26 MAY 1838

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MINISTERS are again in a sad taking; being outvoted, and caught in the meshes of their own poliey on the Slavery question. Sir EARDLEY WILMOT, who has contrived to make himself...

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The talk about changes in the French Cabinet continues ;

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but the session of the Chambers is drawing to a close ; and the Ministers retain their power, regardless of Parliamentary defeats, with which they have become as familiar as the...

There are rumours in letters from Hanover, that Prince GEORGE

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is to marry a Russian Princess; and that one of the articles in the marriage treaty is that his wife shall sign official documents for hittiwthe poor Prince being hopelessly...

According to the last accounts from Spain, Don CARLOS had

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endeavoured to conciliate the people of Biscay and Navarre, by offering to guarantee all their privileges. Some activity had been exhibited lo the Queen's Generals, ORAA,...

Berates; mutt Protretringd in Valli/Merit.

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THE IRISH POOR. In the House of Peers, on Monday, after several petitions bad bee n presented against the Irish Poor Bill, Lord MELBOURNE rose to move that the bill be read a...

The ports of Mexico having been blockaded by French vessels,

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inconsequence of the refusal of the Mexican Government to make oompensation for outrages committed on French,subjects, and for the seizure of their property, open hostilities...

Accounts from the United States represent Mr. VAN BUREN'S cabinet

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to be in a very uncomfortable plight, in consequence of the loss of strength in the recent Connecticut elections. It is not supposed that they will be able to carry their...

The statement that the bodies of LOUNT and MATTHEWS, banged

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by Governor ARTHUR at Toronto, were dissected, is con- radicted in the latest accounts from Upper Canada, and it is to be hoped .% as not true. SUTHERLAND has been sentenced to...

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Clo Court.

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TI1E Queen rode on horseback on Sunday afternoon for about three hours, and again on Monday evening for more than two hours. Her Majesty's companions were the Dutchess of Kent,...

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(le ifIrtruptail.

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Sir Francis Burdett appeared in the scene of his "old glory," the Crown and Anchor Tavern, on Monday; but not with his ancient éclat. Ile had engaged to preside at a meeting to...

A meeting of the Anti-Slavery Delegates Was held at Brown's

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Hotel, Palace Yard, on Tuesday, after the vote on Sir Eardley Wil. snot's motion was made known. The circular report sent to the daily papers states that "A deep fctlirg of...

The Court of Aldermen met on 1Vednesday, specially summoned by

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the Lord Mayor, to consider the following letter from Lord John Ilue sell to Sir Matthew Wood. 17th Muhl?. Dear Sir Matthew—Having received the resolutions adopted l. the...

The British ( - Owen, an immense steam-ship, intended to carrygoods and

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passeimers between London and New York, was launched oil Thursday, Innis the dockyard of Messrs. Curling, Young, and Ca, the builders, at Limehouse. She belongs to the British...

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Earl Grey has declared himself favourable to the immediate termi-

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nation of the Apprenticeship —Leeds Mercury. The averaion of the Whigs to patronage and jobbing is known to all the world; and we are therefore stterly at a loss to accoaa for...

bc Countril.

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The Gloucester election terminated on Tuesday, as we anticipated, in the return of Mr. Hope ; whose majwity over his opponent, Colonel Webb, was 666 to 379. It is said that Mr....

Th e Directors of the East India Company have just ordered

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their museum to be opened to the public every Suturday, from eleven to three, free, and without tickets. Yesterday, at a meeting of the parishioners of Lambeth, a church- te of...


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The most interestiug events of the week are the arrivals of the Sirius amid the Great Wt stein steam-ellipe, alter a successful navigation of the Atlantic. 'Fbe Sirius reached...

SC( 111...1N1).

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The Illeei:ng ill Glasgow to petition for Universal Suffrage, and its coacemitatas, was held on IlIonthay last. '1 he trades marched in procession to the Green. The weather was...


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Private letters and tha Weterford pnpars contain ecco nts of multi- tudinous meetings in the counties of Kilkenny and Wexfurd, upon the longeagituted question of Tithes. These...

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SATURDAY. • There was a monstrous quantity of palaver in both Houses last night, on thoroughly exhausted subjects. In the Lords, the Bishop of EXETER set to work on his old...

On the night of the 27th of April, a fire

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broke out in Charleston, South Carolina, which destroyed 1,300 buildings, and property esti- mated at five millions of dollars, including a new and splendid hotel, the new...

