5 OCTOBER 1844

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WITHOUT striking characteristics of its own, the week is chiefly distinguished by multiplicity in reports of the public meetings that usually abound at this season throughout...

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WINDSOR CASTLE again rejoices in a present Sovereign ; Queen Vic- toria having arrived on Thursday afternoon, from Scotland. The Vic- toria and Albert yacht, with its...

Though not momentous, the foreign news is various, and not

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un- interesting. France has been garnering the laurels reaped in her African wars, including the parasol of that princely commander the Em- peror's son of Morocco, whose ow n...

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A Common Hall, to elect a Lord Mayor for the ensuing year, was held at the Guildhall on Saturday. Before the other business of the day, the new Sheriffs, Alderman W. Hunter and...

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ebe Ilrobinces.

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The annual meeting of the Central Suffolk Agricultural Association took place at Stow Market, on Friday. There was according to the Morning Post, " full attendance of landowners...

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Lady Heytesbnry continues seriously ill with gastric fever, and has been in a very precarious state ; her extreme debility leaving slight hopes of recovery. On Wednesday,...

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jortign ant Oolonial.

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FRANCE.—Trophies won in Africa were publicly received in Paris on Sunday, with much ceremony. There was a grand review of the garrison of Paris in the Cour des Tuileries, the...


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The closing week of the Queen's residence at Blair Atholl presented DO very striking varieties from the two that preceded it. Mountain- rides, drives to Glen Tilt, and displays...

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The Constitutionnel of Wednesday announced that M. Guizot had suffered during six days under an affection of the larynx, which had caused some uneasiness to his family ; but...


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Ix...worms. Oct. 4. - 4th Drags.- Capt. E. 0. Wrench, from half-pay 9th Light Drags, to be Capt. vice Elliot, dec.; Lieut. G. Ruchfurt to be Capt. by purchase, vice Wrenell....

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Sir Robert Peel, Sir James Graham, and several of the

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Cabinet Minis- ters, are expected in town on Monday, having received invitations to 'Windsor Castle during the sojourn of his Majesty the King of the French.—Standard.

Count Nesselrode, accompanied by his daughter the Baroness See- bach,

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AL G. De Koudriaffsky, and his suite, left London last night for Hamburg, on his return to St. Petersburg. Count Dmitry Nesselrode prolongs his stay in this country for some days.

The election of a Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, in succes-

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sion to Dr. Wynter, takes place on Tuesday next. The candidate is Dr. Symons, President of St. John's College. The nomination by the Chancellor has usually been considered a...

The Times this morning brings a new charge of suppressing

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accounts against Alderman Gibbs, Lord Mayor elect. In 1816, the Reverend Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey, who edited several works on the conversion of the Jews, incurred...

The Revue de Paris of Thursday says that Louis Philippe

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is to embark at Treport for England on Monday ; and that he has by ordinance appointed the Due De Nemours to act during his absence as Lieute- nant-General of the kingdom. The...

Letters from Dublin, of Thursday, give very unfavourable accounts of

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Lady Heytesbury. She had a bad night; and the answer to inquiries at the Castle in the morning was, "Lady Heytesbury is no better."


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The news of the morning must be briefly despatched. To the report of the meeting at the Manchester Athenseum, on Thurs- day, indeed, we wish that we had more...


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Notes issued £28,362,830 Government Debt £11.013,100 Other Securities 2.984,900 Gold Coin and Bullion 12,668,744 Silver Bullion 1.694,086 £28,362,830 £28,362,830...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, nunav APTIERNOON. The English Funds have improved about per cent since our last report ; Consols closing this afternoon for Money at 100i while for Account...

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Tan theatrical " winter " has set in somewhat early : at the first signs of a change of season, fires and long evenings, four theatres throw open their gay portals, and bang out...

The Haymarket offered no other attraction on the opening night

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than its excellent company of comedians—minus Mrs. blisaurr, who has re- tired from the stage, without formal leave-taking, at the behest of a new husband. The decorations of...

