7 MARCH 1840

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The French Ministerial crisis terminated much sooner than was generally

The Spectator

expected. It is said that the King., being convinced that no Ministry could get through the session of time Chambers with THIERS in opposition, resolved to make terms with that...


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AT length the House of Commons has been driven to it:psis/ate upon Privilege; Lord JOHN Russeaa having introduced a bill " to give summary protection to persons employed in the...

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Dtbates anti Vrocecbinas in lqinliament.

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PRIVILEGE. On Tuesday, Lord 3.I.tnos informed the House that he had received a communication front Mr. Freeman, the medical attendant of Mr. Sheriff Evans, and a gentleman of...

The Paris papers mention the gallant detimce of a redoubt

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at Maza- gran in the Algetine territory, by a handful Of French soldiers—between 120 and 130 men—against a body of twelve thousand Arabs; who were repulsed with slaughter. The...

Some disturbance occurred in the of the Spanish Cortes on

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the 23d ultimo. Violent speeches front Opposition members excited vehe- ment cheers front the galleries filled with Exaltados. The Ministers were saluted with hisses and...

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Lord Charles James Fox Russell is to take the chair

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at the magnifi- cent banquet to be given to Mr. Byng on Wednesday next, in Drury Lane Theatre. More than a huadred and fifty Members of Parliament, including most of the...


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THE Queen held a Court on Tuesday, at Buckingham Palace, for the reception of addresses on her marriage. The Duke of Wellington headed a deputation from the University of...

The proprietor a of shares in the Thames Tunnel held

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their annual meeting on Tuesdny. It was stated in the Director's report, that the sum expended was :163,000t, and that the undertaking would he com- pleted for less than 500,00a...

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Lord Lorton has been again defeated in an attempt to set aside a lease by which an old widow named Murphy keeps possession of a cottage and plot of' potato- ground on his...

A. steeple-chase, which, we are assured, " has absorbed the

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entire at. tention of the sporting world," and not only of sportsmen but of "all Eng. land," came off on Thursday, in the vicinity of Liverpool. Thirteen horses started. The...

The Preston petition the repeal of the ('ern-laws received 5,000

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signatures in a fee - •ho s aml it is expected, that trehle dint number will be ohtained hcems it is despet.:iled to Loodoo for presentation to Parliameet. Two it..-' ii hav e...


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By the death of 'eh. c'hethss sehish rh ises :-"aturtluy last, a vacancy was created in the rt rd I.evi. :Alain' Evans itmnediately offered himself eseli•lso. ; lee Hord...

At the Newcastle Assizes, on Friday last, John Bell, printer

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and pub. lisher of the Northern Liberator, was convicted of publishing a seditious libel in the form of an " Address from the working men of Newcastle- upon-Tyne, to the...

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The George Street Assembly-room in Edinburgh was crowded on Monday

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last, by a meeting collected to address the Government on the coulliet of the Civil and Ecclesiastical authorities, and Site the immediate settlement of' the question...

It was stated in our last Postscript, that Mr. home

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Drummond's ad- dress to the electors of Perthshire was more favourable to the Non- Intrusionists than Mr. George Stewart's. The relative position of the two candidates on this...

On tin' 28th February, a meeting of entlemon and inhabitants

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of East Lothian, desirous of uphohlin;s . 11)0 Clutrelt as by law established, was held at the County-rooms, Haddingt on. 31.11v:is of Tweed- dale was in the chair, supported by...


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The nomination of candidates for the Inverness Burghs took place at Inverness on Friday the 28th. Mr. Fraser of Cromarty House, was proposed by Provost Cumming, and seconded by...

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Another Presbytery is at issue with the General Assembly—that of

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St. Andrew's ; which has nioderated a call to the parish of Kembaek, without testing the opinions of the parishioners by the Veto. At a meeting held in Greenock, on Saturday...

At On Tuesday morning, an intended duel between Prince Louis

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Napo- leon and the Count Leon, reputed natural son of the Emperor Napoleon, was prevented by the Police. The parties met at seven o'clock, no Wimbledon Common ; Prince Louis...

The Globe of Monday added another leading article to his

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mystifi. cation of the Cheshire Sheriff affair. Last wed 's ( he charged the Spec. tato?. with " mischievous fabrication." We showed that we fabricated nothing ; we only...

