6 APRIL 1833

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Born Houses of Parliament adjourned on Thursday for the Easter holydays,—the Commons to the 15th, and the Lords to the 16th instant. During the first three days of the week...

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Don PEDRO, who is highly indignant with Admiral SARTORIUS on

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account of the refusal of the latter to obey orders and raise the block- ade of Oporto, on the 25th March, sent Sir Joust DOYLE to arrest him, and Captain CROSBIE to take the...

ilkbate0 anIr Procrelrinoti in,i3ztrIlament.

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1. Lust" CHURCH REFORM. On Monday, the House went into a Committee, and Lord ALTHORP moved his resolutions—the first of which only was read—relative to a reform of the Irish...

The news from the United States is important. The new

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Tariff Bill proposed by Mr. CLAY, and approved of by Mr. CA.LHOUN, the leader a the South Carolina party, passed the House of Representatives on the 26th February, by a majority...

By the Revenue accounts which have been made up to

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the 5th in- stant, it appears that there has been a decrease on the quarter as com- pared with the corresponding one of last year, of 92,4201. There is an increase, however,...

The islands of Rhodes and Scio are said to be

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in the hands of the Egyptians. We mentioned last week that IBRAHIM had taken posses- aion of Smyrna. It is difficult to reconcile the accounts of these hostile expeditions with...

The Liberal party in Spain has received a heavy blow

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from the hands of the Absolute Minister, ZEA BERMUDEZ. Scarcely had Don CARLOS and the Princess of BEIRA left Madrid, when the Ministers of Finance, of Justice, and of Marine,...

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ine Court.

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THE King arrived at St. James's Palace on Wednesday morning, and was shortly afterwards visited by the Duke of Cumberland. Mr. Stan- ley, Sir John Flobhouset.Viscount Goderich,...

. Richard Caster and Edmund Smith were committed by the

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Lord Mayor, on Saturday, to Newgate, on a charge of forgery. Two men, named Joseph and Thomas Walker, who stated 'themselves to have been old accomplices in Coster's swindling...


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' The Thames Police force is about to receive an addition of three 'boats and twelve officers ; so that an extra boat will be kept constantly rowing up and down the Pool, for...

Cbe Country.

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The election for North Lancashire will take place on the 12th in- stant. There has been some talk of Mr. Hunt, and:a. Mr. Raphael of London, opposing Mr. Stanley ; but no...

Eby airtropotic The election for Westminster took place jai Thursday.

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About one _o'clock, the High Bailiff, Sir John Hobhouse, and his Committee, ap- peared,on the hustings, which were erected as usual in front of the porch of St. Paul's, Covent...

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Lord Downes was elected 'a representative Peer of Leland, in the room of the late Marquis of Conynghain, en the 29th March. His opponent was Viscount Lismore. The numbers...


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The Lord Advocate's bill for the reform of the Scotch Burghs does not seem to have given universal satisfaction to his fellow-countrymen. A meeting has been held at Dumfries, at...

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TO THE EDITOR Or THE SPECTATOR,. SIR - I am much surprised and concerned at the very objectionable spirit shown in canvassing the opinions of those who are favourable to a...

THE REVENUE. • Abstract of the Net. Produce of thallevenue

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of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th April 1832 and 5th April 3833; showing the Increase or Decrease on each he V. INCOME. Customs Excise Stamps Taxes...


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WAR-OFFICE, April 2.-Memorandum-The half-pay of the undermentioned Officers. has been cancelled from the 1st instant, inclusive, they having accepted a commuted allowance for...


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Mr. Wickham, the Private Secretary of Lord Althorp, has been no- minated one of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the present mode of collecting the revenue derived from Excise....

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The Times report of the thanksgiving-speech delivered by Sir JotrN

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HortiOesE on Thursday to the electors of Westminster, has the fol- lowing passage- " That unopposed election he took to bo peculiarly gratifying, not only to him per. sonallv,...

The new Board of Inquiry into the Excise will commence

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their la- bours in the cours,:. of a few days. It is not yet settled whether they will sit in the City or at the West End of the town. _

An express has arrived from Paris ; and it is

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said that it brings an account, by telegraph from Bayonne, of an arrangement between SARTORIUS and Don PEDRO. No such information, however, has been received by the French...


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TUE Directors of the East India Company and their partisans are at the present moment busily intriguing to defeat the Ministerial plan for the future government of India and the...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Some sensation has been excited by a report that the Duke of ORLEANS iS about to visit this country. TALLEYRAND has been send- ing round to-day to various...

We rejoice to find that the electors of Dundee are

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of our opinion respecting the choice of it representative to succeed the late Mr. KINLOCII. Almost immediately upon the arrival of the news of that gentleman's death, a great...

"An Original Subscriber" may rely on the defect be points

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out being remedied next week. The omi,sions have been accidental, but unavoidable. The Letter of our fitir Correspondent, on CORBETT'S whimsies regarding the Jews, in our next...

President JAC1:!-;■.)N delivered his inaugural address on the 4th of

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March. ; e . ;le of the United States of his anxiety to preservetin of the Local Governments untouched; but at the same t. decl..:,.ts his conviction that it is of incalculable...

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RETROSPECT OF THE SESSION, PART FIRST. THE arrival of Easter suspends the operations of Parliament. A most valuable portion of the first session of the , first Reformed House...


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STOCK EXCHAPOK, TTIURSDAY AFTERNOON. The business transacted in the English Funds dining the week has been more extensive than usual. The great improvement which has recently...

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THE APRIL FOOLS. WE pitied Earl GREY and his colleagues on Monday last, when the amendments made by the Commons in the Irish Suppression Bill were presented for the sanction of...

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THE application to the Legislature on this subject, on religious grounds, is perfectly unjustifiable. They who think that the First Day should be assigned to public and private...


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WE never read the account of a "milling-match " without feelings of extreme disgust. From the titled blackleg who drives four-in- hand to the ring, down to the pel'jured ruffian...

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ANOTHER sacrifice has been offered up on the altar of ignorance and pedantry. An apothecary, giving his dirty boy instructions as to the making up a medicine, wrote hyosc. :...


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THE report of the honest and indefatigable Committee which sat upon the Hertford Election Petition, will be hailed with satisfac- tion by every friend to private and public...


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LAYING no claim to infallibility, we are not annoyed by seeing our criticisms made the subject of criticism by those who are armed for the attack " by a knowledge of what they...

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AT this point of time, when we, in common with our fellow-ca- terers for the amusement of the public, are contributing our Easter Due (which we cannot say, with Lubin Log, is "...

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As a story or novel, Constance does not differ much from many that have gone before it. The heroine is beautiful—perfect : she loves, and is loved : but the lover is restrained...


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Prcrion, Constance; a Novel. 3 vols Bentley. POLITICAL E CoxOMY. Plan of a Poor-Law for Ireland, with a Review of the Arguments for and against it. By G. Poulett Scrope, Es q...