14 APRIL 1855, Page 20


Easter is signalized at the Polytechnic by the commencement of a nar- rative, Joe-Millerized, and dioramic entertainment called "Sam Slick at Home and Abroad, with Sparks and Specks of American Humour." The lecturer or " I" of the narrative is supposed to meet on board an Ameri- can steamer with the genuine Sam Slick from whom Judge Halliburton "annexed" the facetise and causticities of his perennially renascent Watchmaker ; and this leads to views of principal cities and sites of the United States, with various things that may be said on and out of the subject. The entertainment is the kind of affair for an Easter Monday audience : perhaps, however, it is scarcely up to the tone which the semi-scientific Polytechnic is expected to maintain, and it does not, as regards its dioramic pretensions, compete with the better class of regular dioramas. The chief of the latter class of exhibitions, the Diorama of the Events of the War at the Gallery of Illustration, has added to its scenes a picture representing the Railway at Balaklava.