18 FEBRUARY 1843

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The other subjects handled in Parliament need no lengthened mention

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here. It is now certain that the Corn-law will after all be so modified as to admit Canadian corn according to the bargain which the Cana- dian Legislature understood Lord...


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ONE of those long debates "styled on the state of the country" has occupied the chief time of the House of Commons this week : the immediate provocative being Lord Holmes motion...

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Zebatts 1Prombings in Varliainent.

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STATE OF THE COUNTRY. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Howacx called atten- tion to the following passage in the Speech of the Lords Commissioners, which he caused to...

ESPARTERO has succumbed to necessity, and has disavowed the charges

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against M. DE LESSEPS, the French Consul at Barcelona, so as to have made what is tantamount to an apology. That France should have exacted such a submission, is not creditable...

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We have heard that her Majesty has been pleased to grant the Mar- chioness Wellesley apartments in Hampton Court Palace, as a mark of Royal favour. Her Ladyship's health has...


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Mr. George Alexander Hamilton was on Friday elected as Repre- sentative P.A. the University of Dublir, in the room of Judge Jackson. There was no opposition. Mr. Hamilton spoke...

Zbe Vrof3intts.

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We can confirm the statement in the Mail to the effect that Mr. At- torney-General Smith is about to enter Parliament as Member for the Borough of Ripon ; the declining health...

gbe ISOU1C1.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert, accompanied by the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal, and attended by the suite, arrived in town yes- terday, from Windsor Castle, by the Great...

TOE Ifletropolis.

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A special meeting of the Court of Commissioners of Sewers was held at Guildhall on Tuesday, to consider a motion by Sir Peter Laurie on the subject of wood-paving. He moved, "...

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Translation of a Letter from M. De Tocqueville to Lord Brougham. "Paris, 10th February. " My Lord—In presence of an illustrious assembly, before which your Lord- ship was well...

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The Caledonian Mercury announces the death of Lord Abercromby, at

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Airthrey Castle, in his seventy-fourth year.

In the Court of Peculiars, yesterday, it was stated that

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the proctor for Mr. Woolley, the Bristol timber-merchant, who was so wickedly hoaxed in an affair of matrimony, had LO libel to offer in the cause which he had instituted to...

Last night's Gazette states that Lord Seaton is appointed Lord

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High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands.


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STOCK EXCELLNOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. A notice was this morning received here from the Exchequer, calling in all Exchequer Bills dated prior to March 1842, which are to be sent...


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The great length to which the Debate of the week has run compels the omission or post. ponemeut of many other things. The paper on Turnpike Trusts will appear next week....

The Caledonian steam-ship brings papers from New York to the

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2d instant. The Exchequer plan had been rejected by the House of Re- presentatives, by an overwhelming majority.

Private letters from Canada, by the mail of this morning,

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assure OS that Sir Charles Bagot remains in a dangerous state. Loyal and affectionate addresses continue to be presented to him from all parts of the province ; and he has...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The debate on Lord How - Ices motion was brought to a close last night, with a scene; having been continued, without material change in the course of argument...

Last night, a return was laid before Parliament, consisting of

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"an account of the sums voted in Supply during each year from 1835 to 1842, both years inclusive, under the heads of Army, Navy, Ordnance, Commissariat, Canada, China, for Civil...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. . • .• Burton.ou.Trent. 2d February 1843. SIR—Your review of Colonel TORRENS'S Letter to Sir ROBBRT PEEL tempts me to take the licence of a very...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. 8th February 1843. Sin—Among living writers on subjects connected with political economy, there is hardly one whose talents - entitle him to...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 6th February 1813. Sin—In reference to the remark of X, repeated by THOMAS HOPKINS and published in the Spectator, that in consequence...

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And thanks, and ever thanks! Often good turns Are shuffled off with such Interment pay." Tim custom of voting the thanks of the Houses of Parliament does not go back to a very...


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EVACUATION OF THE AFGHAN COUNTRY. niggardliness, and by the appointment of a superannuated leader—and upon the first reverses unblushingly threw up the game in despair. Lord...

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THERE is a narrow and technical view taken of this important sub- ject whenever it is discussed by Englishmen, from which the able speeches delivered in the House of Peers by...

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IT has a sweet sylvan sound " the Rookery : the name is redo- lent of pleasing associations, old manor-houses, and time-honoured cathedrals. It is a relic of aboriginal London "...


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THE new tragedy produced at Drury Lane on Saturday is in three acts ; an innovation that, so far from being objectionable, is a welcome im- provement : many recent five-act...

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Covent Garden, on Monday, exhibited a scene unparallelled since the

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0. P. riots ; though the uproar was in this instance unaccompanied by any act of violence. The disturbance arose out of the announce- ment of Mr. GREGORY'S appearance in Hamlet;...

The Adelphi has produced a little extravaganza of broad fun,

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by Mr. COYNE ; in which WRIGHT as Disks the Bagman—a " commercial traveller," who makes love to all the landladies on the road, and gets into saate ridiculous scrapes through...

Madame ALBERT has this week appeared in La Meunii , re de

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Marl y; an English version of which was produced at Drury Lane last season, under the title of The Windmill. Her performance of the character differs from Mrs. KEELEY'S ; and,...

: Much Ado about Noshing is announced at Drury Lane

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on Friday next, for the benefit of 31ACREADY, who on this occasion is to play Benedich for the first time.


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TRAVELS, • Notes and Reflections during a Ramble in the East, an Overland Journey from India, - Visit to Athens, Re. By I:. R. Baynes, Esq., atilt. Madras Cavil Service....

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at Erromanga, an island of the Hebrides group, the personal career of JoHN WILLIAMS differs little from that of any other modern Protestant missionary. Born iu 1796, of ---.._...

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CROWQUILL'S PHANTASMAGORIA OF FUN. FEW things are more uncertain in

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their effects than a joke. A bit of " fun " that shall convulse one man with laughter, may be re- ceived with immobility by another, or perhaps be taken as an affront ; and a...

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From February 10th to February 16th. BOOKS. Memoirs of the Life of the Rererend John Williams, Missionary to Poly- nesia. By EBENEZER PROUT, Of Halstead. A Memoir of Ireland,...

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ARRIVED - At Gravesend, Feb. 12th, Larkins. Hilbert; and Anna Maria, West, from China; Lady M•Naughten. foully ; and Maudnriu, Yule, from Calcutta. At Ports- mouth, 11th ditto....


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Tuesday, Feb. 7. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Drummond and White. London -Sayer and Lyon, West Smithfield, sheep salesmen -Zulueta and Co. Liverpool, merchauts; as far as regards...


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BIRTHS. On the 28th January, at Hull House. Kent. the residence of her mother, Lady M'CREAOH, Wife of WILLIAM JONES ARMSTRONG. Esq., of Kippure Park, county of Wicklow. of a...


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WAR.OFF/CE, Feb. 17.-12th Regt. of Foot-Ensign R. Atkinson to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Oxlip, who retires; It. S. Walpole, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Atkinson....

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3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account .. 3 per Cents. Reduced 34 per Coate Reduced New 31 per Cents Loug Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per cent. .., India Stock, 101 Exchequer...