7 MARCH 1987

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Unnatural disaster. T he SDP candidate, Mrs Rosie Barnes, triumphed in the by-election at Greenwich, a seat held by Labour for over 50 years, beating the Labour candidate, Mrs...

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AMONG all the various items of assorted ecclesiastical sharp practice that were on display last week in Church House, West- minster, one has gone largely unnoticed. As the day...


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GORBACHEV'S ZERO OPTION M r Gorbachev's initiative on the com- Plicated subject of medium-range missiles in Europe was very assured. It coincided with what a commission drawn...

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A slow-motion Cuba and the dangers that follow it FERDINAND MOUNT Well, perhaps not, though one can dream. On the whole, the shedding of blood appears to be a prerequisite for...

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M r Michael Checkland, the new director-general of the BBC, has been quoted as saying that 'there are only five or six times a year when the director-general has to make an...

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The Big Lie which threatens to clean up the world AUBERON WAUGH S ome time ago I vowed never to men- tion the dread name of Aids in the Specta- tor again. I had pointed to its...

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The Oxford case revealed the agony of abortion pain which lasts for years after the event IN MY teens I had a friend who fell in love with a young Indian prince, here to study...

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on how the Towers Report will finish off the Nicaraguan armed opposition Washington THE Contras are probably doomed, casualties of the policy that was...


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SUBSCRIBE TODAY - Save 15% on the Cover Price! Please enter a subscription to The Spectator I enclose my cheque for £ (Equivalent SUS & Eurocheques accepted) RATES 12...

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M. G. G. Pillai on the spread of Islamic law in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur WHEN Shamsuddin Mohamed, a 21-year- old labourer, went to Kota Bharu, the capital of Kelantan state in...

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Francis Beckett traces the true origins of the defeat at Greenwich WHEN the Labour Party is in trouble, its friends rally round to make things worse. Knives are unsheathed,...

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Richard West reports from a by-election where the Alliance is ruthlessly in charge Truro THE Conservatives, fighting to win a by-election here in Cornwall, were under-...

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Peter Jenkins on the silence of Fleet Street over the boycott of Wapping NOW that I have resigned from the Sun- day Times, and am about to join the Independent, I feel more...

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Tim Heald reports on a solution to football violence `Unthinkable till this year,' he says. fans at the other end. couples of police around the ground itself Part of the...

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The press: Paul Johnson surveys the first week of the evening Armageddon THE debut of the London Daily News must be accounted a successful launch and if, as its management...

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Giving the pension funds a kick in the bottom line CHRISTOPHER FILDES N igel Lawson comes up to his fourth Budget with one defeat still to avenge his bruising, at the time of...

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LETTERS Adulterated Church

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Sir: The inclusiveness of the Church of England has always been one of its most cherished qualities. Where other Christ- ians have dogmatically insisted on 'either . . . or',...

Worse off

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Sir: In your edition of 14 February, Christ- opher Booker (`How far have we sunk?') quotes with approval. Goldsmith's lines: 11l fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where...

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When Cyril Connolly disco- vered what Evelyn Waugh had written in the margin of his copy of The Unquiet Grave, he was deeply hurt. Alan Bell recon- structs the argument of...

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One hundred years ago

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WE CANNOT but believe that war is rapidly approaching. The German Par- liament assembled on Thursday, and the speech from the Throne not only contains no reassuring word, but is...

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Set by Caroline Moore The first prize has been presented by Framlington. It is 2,000 units in Framlington Monthly Income Fund. At the current offer price of 110.8p, these are...

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Freedom from everything Colin Welch LEFT BEHIND: JOURNEYS INTO BRITISH POLITICS by David Selbourne Cape, £10.95 S pectator readers who do not actually live in depressed...

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The last of the Romantics

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Rupert Christiansen JUDITH GAUTIER by Joanna Richardson Quartet, £14.95 I t would not be unreasonable to call Judith Gautier the most distinguished French woman writer...

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With a song in his heart

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Noel Malcolm A NEW ORPHEUS: ESSAYS ON KURT WEILL edited by Kim Kowalke Yale, L27.50 T his is a collection of scholarly papers intended mainly for Weillologists; but as often...

