...

A statement, with a correspondence between the Reverend R. Pear d -

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son, of Bedford, Lord Charles Russell, M.P., the Duke of Bedford, an the Bishop of Ely, has been published in the Northampton Herald, a the instance of Mr. Pearson, which...

The Belle Poole frigate ' commanded. by the Prince de Joinville,

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mut which has brought back to France the remains of the Emperor Napoleon, came to anchor at Cherbourg on the 30th November, at five in the morning. The report of the Prince to...

Private correspondence from Paris on Monday, and the French papers,

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concur in representing the probability of a speedy change, or at least modification, of the Ministry. The correspondeut of the Times says, that Count Mold had arrived in town,...

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In the Lirerp:o4 Mad of Saturday is a docum;_;:e. qeeed

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by about sixty of the hiss leers of the President, (at the hem.: ••.' hens we per- ceive the mine? of Mr. J. S. Bucking - halm) praising Illy : nd captain, but blenting tile...

The Commerce publishes a letter from the frontiers of Italy,

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dated the 23d November, stating that notwithstanding the change of the Minis- try in France, the different Governments of Italy continued their arma- ments and preparations for...

The 1142,:11011-fra:, I j•I ', 1:`, ilie iThit..... ::........., N.'

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. o. ; ' Lave failed. his 6,211, ,, :es,.. Trav, , E.,, , ,: ,..,..,:•.- " The whole 11.0iCt. it t ' x, ' I'•'. I. i--. :t c. ' • ,r:.. The parties against ,hon; O..' di ; t ,...

The Austrian Observer gives an aceonnt of the evacuation of

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the pr aces of the Taurus by the Egyptian troops; and, adds that el though they set fire to the great barrack and arsenal et Faille!: Bogaz, yet thee left behitel them 113...

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Tim is a new comfort for the owners of cold feet ; who, in addition to the " feet-muffs," hot footstools, and bed feet-warmers, may now have hot lasts to warm their boots and...

Last night's Gazette announces that her Majesty Inns appointed Com-

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snodore Charles Napier, a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath. An inquest was held in the Queen's Bench Prison on Wednesday, on the body of Mr. C. M. Ullethorne, a...

Madrid papers and letters have been received to the 26th

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November. The cause of Espartero's postponing his visit to the Basque Provinces is stated to be the mutinous condition of the troops in Madrid. A tournament was given (in the...

We have no room this week for the Letters of

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Correvondents, on any sulyeet.

A Constantinople letter of the 11th November says that the

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effect produced in that capital by the fall of Acre has been immense. The money f,iind there is stated to be 2,500,00o Turkish piastres, or about 1,300,00nn francs. The...


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SATUltDAT. The Paris papers and letters of Thursday bring the conclusion of Wed- nesday's debate in the Chamber of Deputies, and the commencement of' that of Thursday. The...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, From, Arix artGosr. The intelligence of the capture of Acre, and consequent pacific disposi- tion of the Pasha of Egypt, gave an impulse to our Mommy-market; and...

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etie)C12ti. H.\

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. Time th. ti. s as these has : Lich ohotagh . been the difficult■ abundant .reset only in dant in im n the libraries miseered and unbarred, 'rte. ihrmation we notieed a few Nt...

The Prince's Theatre has pot an acquisition to its merry-rnaking

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talent, in the person of Mr. WEEKES, the round-faced, merry-eyed Irishman, who botteds :Chem like a hall of fun, its a faree called Cap- tain (Que171):' of vs - 11M' the hero....

Sir Enwann e onn 1 at time' Hay- :market for

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Tut_ ot is intlt ' illness of lti,; 11,2 appt.•'S Oil S tie Las a . Ht Ml'. Ir. Mae- - •1 the itti ehot serne stt :s duties et ti... ttoment, tiletettee occasions to the iii a...

An old farce has been revived at Covent Garden—for want

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of a new one, we suppose—The First Floor, by Costa ; which lets the merit of continual bustle to set off against a succession of egni ;ekes more bread and ing . enions than...

EAST INDIA SHIPPING. Arrived—At Gravesend, Dec. 1st, Elephanfit, Dooglas; and

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3,1, Elizabeth, limn. lyn, from Bengal. At Deal, 411i, Victor, Ridley, from ditto; and City of Aherdym, Munro, from Ceylon. Ow Hastings, 3,1, Senator, I;riodley, from IC 'seat....


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Aniswongn and Boz are again in conjunction at the Adelphi; Bleody 3Iary and the Tower heving succeeded Jack Sheppard and. Newgate, as Quilp and little Nell have Fagan and little...

leerten reepens ' ....is on Monday, at the usual

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liriecs ei • 1:111 1:.•,.• N• ' rienee. • .•,:i.. emu% t.iinment ; for which. „ikitinents and

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STATE OF PUBLIC OPINION : THE LEEDS REFORM ASSOCIA'FION. " Sueroter INlinisters" is a cry that cannot be kept up much longer. nilen turn away from the task of supporting -...

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AT the close of the remarks which We Otrered two weeks ago on the proceedings at Limerick under the auspices of " O'Connell's heed Pacificator," we expressed some curiosity as...

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Tun Edinburgh banquet in honour of Mr. ADAM BLACK has sorely disquieted the supporters of Ministers. As soon as it was an- nounced, a paragraph appeared in the _Examiner,...


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ON Wednesday evening this Society deviated from its usual course, and. instead of reviving some work of' known celebrity, introduced to public notice a new composition of a...


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THE Globe, referring to an expression in last week's Spectator re- garding the horrors of the bombardment of Acre, says- " We are as roue!' alive to the horrors of war as our...

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THE scene of this new romance by Miss MARTINEAU is laid in St. Domingo ; its hero is TOUSSAINT ; and the object of the writer is to present a picture of his career and...

Fievos, The thine awl the Mau. A Historical Romance. By

The Spectator

Barrie!. 3.Iartiticau. In three vol. 31uxun. 31 r Dlt•INE AND SUIDIHIV, SpiDDi 1,01:51•S ; with No Improved Plan of Cure. Including what are commonly ComplaintA and numerous...

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THE gradual in-dropping of strictly medical books, which the open. ing of the Winter Session in the London schools has given rise to, has caused an accumulation of professional...

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u commonly called Nervous Complaints, Prorated Remarks ou the New

The Spectator

Operation for the Cure of StroNsmus or W. De eels, Graduate in the ruiversity of' Edinburgh, 8:c. from the originals. In two vols. from drawings made on the spot. second or...

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M [SI C.

The Spectator

The Seasons, by JOSEPH 'HAYDN, translated from the German by EDWARD TAI(LOli, Gres. Prof. Mute. " Music and poetry," said the greatest master of English song. "have ever been...