20 JUNE 1835

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THE Tories dare not provoke the country by openly opposing

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the Corporation Reform Bill. It was read a second time on Monday, without a division. Sir ROBERT Bards was the only Member who spoke the real sentiments of his party. He avowed...

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The Moniteur of Wednesday contains a notice relative to the

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inlisting of men to serve in Spain, which is equivalent to the sus. pension of the Foreign Inlistment Act in this country. French- men who may "enter into the service of her...

The progress of the war in the Northern provinces of

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Spain continues favourable to the Carlists ; who have taken several small towns, which VALDEZ evacuated in order to concentrate his ,forces on the Ebro, retaining Pampeluna in...

ticbatc procrainal in Parliament.

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1. MysicicAi. Suroam. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Joree RUSSELL moved the second reading of the Corporation Ilefbrm Air. PRAIA) gave notice of his intention to...

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In the Court of King's licnrh, on AIonday, Captain Robison

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was sentenced to four months' imprisonment in the custody of the Alarshal of the Alarshalst a, fur his libel on General Darling. On the same day, an action brought by the...

"Cbr Ceurt.

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Tire. King :led i s nwer, v. - ith a mitionams party, vrent to A wet Paces up Tue , d:.y, and returned to 11"ind- or ras:',c in the On 1Vedues day, their Arojesties and the...


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There was an amusing ( 'onservative farce enacted on Tuesakij atat- noon in Alarylebone. About a hundred persons collected, and after professing themselves Reformers—of the Tory...

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nweting was Iss 1.1 at I lassreeol on the Nth

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instant, and a petition in favour of the t 'orposetion 1 :elision Bill wa; adopted. The inecting zitzende,i by all the Relit:niers of Liverpool, and, aitogethi r, by about...

The neighbourhood of the Broadway, Great Chapel, and Orchard Streets,

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Westminster, was, on Sunday evening, in a complete state of uproar, from the number of drunken and disorderly soldier); of the Guards rolling about and insulting every person...

rig Countrn.

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The Syjr,11: Chronicle of Saturday supplies sonic particulars of a Tory meeting a Ipswich on the previous Thursday, when a requisi- tion to Colnael Broke to allow himself to be...

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ASCOT 11111'S.

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l'itc"'s utt ascot Heath ettnikinitei•il On Tuesda}•. ' The attend- ;awe wt ., far ft , ttit numerous ; mill the running " ri ached the average, and taatItina: t: ,, re. On...

The li t olvtarhamptost investigation closed on Saturday. nay: par- ticulars have

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been elicited it atflit hat to those with a•Itiell the latt:,1".,• had already' been loath. d; Lot some r.ra‘ worth itat,citt!. .Among them is theadmissital of Captain .lordan,...

Great excitement was created in 1;pp, ;tam Mat I.•

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week by the sale by attelitot of four c ; : 13ur...,ess, of itidlington. salt ii I.:e; i an warrata fur (hitch - rat's. Mr. I Ito.; !„ I la e .• lead coastal, lititati-ly• rt....

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Per Colonel Thompson 497

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llildmay even

lot In, ill, 194b.witti a , a o .11 kr Ilare011ti, I '.L

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!let Mt, front. Cli11011, i NI:rjestio. I.aw. , a ; N1crinaid, 1 , . nag. -1.1•.7,111. now ceylon; 25th, rit/111 MamititiS. At 1.1,1 Mary Attu, (torn- 1;001113y. J.111. 20th,...


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SATI - Rn ,V. Colonel St. Vox. the Hinter commissioned by the French Alinister of War to v at.th the aregres: of the itaurreetion in the Non th i f Spain, has returned to...

Judge Voodeleur, of the Irish Court of King's Tench, died

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on Sunday morning. It is said that the vacant seat the the beeek has been offered to the Attorney. General, lir. Pt•rrio ; but it is not certain that he will accept it. Should...

T .vr it :t holy the tteet attractive—novelty of the

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week at the Tit . :are , . 71 -t a play by a d:ainatist, but an act by a manager. .1teeon.o. in de- w..• neh el hie gratitude to persons who come to tiat i.∎ - eeenn. inn Lot se...

Several country newspapers have availed theteesetlyes of wit . analy--is of

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the Municipal Reform Bill, without nientimiii.g the paper front whose columns they copied it. As the Sp; C.' th.• j•rir, that teak the pains to make do: lilt intelligible to...

Lon] ]ins-1.•:1 Iota: appointed 17olotal Lindsay, the 'For); oppom tit

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of Captain C'. in Fireshirea to the command el the Fife shire Mi• litia. la t-- the lint (olive in the gift of the Lurd Lich:amine, l ed became v .• lov the death of lir. .1....

lIONLY alaltlaKT.

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The Inarlo,t for Muck, which showed a dispusition to advance omi Tut.sday and 11 . cdtle.11 tv Colls"is tome as bi;;Ii as 923 1 for Account), has since flute:led nearly per...

Ca lp taill ;ilea:. of the Royal Engine:as, lately the private Sear...airy

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of Lord Auckland, Iris been appointed one of the Cotiaeissiimetrs to Canada. Tee commission, consisting of Lord Goosfurd, Sir Charles Grey, :eel t . 31.tain 11-,W completed....

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Thursday morning. He broke down, as our readers will recollect, in the attempt to address the House of Com- mons on Lord Chundos's motion for the repeal of the Malt-tax. We...


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SEVERAL. pnragraphs have appeared in the daily papers announcing and lamenting the dissolution of the Focal Society. We are happy to state that this excellent and powerful...

