26 AUGUST 1972

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Abolish the Olympics

The Spectator

It would have been a far, far better thing had the Olympic marathon in Munich broken up, rather than that Rhodesia be excluded in the manner in which she has been. It would have...

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The pound, Europe and the future

The Spectator

Last June we first argued at length why Britain should float the pound. Then, after the Government had done so, we criticised Mr Heath's and Mr Barber's declared policy...

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Political Commentary

The Spectator

The House and the box Hugh Macpherson At the start of the new session, on October 19, the Commons will once more debate the issue of televising its proceedings. In the best...

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Another Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

As my editor departed for his hols in County Cork last week I promised him that my first Notebook would consist entirely of grouses, some of which I have been saving up for some...

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The great illusion T. E. Utley No prizes will be offered for a correct prediction of the outcome of Mr Whitelaw's conference of the Northern Irish political parties at the end...

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General Oufkir's last interview Peter Johnson The last time they tried to kill Hassan, General Mohammed Oufkir called it "an incident on the road." Exactly a year later, in a...

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Aid and trade

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How to help the Third World Michael Sharpston Until recently, the rich developed countries had a virtual monopoly in world trade of manufactures. This is now changing, and the...

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Barbara Hardy on a new monument to Ezra Pound

The Spectator

This is a strange kind of literary history,• but perhaps it has to be. Our selfconsciousness about the problems of history, judgement and analysis is rapidly making all literary...

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Snobbery in war

The Spectator

Auberon Waugh Timetable for the General Bernard Frizell (Collins 1.80). Heaven forbid that anyone of my generation should seem insufficiently grateful to the generation which...

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Through western spectacles

The Spectator

Joan Robinson China Today Klaus Mehnert (Thames and Hudson E2.50) 800,000,000: The Real China Ross Terrill (Heinemann £2.50) Red Guard: Schoolboy to 'Little General' in Mao's...

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Ivy's league of admirers

The Spectator

J. I. M. Stewart The Art of I. Compton-Burnett edited by Charles Burkhart (Gollancz £3) He formed a peculiar idea of comick excellence, which he supposed to consist in gay...

A man of letters

The Spectator

Denis Brogan Upstate: Records and Recollections of Northern New York Edmund Wilson (Macmillan £4.50) This posthumous work by Edmund Wilson justifies, if any justification was...

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Bookbuyer The thriller writer William Haggard was once described by the Sunday Express as the adults' Ian Fleming. His seventeenth book, The Protectors (Cassell £1.80) is...

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How to handle Big Brother Patrick Cosgrave I have decided that I must be the most patient and tolerant reviewer of books now living. My decision is based on the fact that,...

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Into the family business Christopher Hudson The Godfather (` X ' Paramount, Universal, Empire and ABC 1) is a film about the Mafia. It has grossed £20 million so far in...

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Caged round Rodney Milnes I think it was Anthony Hope who emerged from a performance of Peter Pan with the remark, "Oh for an hour of Herod." Puritans attending HPSCHD, the...

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Still unclassified Kenneth Hurren The fourth play of Alan Ayckbourn's that London has seen, Time and Time Again, turned up last week at the Comedy, and in the case of almost...


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Athletes moot Clive Gammon I've been experiencing at first hand the fury of those who live in 'fringe' reception areas and who pay a full licence fee for viewing what looked...

Levant the savant

The Spectator

Benny Green Oscar Levant, who died in Los Angeles last week, was one of those indeterminate characters whose status is never quite defined either to their own satisfaction or...

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Wi ll

The Spectator

Waspe The salvation of the Olympics by the exclusion of Rhodesia may also have been the salvation of BBC-tv's Munich operation — a numbing 170 hours of coverage. Early this...

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Country Life

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Stung again Peter Quince Not for the first time, I find myself at odds with the wisdom of the ages as it has been distilled into proverbial form. It is better, so that...

Savoy gift Sir: In paragraphs headed, 'Savoy Gift,' published in

The Spectator

your City diary on August 12, you refer to the charitable trust, which Miss Bridget D'Oyly. Carte recently estabHshed, by the gift to it of Savoy shares. In the course of your...

Ugandan Asians

The Spectator

Sir: After reading your leader on Britain's duty to accept the Ugandan Asians into our community (August 12) I was greatly disturbed by this abdication of responsibility. It is...

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Sr There seems to be a marked difference in the

The Spectator

meaning of the Word 'Racialism ' to some men. Two I can think of with opposite View s: (I) General Amin's — his outright cruelty to another race flat his own. (2) Our...