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[FROM. A CORRESPONDENT.] PARLIAMENT is sitting ; and two Members for Scottish constituencies, —being also Members of the Government—RommT SrEcAnT and Fox MAcLx—are down in...


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SATURDAY. The adjourned debate on Privilege was kept up with considerable Spirit during the greater part of last night's sitting of the House of Commons. The debate was opened...

Last night's Gazette announces the Queen's pleasure that Prince Al-

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bert " shall henceforth, upon all occasions and in all medings, except where otherwise provided by Act of Parliament, have, hold, and enjoy place, preSminence, and precedence...

The Paris papers supply no Continental intelligence of interest ;

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and the combined prevalence of Easterly winds excludes all news from America and the Colonies.


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Wut.uiricc, Morel' Itegt. of Foot-T. G. Morris, Gent. to Im Ensi g n, by J. C. Lewis, from I ng li s . appointed to the 57th Foot. 5th Foot-Lieut. purchase, vice ihe...

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Mits. KEELEY has shaken off the swagger and shackles of Jack sh . eP. pard, and resumed the plaintive looks and corduroys of poor Stnthe,in a sequel to the Adelphi...

The formal observance of' the " holydays " of Lent

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on the part of the Theatres, is no longer required ; and the absurdity of a Cathobc restriction in a Protestant country is very properly removed. This concession, trifling...


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:L.:MI(41-11v ril 1,i i erpool, Marell 2tal, Tamerlane. 1%1'1:vette, for Bengal; 3d, Zoe, Ilulnies, for ditto; mai Mn,es le, Cortiluttlf. for Bombay.

Drury Lane seems to be doomed to disaster : the

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theatre was sud- denly closed on Saturday, and was only enabled to open this week through the prompt and generous conduct of' MACREADY, who voluntarily came forward and offered...

The little Olympic constantly varies its light entertainments, though the-Lill/kw

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Club characterically keeps its ground and takes precedence; and this week Horatio Spar/tins, a protigi: of " Box," was introduced on the stage by his theatrical chaperon Mr....

A magnificent silver vase was presented to Mr. CHARLES KENRIE

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last week, by a numerous body of subscribers desirous to testify their admiration of his histrionic tulents. The ceremony took place, appro- priately enough, on the stage of...


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speculations were hazarded during the early part of the week as to the course likely 10 be adopt, d by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to meet the deficiency which it is...

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THE CONFIDING LIBERALS AND THE SPECTATOR. THE state of political affairs, which the Spectator long since pre- dicted, is beginning to touch the fears of even the ' sanguine "...

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permanent government of Canada, is known to be in the Chops of the Channel. The first change of wind will bring it to band. The state of the ques- tion, therefore, now on the...

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Trtis excellent institution, the nature and objects of which were fully explained in a report of the preliminary meeting some months ago, may now be considered as fairly set on...


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" GnammAn" was defined by a venerable lexicographer, NATHAN BAILEY, (from whom modern dictionary-makers might take lessons Iii clearness and conciseness) as " the art of...

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WHEN the doors of " Iler Majesty's Theatre" are thrown open, "the season" may be considered as begun. The fashionables have now something to vary the round of their tasteless...


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IT was so late in the week -when we received our correspondent DRUMSTICK'S letter on the Ancient Concerts, that we could only append to it a brief rejoinder. It will be worth...

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The Director-General of the French Post-office has published a notice,

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that the postage charged over and above the amount of French postage on all letters sent from France to any part of England, Scotland, and Ireland, for whatever distance they...


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FAMILIAR CORRESPONDENCE, Letters of the Earl of Dudley to the Dishy of LlandalT Mornay. CLASSICAL TRAVEL, Greece, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. Ey Christopher...


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DUDLEY and WARD was for upwards of thirty years on terms of the greatest intimacy with Dr. COPLESTON, the present Bishop of LLANDAFF ; consulting him upon any event of...


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Israel in Eggnt was performed at this temple of choral harmony last night, with tile additional songs first introduced into it at the Norwich Festival. T r..'se are selected...

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TUE completion of this work, whose periodical appearance we have frequently noticed, forms one of the most elegant and richly- illustrated volumes on classical subjects we have...

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Boons. Letters of the Earl of Dudley to the Bishop of Llandaff. The Canadian Naturalist. A series of Ciinversations on the Natural History of Lower Canada. By P. II. Goss,...