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord, Prince of Benevento, died on

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the evening of the 17th instant. His disease was a gangrene, which carried him off in the eighty-fourth year of his age. Some time before his death, he bad thought proper to...

--_—c " A CONSTANT READER," who writes to NE On

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time subject of Church Establislimrots,k informed, that we did not, in praisin g Mr. WARD'S speech or his" troth and mai& nese," intend to express approbation of the ptinciple...

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"Smut lacrymm return, et mentem wort/Ilia tangent." Prince TA Nn dead !—Yes, pray for truth receive it : He does not say it, so you may believe it. It. The bones Of TA LTEv...


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th e fret of the sale : as that operation was on account of the Court f Chancery, 1 1 is not probable than any but ordinary inducements have pre( iled on It. Money is rather...

The French papers of Thursday contain little news. Ti e

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Monterur his a telegraphic despatch frosts Bayonne, confirming the statement of the evacuation of Estella by Don CARLOS, on which some doubt had been thrown. Gangs of...


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Arrived—In the Channel, Sir I. R. Reid, Cumming ; Mary Ann, Anderson ; At.tb, Spatkes; and Gloece,ter, Itrooks, from Nlaurit ins ; Bestow,. Smith. from t Cape ; thissa, Anderson...

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WHIG ADMINISTRATION OF THE FINANCES. THE Exchequer Accounts exhibit a decrease in the produce of taxation, comparing the last with the preceding year's, of upwards of two...

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THERE is reason to apprehend that the operation of the Muni- cipal Act, in some of the smaller towns, is very different from that which the Liberal supporters of the measure...


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THE price of the best wheat in the London market is from 66e. to 73g. a quarter; and the last average price being 39s. I Id., the duty on foreign corn i 27s. 8d. God foreign...

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POWER is now at the Haymarket. 'rime farce called The

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Irish Bar- rister, in which he has been playing, is stupid and gross in itself, and POWER does not make it the medium for any very refined humour. He is the hero of another...

CHARLES MATHEWS, before quitting England for America, has been giving

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a fresh taste of his quality as a mimic. In a smart, lively, and alliterative vehicle for personification, called Patter versus Clatter, he first appears as a loquacious...


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Sinfonia Pastorale Aria. Signor IVANUFF, " Fri Iwo a me" di /simmer- mow) Fantasia, Pianoforte, Mr. Dllm,m It, On Thenws front °sit- Maine Tell) Caratina. Mrs. li. It....


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Tits tide of sums.; seemed ebbing from Covent Garden,.—TALFOURD'S tragedy vunishing with the last renting wave : but the tumultuous roar of public apprimbati (((( swelling the...

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So dull a musical season as the present we do not remember. The music-shops, to be sure, present their usual array of bills set off with the accustomed diversity of type and...

The Minister for Public Instruction in Egypt has fallen into

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dis- grace, in consequence of having bastinadoed a poor water carrier to death. The correspondent of a German paper notices, as a proof of advancing civilization in the country,...

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STATISTICS, The Proaress of the Nation, in its various Social nod Economical 'Relations. from the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century to the Present 'Time. II y G. R. Potter,...


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IN tl.e fulness and distinctness of its facts, as well as in the com- pleteness of the conclusions to be drawn from them, the present volutne is perhaps inferior to the first....

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MADAME TUSSAUD is the niece and adopted daughter of M. Curt- T ies, a Swiss medical man, celebrated some seventy years ago, for his skill as a modeller in wax, and invited by...


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THE public is " obliged with this second series, in consequence of its admiring patronage of the first ; but we question whether it will be regarded with the same favour. The...

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THE PALMER'S LAST ',Esselte. Some seven years have elapsed since

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we welcomed Mr. CALDER CAMPBELL'S Lays of the East, as " really a volume of poetry." In the time which has passed, he has improved, but ret advanced; at all events be has not...


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To perceive the elements of difference, would not appear to be a difficult thing: but the absurdities which people are constantly com- mitting show that it is. Not only readers,...

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Tins popular exhibition, a series of miniature dioramas, has reopened with a change of views ; in some of which we remark a greatly im- proved style of execution, and more...


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LORD FARNBOROUGH'S BEQUEST TO THE NATIONAL GALLERY. SINCE the munificent bequest by the Reverend Ilotweti. CARR of his entire collection, the National Gallery has not been so...

Several other volumes of verse are before us, but they

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require nothing more than a passing word. Poem., by JOHN SCHOLES, is a collection of occasional pieces, commonplace in subjects, of no particular merit, and dashed by an...