3 MARCH 1855

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Many words have been uttered in both Houses of Parliament,

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but few things have been done that call for special remark. The Army Estimates have been pursuing their way, with comments from various quarters. Mr. Lindsay has blamed...


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THE Government is reconstituted, and Lord John Russell again makes his appearance in the Cabinet—as Secretary of State for the Colonies. This last of Lord John's new surprises...

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The riots that are reported in the Australian province of

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Vic- toria are liable, almost equally, to be unduly magnified and un- duly underrated. Government has always claimed the right to impose some kind of fee upon the use of land...

Lord John Russell, on his way to Vienna, has had

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interviews at Berlin with Monarch and Ministry ; and while he is negotiating, military action on both sides of the great controversy continues. Omar Pasha, on his first...

A torpid activity is displayed by the public, just enough

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to show that it could arouse itself on the occasion of any sufficiently ac- cumulated trouble. The Ministers newly appointed from the House of Commons have to seek reelection at...

Vtluitto nut Vreutitings in Varlinninat. PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEEK.

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House or Loans. Monday, Feb. 26. Criminal Justice; the Lord Chancellor's Bill read a second time -Purchasers' Protection against Judgments ; Lord St. Leo- nards's Bill read a...

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, At Court.

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THE QUEEN held a Court and Privy Council on Wednesday, at Bucking- ham Palace. At the Court, General de la Marmora, Commander-in-chief of the Sar- dinian contingent, had an...

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In the course of last Saturday afternoon, it became known that Lord John Russell, though then at Paris, and about to start for Vienna, had accepted a place in Lord Palmerston's...

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Montrose is likely to be contested with some severity. The two local candidates are Sir John Ogilvie, a gentleman of landed property in For- farshire, and Mr. Edward Baxter, an...


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The report of Lord Carlisle's appointment as Lord-Lieutenant of Ire- land has not been received with satisfaction by a portion of the press. Mr. Holman, as Secretary, meets with...


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Mr. Layard has followed the example of Mr. Lowe and Lord Stanley, and has addressed a meeting of his constituents, at Aylesbury, convened by his desire. The gathering took place...

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intrigu Ruh ttlautal.

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FRANCE.—The Emperor of the French has taken one journey. On Wednesday mornin g he q uitted Paris, without parade, and arrived at St. Omer in the evenin g ; and next day he...

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The rearrangement of the entire Ministry has lingered throughout the week ; but the Cabinet would seem to have been completed by Wednes- day. The changes that have taken place...


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Horse- Gans. power. Horse- Gans. power. Duke of Wellington (flag)... 131 700 Esk, Capt. T. F. Birch 21 250 Royal George, Capt. Codnng- Tartar, Capt. Dunlop 21 250 ton, C.B...

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Mendelssohn's St. Paul has had two great performances within the apace of eight days : on Friday last week, at Exeter Hall, by the Sacred Harmonic Society ; and on Wednesday, at...


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SATURDAY. DEATH OF THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA. Yesterday afternoon the town was startled by intelligence of the serious illness of the Emperor of Russia, and the statement that his...

The House of Commons was engaged last night in a

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perplexing debate arising out of the Sebastopol Committee. Mr. ROEBUCK moved"p h a t : the Co Itee be a Committee of Secrecy?' "The difficulties o task," he said " like rocks...

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'antra Ad Sum.

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While our musical public are looking forward with curiosity to the production of the Etoile du Nord at the Royal Italian Opera—which, it is understood, will positively take...

Lord John Russell was elected today without opposition. He was

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proposed by Mr. H. J. Prescott, and seconded by Mr. J. Dillon. Mr. Stoner proposed Sir Charles Napier, but no seconder came forward. After the election, on the motion of Mr....

The Morning Post states that "this very afternoon Lord Clarendon

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will have an interview with the Emperor Napoleon, at Boulogne" ; and it is presumed that "the ideas of the two Governments" will be discussed, in reference to the new state of...


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After a long period of inactivity, a better feeling at length characterizes the English Stock Market, and there is a disposition to speculate for a rise. This has been promoted...

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In the way of theatrical production Paris is even more

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dull than Lon- don. The drama of La Czarine, which was never in a very healthy con- dition, and which shortly after its production retired for a while on ac- °aunt of most...


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THE INQUIRY. WE can recall no case on which Parliamentary discussion has taken a practical shape, and effected practical results, where the question raised was clearer and more...

Mr. W. Cooke, the present lessee of Astley's, brings down

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the history of the war to Balaklava and Inkerman by the addition of a new act to his military spectacle. The concluding tableau is the best he has yet exhibited.

While Drury Lane becomes a house for opera, the Haymarket

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resumes the experiment of ballet—not formal French ballet, be it understood, but that mad exponent of a fiery vivacity the native dance of Spain. The Terpsichore South of the...

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THE writer of a pamphlet bearing the title of The One Thing Needful discusses the cause of the evils under which British mili- tary administration is suffering, and points out...

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THERE is nothing which stern political moralists can say in cri- ticism of Lord John Russell, that Lord John cannot retort upon the English people, without whom he would not be...

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IT is quite impossible to maintain an army without . proper food to maintain the men that compose that army. This is such a clear axiom in military physics that it cannot be...


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IN times of trouble, our own derelictions are always the worst weapons against us ; and thus our own statesman class, which might be thought to have the least connexion with...

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Loudon, 28th February 1855. Sm—There has been a good deal of talking about the Transport Service in both Houses of Parliament ; and the speakers have displayed as much ig-...


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DBNNISTOUN'S MEMOIRS OF ROBERT STRANGE AND ANDREW LUMISDEN.. THE interest of this work is less biographical than social. The lives, indeed, of our first great native engraver,...

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DR. Roues CRIMEA. AND ODESSA. * THE same circumstances prompted the

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publication and the trans- lation of this work—the interest attaching to the semblance of in- formation respecting the seat of war; for Dr. Koch's journey was made as long ago...

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717LIA liCATANAGH'S GRACE LEE. ° THIS fiction displays Julia Kavanagh's wonted

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power of word- painting and force of conception as well as of composition. These qualities may in the opinion of many give Grace Lee an appear- ance of originality. The main...

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Booxs. .Polynesian Mythology and Ancient Traditional History of the New Zealand Race, as furnished by their Priests and Chiefs. By Sir George Grey, f ate Governor-in-chief of...

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Tuesday, February 27. PARTNERSITIES DISSOLVED.-Wadsworth and Son, Sheffield, masons-Whitehom and Stone, Featherstone Buildings, Holborn, manufacturing jewellers-Woodbridge and...


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WAS-orFics, Feb. 27.-Staff-CoL W. P. Forster, ,half-pay Unatt. Deputy-Adjt.- Gen. in Dublin, to be Deputy-Adjt.-Gen. to the Forces, vice Major-Gen. Simpson. Col. R. Blucher...


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On the 13th February, at Cirencester, the Wife of Sir Charles Watson, Bart., of a daughter. On the 23d, at Brimfield Court, Herefordshire, Mrs. Humphrey Child, of a daughter....

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BRITISH Safari. Monday 3 per Cent Consols 91 Ditto for Account 91 911 3 per Cents Reduced 911 91 911 New 3 per Cents. Long Annuities 91 -- 911 41 Bank Stock, 9 per...