30 AUGUST 1834

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The main object of the German rulers, and we may add of Louts PHILIP, appears to be to make the people contented without the possession of political freedom. To this end, a very...

The session of the Portuguese Cortes was opened on the

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15th instant, by the Regent, Don PEDRO. The day was magnificent.. The spacious and commodious hall of the Deputies was crowded by all who were fortunate enough to obtain tickets...

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Accounts have been received from St. Kitts to the 15th

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July, of a rather unfavourable nature. The Negroes were very turbulent, and demanded unconditional freedom. The Lieutenant-Governor had been pelted by a mob, and was obliged to...

frb c Court THE King and Queen have been residing at

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Windsor during the week. On Sunday morning, the troops were, as usual, marched to the Qua- drangle; but the threatening appearance of the weather prevented the King from...

be SitrtropoIiS.

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The Courts of Aldermen and Common Council met on Wednesday, and voted addresses of congratulation to the King on the safe return of the Queen from her Continental tour. A...

The financial arrangements of the Spanish Government furnish ample materials

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for correspondence, discussion, and anxiety to thousands. The mere record of battles in Navarre loses all in- terest, in comparison with even the most improbable rumours as to...

The insurrection in Syria has been put down. Letters dated

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the 8th instant have been received from Alexandria, which state that official notice of its termination bad been given to all the foreign Consuls resident there.

The intelligence of interest from France is confined to one

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occur- Tellee—the acquittal of ARMAND CARREL, the independent and talented editor of the National; who was tried on Saturday, before the Court of Assizes, on the charge of...

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ebe Countrp.

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Earl Grey arrived at Morpeth on Wednesday week ; where an ad- dress from the principal inhabitants was presented to him, and he made a suitable reply. In the afternoon, he...

Mr. Philip Blake, who resided in Stamford Street, Blackfriars, died

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on Tuesday. in consequence of a wound in the thigh and stomach, received on Sunday night when riding in a phaeton belonging to a Mr. Daniel, who was driving it in Pall Mull when...

The Court of Bankruptcy has decided, in the case of

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Mr. James Le Couteur, a bankrupt in Guernsey, that as he had contracted debts and committed an act of bankruptcy in England, he is amenable to the English Bankrupt-laws. The...

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A correspondent of the Globe, who writes from Dover, gives the fol- lowing account of a lamentable accident which happened off the South Foreland on Thursday morning. " Shortly...

The parishioners of 'Manchester held a meeting in the collegiate

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church of that town on Wednesday, for the purpose of discussing the subject of a church-rate, proposed to be levied according to custom. 'T! tam e atilt of the rate proposed was...

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Mr. O'Connell has addreSsed a letter from Dernieute .111lesy to the " People of Ireland," on time present state of affairs. After .:amute introductory remarks on the...

F.gliam Races commenced on Tuesday, and were nutnerously and

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fashionably attended. The King and Queen, accotnpartied the Princess Augusta, the Duke of Dorset, Earl and Countess of Errol, Earl of Albemarle, and a numerous suite in six...

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The late sanguinary meting of Conservatives was a total fano:

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e as Ii, numbers, intelligence, property, and genuine spirit. We illustrated it by one fart—that a single merchant did not attend, except one tnereltont tailor. 1Ve can add,...

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Lord Auckland and Admiral Dundas left the Admiralty on Thurs- day, on a tour of official duty. Mr. Spring Rice officiates for Lord Duncannon during his Lord- ship's absence from...

have produced many revolutions, but none more extraordinary than the

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Earl Grey has accepted the invitation from Edinburgh ; and has change in the relative possessors of wealth in Ireland ; a truth which agreed to be in that city any day of the...

No demand for tithe-composition can be made in the present

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year until after the 1st of November, by those who came in for relief under the Million Act. The former statutes relating to tithes made the com- position payable by...

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M. Agostino Arguelles has arrived at Paris, from London, on

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his route to Madrid ; were his functions as Procumdor require his presence. Don Telesforo de Trueba, who has lived so many years in this country, and distinguished himself by...

The Pope has just promulgated throughout his states regulations concerning

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public executioners, their assistants, and their wives. They prescribe the cut of their clothes, the hours at which they are allowed to appear in public, and the places and...