THE IRISH ColteoltATI(fxs.

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The Report of the Irish Corporation Commissioners, an abstract of which was given yesterday in the Morning Chronicle, contains, ap. parently, a full exposure of the system of...

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DEBATE ON THE MUNICIPAL BILL. THE more sagacious Tories have profited by their experience of the consequences of offering an unqualified, headlong resistance to popular...

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IN all parts of the comma . , Echo to A.-sociatioos have been or are ah,,u; to be ft med. The given by the establishment of the Coitral illetropelitan Association has been mi g...


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CAPTAIN ( »II N has been sentenced to four months' imprison- ment, but General Daum No walks at lorge. Tlm unjust law of libel hits enubled the latter to so ike ateoner blow at...

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Several inquests have been held, in the course of the

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week, on per- sons who have lost their lives by the upsetting of boats in the Thames, occasioned by the swell made by stearft-boats. Verdicts of Man- slaw:liter have been...


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Tire Report of the Commons renenit tee appointed to settle the prelimiteuy arrangements for the rebuilding of the Houses of Par- liament, is on the whole highly satisfactory,...

The Times quotes the following paragraph as from the London

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cor- respondence of the Dottie Erenin9 a The King leer:it-es with something. approaching to rudeness all the Whig- Itadirals who attend his levees; being utterly disgusted with...

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COLONEL. CHAR I.ES JAMES NAPIER, twill:: Lietaellalll-GOVeTrIOT of 1'.• of the Ionian Island, , , disagrecl vBth Sir FREDERICK Aryl, Iii.. 1.0 1( 1 High Commissioner, and with...


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Petrrrr AT. FOON11■11/. enIonization, particularly in Southern Auctralia. With some Itemaiks on Small Faints and Ovor.Population. Ily !'Moue! Chalks J. Napier, C B.. T. and...

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Ma. Ammo departed from Napes in April 1833, on board the ship that conveyed the tardy Lo:il PoNetany to Constantinople, when IBRAHIM was threatening to overturn the 0:tona in...

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THIS is the first volume of a new undertaking, of an ingenious de- sign and highly useful aim. The object of Mr .DE LA BECHE is to teach persons who neither possess profound...


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LIEUTENANT BRETON iS not unfavourably known as a traveller, by the account he published of his trip to Australasia. The organ of locomotion, whir'] seems stroegly developed,...


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By the liberality of Lord Faseicis Ens:m.0N, Mr. Cosies:a, the Deputy-Licenser, and well-known author of the History Qf English Dramatic Poetry, had full access to the Ellesmere...

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IF a man of tolerable memory were to visit a convel.,:ilde person, who with good abilities possessed habits of reading and reflection, and some experience in business, pleasure,...

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Tvlit. MALDEN'S Origin of Universities and Academical Degrees, is an unpretending little volume, that throws a clear and steady light on the subject of which it treats. Its...

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Perils in the Ilbods,is a tale addressed to the young,

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in order to impress upon the youthful mind a wholesome doula as regards Emigration. The framework is simple, the execution respeetable ; but the instances are singular and...


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itacristt 'Ns:Tat - mix : toe . : 1;a4 Examus. Tim collection of miniatures in enamel of the distinguished persons of the reign of Emz.l.nETII, by the kite I leylty Bost:,...

" Never halloo till you are out of the woml."

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We thought to have hr :silt up all tin' arrears, and dismissed every arrival of tho week : when lo! at the eleventh heur there come before us The Liti! and Tim the Third. By...

A batch of books are on our table intended for

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little folks. uncle Olirer's "Travels—Persia. Vol. I. Historic Shetehes—Spain and Portugal. Vol. I. _Historical Pietures—England. Vol. L The Bog and the Birds. By EMMY TAYLOR....

Mr. TEc: n has oldieed the unlearned in with a

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new Dic- tionary, which is the cheapest awl the hantli st that we have seen, and with a type as beautiful es is iei.npatible with the smallness of its characters. Its title is...

Two stories are bef , re us, by two ladies who

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fl,•vote the:r abili• ties to the improvement of their sex,—/aoliterte, by 11I1s. HOF- LANro; and :•/ Lecia'a Gip. by Mrs. JANE K NDERIX S xxneon.n. The main object of the first...

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Recollections of Fanlight. A Fantasia for tine Violin and Piano-

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forte. By .I. B. NADAtrD. Rather a concertante duet, since each instrument is alternately prin. eipal. We eau recommend this as an agreeable and not unapproach- ably difficult...


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The Musical Library, Part XIV. A very excellent number of this valuable work ; • the instrumental music comprising con•positions by Bel:rimy A!CIZAWI., HANDEL, and 1110SANI;...

" Dear is my little native vale." A Duet.). By

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\V. T.Woori, Esq. The Rose. A Canzonet. The poetry of RoGeris and Coweee, which had attracted the notice of mole than uric professional composer, has litre been set by an...


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Tut: Useful Knowledge Society have engraved the tlit.oenos portrait of Suseseu.s.ue's, iu No. \N X''11. of their tr;alitry if Portraits. It is unquestionably the best, and...

l'ANollAllA I)1 , THEBES.

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FboM Jerusalem, which we last visited in Leicester Square, .Tr. Everette I. te e n-ports us to ; where, in the midst of the great Temple of Earialle we etc:tempi:Ate the ruing...


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" She bade good night."' . Arranged as a Song, from ARNE and litsitor, by '1'. Primirrs. Atlas's beautiful melody " If o'er the cruel tyrant, love." had been harmonized and...