14 APRIL 1855, Page 20


On the 10th March, at Port Royal, Jamaica, the Lady of Commodore Henderson,

of a son.

On the 3d April, in Marmion Place, Southsea, the Wife of the Rev. Charles Rich- mond Tate, Vicar of Send and Ripley, Surrey, of a son. On the 4th, at the Homme, Herefordshire, the Wife of R. 8. Cox, Esq., of a son and heir and of a daughter. On the 5th, at Ealing, the Wife of Henry Blackett, Esq., of Great Marlborough Street, of a son.

On the 5th, at Maida Hill West, the Wife of the Rev. Octavius F. Owen, M.A., F.S.A., Rector of Burstow, Surrey, of a daughter. On the 5th, in Carlton House Terrace, the Hon. Mrs. Russell, of a son.

On the 5th, at Withington Hall, Cheshire, the Wife of the Hon. Carnegie R. J. Jerrie, of a son.

On the 8th, in Cheater Terrace, Regent's Park, the Hon. Lady Pearson, of a daughter. On the 8th, at Shelton Hall, Durham, the Wife of Robert C. Bewicke, Esq., of a


On the 8th, in Inverness Place, Bayswater, the Wife of Captain Anson, R.N., of a son, stillborn.


On the 7th December, at Auckland, New Zealand, Kenneth Robert Murchison, Esq., Lieutenant H.M. Fifty-eighth Regiment, eldest son of the late Kenneth Mur- chison, Esq., to Harriet Isabella, fourth daughter of the late Major Travers, Rifle Brigade. On the 25th January, at the Cathedral, Melbourne, Ross Richards Homfray, Eeq., only son of the late Richards Homfrey, Esq., grandson of the late Sir Ross Donnelly, and nephew of Admiral Sir James Stirling, to Agnes Elizabeth Jeannette, youngest daughter of Charles F. Elderton, Esq.

On the Sth February, at Bolarum, James Gibeme Bell, Esq., Second European Light Infantry, eldest son of Brigadier James Bell, commanding H.S.F., to Anna, youngest daughter of G. A. Bushby, Esq., British Resident at the Court of Hyderabad.

On the 5th April, at Rossend Castle, Fifeshire, James Ivory, Esq., son of the Hon. Lord Ivory, to Harriette Jane Oakley, only daughter of William Alexander Laurie, Esq., of Rossend.

On the 10th, at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Charles Schreiber, Esq., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and eldest surviving son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel James Alfred Schreiber, of the 11th Light Dragoons, and of Melton, Suffolk, to Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Guest, widow of the late Sir John J. Guest, Bart., M.P., and only daughter of the late Earl of Lindsey. On the 12th, at Bramdean Church, Hants, Major-General William Cowper Coles, to Honors Augusta, daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Augustus George Legge.


On the 22d December, at Wellington, New Zealand, Major Richard Baker, son of William Baker, Esq., of Chester Terrace, Regent's Park. On the 8th January, at Launceston, V.D.L., John Walker, Esq., Lieutenant R.N., for many years Port Officerat Hobart Town, and Harbour Master at Launceston ; in bin 59th year. On the 9th March, by falling overboard from the ship Mirzapore, on the voyage from Calcutta, C. S. Stowell, Esq.• in his 52d year. On the 2d April, of apoplexy, Esq. Harding, F.R.S.

On the 5th, at Madingley, near Cambridge, Philadelphia, widow of Admiral Sir

Charles Cotton, Bart., and daughter of the late Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley, Bart.; in her 92d year.

On the 7th, in Grosvenor Street, the Dowager Marchioness of Downshire; in her 66th year. On the 8th, in St. James's Square, Bath, Admiral Buckle; in his 85th year. On the Bth, at Wimbledon, John Sanford, Esq. ; in his 93d year. On the 8th, at East Hanuingfleld, Essex, Lieutenant-Colonel J. B. Nottidge ; in his 61st year. On the 9th, at Exeter, the Lady Lisle, of Kenton, Devon.

On the 10th, at Hillside Cottage, near Beanmaris, Mary, wife of the Rev. D.

Cooper, youngest sister of the late William Wyon, Esq., R.A.

On the 11th, at Millmead House, Guildford, William Hayden, Esq. ; in his 78th year.

On the 12th, at Surbiton, Lister, eldest son of Sir John Lister Lister Kaye, Bart.,

of Denby Grange, Yorkshire; in his 27th year.