A Court-martial was held on board the Victory, on Wednesday,

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to try Mr. Alexander Lawrence, surgeon of the brig Blizzard, for having been guilty of acts of drunkenness, between the time of joining the brig and the Ilth instant. The Court...

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• pinigni of do Prcld. MINISTERIAL !MANAGEMENT OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. Car RIER—The failure of the Reformed House of Commons 70 give satisfies lion to the country in the last...

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AI. ARMAND CARREL has announced his retirement from the editorship

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of the National. That journal is prohibited, by a decree of the Courts, from publishing reports of trials and other legal proceed- ings; and therefore, notwithstanding the great...


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THE SESSION OF 18.54. TO TIIE EDITOR OT TIIE SPECTATOR. Paris, 271/1 -August 1834. Sra—The article in the Quarterly Review on the State and Pros- pects of France is not...

Lord PALMERSTON has assured the Spanish Bondholders, in a letter

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written by his direction to the Chairman of their Committee. that no exertions shall be wanting on the part of Government to afford their just claims all the support that can...


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STOCK E %C11.193/E. Y A va. AR NOON; The Money Market has been very heavy ; the Money price of Consols has been 39 low as 69 . 0 The settlement of the English Account, which...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A second edition of the Times this morning brings important intel- ligence from Madrid. The majority of the Finance Committee of the Cortes have rejected the...


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Sailed—From Gravesend, .tum.1:Ith, Malcolm, Eyles, for Calcutta ; 26th, St. Helens, Lone, On the tap ; 271h, Eleanor, Havelock, for Mauritius ; and Diader.t, A irt Ii, fur Ike I...

The intelligence received this morning from Bayonne, represents .Pon CARLOS

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and his immediate followers as being in a wretched state of destitution. It is even said that Don CARI.OS himself has been seen without shoes, and in clothes worn to rags. He is...

To 0. P. Q. — A Letter, from the Editor,

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on Monday or Tuesday. There has Lien a mistake.

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IT is an essential part of our plan for improving the mode of con- ducting public business, that the head of each Department, at the commencement of the session, should lay...


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THE DUTY OF MINISTERS. Mem of the dissatisfaction which prevails in the country in re- gard to the proceedings of the House of Commons, has arisen from the servile attention of...

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THE appointment of the Marquis of CONYNGIIAM to the office of Postmaster-General was mentioned by Mr. Butevee, in the last edition of England and the English, as a proof' that...


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THE Chancellor dearly loves notoriety ; and, we dare say, like a stage-player, generally prefers even censure to neglect. Yet it is probable that he would be glad to escape...

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THE pernicious consequences of intrusting the business of legis- lation and government to incompetent persons, are manifest throughout the important department of taxation. Were...

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Mr. Tyrrell, the City Remeinbrancer, has been affixed to the door of St. Sepulchre's Church, to the t:fTect that it was the intention of the Civic Authorities to apply to the...

A considerable number of Spanish Bondholders have signed a letter

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to Mr. ROTHSC II I L D, requesting him to candescend so far as to become the banker and adviser a the Spanish Government at this crisis in its financial efilLirs. These...


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Aeaceen is retrite nig his character, and we hope recruiting his tteasury. A seeonti I':eglielt opera, the Mountain Sylph, composed by Mr. Ilatteearr, was broeght out on Munday...

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Some itinerant showmen recently visited Shrewsbury, with a ribbed-faced baboon,

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which, it is suspected, has been trained by its owners to commit rob- barks on houses in the night, by climbing up places inacces.ible to men, and thereby gaining an entrance...


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CI1110 POLITY, As Inquiry into the Ancient Corporate System of Ireland, and Suggestions for Re immediate Restoration and general Extension. With an Appendix containing numerous...


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" A CLOSE and intimate acquaintance with some of the corporate towns of Ireland," says Mr. GALE in his preface, " first led to those inquiries which have terminated in the...

• then the manner in which he gave the song

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itself. The moment he tailored the first words, " The rose and the lily," his features were lighted up, hi: gestures became free, his whole figure ap- peared expanded, and he...