Drury Lane and the Haymarket both opened on Monday. The

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at- traction of a grand ballet wiih Mademoiselle DUMILATRE as the heroine filled Drury Lane at first price, though the opera was the oft-repeated Bohemian Girl, now performed...

The Gondolier, from China, to London, was lost in the

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Straits of Gaspar, 13th June; crew saved. ArraivEn—At Gravesend, 2d Oct. Anne Jane. Rigby, from China. In the Downs, 1st. Canonic. Soames, from Madras; 3d, Platina, Wycherly....

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EDUCATION: THE NEW DEPARTMENT OF STATE. " HONOURED by her Majesty with the superintendence of that de- partment (for a department it may now be called) to which the education,...

The Princess's opens tonight, with Mademoiselle NAT in Lucia di

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Lammermoor ; supported by Messrs. ALLEN, LEFFLER, M. P. Coats.' from Dublin, and Mr. HIME from Edinburgh ; Messrs. WEISS and Hua- i:mu having gone to Drury Lane. Three foreign...

The Lyceum continues a prosperous career, in the face of

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its nume- rous rivals : Mrs. KEELEY boldly keeps the field ; and fresh novelties are in preparation. Meanwhile, Miss WALCOTT, a young actress of promise, has made a successful...

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_ T..Jaz,improved feeling entertained in France towards this country is attested by a very curious paper in the Revue des Deus Mendes, "de la Situation de France vis-à-vis de...

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ONE of the most original documents in the archives of diplomacy is the letter from the President of Texas to General JACKSON, which led to the Annexation Treaty. The patriot...


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IT is edifying to note the difference of tone with which the in- vasion of the Punjaub by Sir HENRY HARDINGE is spoken of from that applied prospectively to the same contingency...


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Jr is a mercy that Queen VICTORIA is well out of Scotland ; for her persecution in that loyal land has nearly had disastrous if not fatal results. First, the pious people...

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PERHAPS too little attention is paid to the angry letters which so often grace the columns of the Times and other daily journals re- specting the enormities of the Customhouse....


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Tun unusual verdict of the Jury under a commission de lunatico inguirendo, by which Mr. THOMAS TELFORD CAMPBELL was re- leased from confinement in Dr. ALLEN'S Asylum at...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Temple, 3d October 1844. Bra—Some months ago you were good enough to give insertion to the re- marks I addressed to you upon the errors of the...


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Tuamotu, Spain and the Spaniards in 1843. By Captain S. E. Widdrington, R.N., K.T.S., &e. ; Author of " Sketches in Spain, in 1829 - 30 - 31 - 32." In two volumes. ?CUNHA!....

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a labour of love, and almost of a life. Perhaps from having been born and bred among persons who were contemporaries of the satirist, Mr. W. TOOKE was a great admirer of...


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Is a very able work ; well-arranged in its plan, comprehensive in its subjects both principal and subordinate, and scholarly in its treatment. It exhibits, in fact, a remarkable...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From September 26th to October 3d.

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SOCKS. The History of Sweden. Translated from the original of ANDERS FRYXELL. Edited by MARY BOWITT. VOlGrOeS 1. and IL Travels in the Track of the Ten Thousand Greeks; being a...

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FINDEN'S GALLERY OF BRrnsii ART. Taut noble undertaking, interrupted in its progress by unavoidable cir- cumstances, has been resumed with spirit by its new proprietors ; who...


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On the 19th September, in Leinster Street, Dublin, the Lady of H. B. WARREN BARLEY, Esq., of a son and heir. On the 24th. in St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, the Wife of ALEX-ANDER...

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BULLION. I METALS, Gold ,Foreign In Hors ok. 31. I 7s. 9.2. Copper, British Cakes.per ton NI. 0.• is 0 0 Old Spanish, or Pillar Dollars.. 0 0 0 !run, British Bars 5 15 5 - S...


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Tuesday, Oct. 1. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Crowder and Cook. Birmingham, wo.dstaplers-Russell and Thomson. Rochdale. linrndrapers-Gledhill and Johnson. Bradford, Yorkshire....