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Crowned in the imagination

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Christopher Tyerman BERENGARIA: ENIGMATIC QUEEN OF ENGLAND By Mairin Mitchell A. Wright, f9.50 I n many quarters it is said that academic history is out of date, out of...

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Beauties followed by cardinals

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Mary Clive POPULAR 19th-CENTURY PAINTING by Philip Hook and Mark Poltimore Antique Collectors' Club, £35 0 ne of the amusements of my old age is watching the reappearance of...

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For want of a nail

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Peter Levi Hutchinson, f15.95 0 f all Russian poets who would now be round about a hundred years old if they survived, who include Pasternak, the mis- sing star and probably...

Having Dreamt the Heart

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I had a dream the human heart was fashioned for lifelong love, it dreamt its way through a sickly sleep, dream-long and mute behind sound proof glass it moved with animal ease....

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Cinema When the viewing had to stop Peter Ackroyd T here comes a time when Mr Pickwick, bewildered by the horrors of the Fleet Prison, announces that 'I have seen enough. . ....

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Karl Korab (Leinster Fine Art till 24 April) James Fairgrieve (Mercury till 28 March) Making a mark Giles Auty A fortnight ago, Andy Warhol died. Last week a fellow columnist...

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M usi c

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Challenge of the sacred Peter Phillips 0 ne of the corners of musical history which is never presented in its true colours is the period around Monteverdi's so- called...

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F. R. Yerbury (Architectural Association till 27 March) Itinerant cameraman Gavin Stamp T he name of F. R. Yerbury will be familiar to any collector of architectural books....

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High Society (Victoria Palace) Flat champagne Christopher Edwards O n the matter of musicals, your reviewer is hard to please. I do not really like them. Recent 'hit'...


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Bravery under fire Wendy Cope I happened to be watching News and Sport on BBC1 on Saturday evening when the Television Centre fire alarm went off. Jan Leeming was reading a...

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High life

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Night owls Taki New York This is my last week in the Big Bagel. By the time you read this I hope to be skiing with the Buckleys in Gstaad, and doing some social work among the...

Low life

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Tough chicken Jeffrey Bernard S omebody gave me a packet of three condoms the other day, so I took them into a Soho delicatessen and swapped them for three packets of saffron....

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Home life

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Holier than thou Alice Thomas Ellis W e spent the weekend at the seaside with an old friend — a medical man. He told us at one point with quiet pride that he had just brought...

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Early drinking and a stake in the future Auberon Waugh T his month we return to the southern Rhone, partly to accommodate those tradi- tionalists who are simply not prepared...


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C/o Redpath & Thackray Wines, Common Lane, Sawston, Cambridge CB2 4HW, Tel: Cambridge (0223) 833495 Product 1. Coteaux de Tricastin 1985 75 cl 12 bots. 2. Lirac (Sabon) 1985...

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" Ili1111111111111111111 11111

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The Blue Elephant • - , • IF I were only ever to go to Thai res- taurants in the future, I think I would be perfectly happy. Finer than either Indian or Chinese cuisines, Thai...

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A first prize of £20 and two further prizes of £10 (or, for UK solvers, a copy of Chambers Dictionary, value £13.95 — ring the ords 'Chambers Dictionary' above) for the first...

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Melville on Budd? Jaspistos I n Competition No. 1461 you were in- vited to give an account of a post-1920 sporting event, real or imaginary, by a famous writer flourishing...


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The zone Raymond Keene J on Speelman, the British champion, and Glenn Rear, the rising star of British chess, have qualified from the Praxis Sys- tems British Zonal at Bath....

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Solution to 795: Mss

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In association with LADY the lights at 26, 3, 8, 15, 30 and 35 respectively describe those at 36, 10, 7, 19, 31 and 12. Winners: Greig Brownlie, Kilmacolm, Renfrew- shire...

No. 1464: Ungiven rhymes

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Please write a poem of 16 lines in which the following words, in any order, are part of the rhyme-scheme: copy, posh, agenda, nude, basin, France, but, unwilling. Entries to...