National crisis I have watched with appalled fa scination the letters

The Spectator

which have appeared in your columns over the P, ast few months purporting to re',ate to the present political, indus`Nal and economic situations in which Britain is deadlocked....

Simple arithmetic

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Sir: Antony Flew (August 5) has botched his arithmetic. If students spent more than thirty-three hours a week on 'academic work ', then they would have no time to get an...


The Spectator

Sir: Frank Field's article on homeless single people rightly stresses the urgency of the need for short term reforms. There is a great danger that the wide-ranging debate both...

Sir: Frank Field is certainly right in drawing attention to

The Spectator

the rapidly increasing problem of homelessness amongst single young people (August 5). However, his recommendation that what is needed is a reception centre for young people...


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Sir: In his article entitled ' What is Psychotherapy?' (August 3) Jef Smith neither hazards a definition nor attempts to clarify the problems involved in trying to do so....

Arabs and Jews

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5) repeats the myth that the Arab Sir: Mr David M. Jacobs (August refugees from Palestine and the Oriental Jewish immigrants to Israel constituted "an exchange of population."...

Sir: The real problem in Israel is to allay Jewish

The Spectator

fears of being swamped by Arabs. There is only one way to help the Arab refugees, therefore — by removing the fear. This can be done by: (a) Pressing the Soviet to release all...

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Sir: Your wise leading article (July 22) on the regionalisation

The Spectator

of the Egypt-Israel conflict in consequence of the enforced Russian departure prompts me to suggest that this may be the moment for taking an entirely new look at an intractable...

The decision makers

The Spectator

Sir: Dr Dixon expounds one side of the white versus brown bread argument with great clarity (July 15), but there is another side. A growing number of doctors and nutritionists...

Staff of life

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Sir: Mr Chowdary-Best writes that he is biased in favour of studies about war at sea by men who have reached high rank in the naval service, as aginst those of civilian...

Homo ad hommem

The Spectator

From Professor Robin Fax Sir: Mr Liam Hudson's review of The Imperial Animal has just reached me, and while his total inability to grasp the argument of the book will 'he clear...

First-class brain

The Spectator

Sir: As a member of the same university, perhaps you will allow me to apologise for Mr Row . ie's ungracious and offensive letter. As you know, Rowse is very proud of his humble...

Sir: As so frequently, what does Auberon Waugh mean? (August

The Spectator

19). Is a back colour writer: one who spurs on his gaudy felt-tip words, or is he a somewhat pedestrian un-equestrian aesthetician? Is he a philosopher confined to home...

Translator replies

The Spectator

Sir: In the absence of George Feifer I should like to answer some of the arguments raised by Messrs Floyd and Bazarov (Letters, August 19), against our biography of Solzhenitsyn...

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Juliette's Weekly Frolic

The Spectator

Wednesday, July 26 marked the turning point in the fortunes of the 1972 classic generation. On that sultry afternoon at Goodwood first Stilvi and Deep Diver, then Sallust and...

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Militancy and the bull market

The Spectator

Nicholas Davenport The idle chatter from the market place about the end of the bull market is what you would expect when people have had a fright. As violence rears its ugly...

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Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

The stench of corruption in the public service is not new. A friend has been telling me that after the war he was visiting one of the ministries to get orders for his small...

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Shipping around for a share Nephew Wilde One thing I tend to get incredibly irate about is paternalism. Whether it is the boss on a sugar plantation calling his workers " boys...

Account gamble

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Carpet backing John Bull As a major group, Carpets International has been largely neglected by the stock market over the last few months. Too much account is given to the mess...

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Feeding the school child

The Spectator

George Bender An adult is, nutritionally as well as Physically, a resilient creature. With the limited amount of information available we have a reasonable set of figures for...

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The death of consensus Jef Smith or the second time within a few months there have been press photos of social Workers publically protesting against the Policies of their...

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Relevant science Bernard Dixon Scientists rarely lay bets about their colleagues' work. The very idea clashes violently with the spirit of scientific enquiry and the...


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Choice in stalls custos Those who do not come from 'Old Mother Hubbard' backgrounds must find it difficult to appreciate just how strong is the shame of being poor. But shame...

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In the Caribbean

The Spectator

Carol Wright And so prices continue to sink for packaged holidays to the Caribbean. The old Noel Coward and smart set in Jamaica and dinner jacket dinner scene at Sandy Lane in...