19 SEPTEMBER 1931, Page 2

The Budget Again The second reading of the Bill was

carried on Monday by 310 votes to 253. Again there was the unprofitable attack and defence of the ex-Cabinet Ministers for their part in working out the necessary " cuts." Sir Herbert Samuel and Mr. Chamberlain spoke for the Unionist and Liberal leaders who were consulted before the National Government was formed. On Tuesday the House passed the Budget Resolutions. Mr. Graham attacked the Report of the May Economy Committee. His old chief, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, wound up the debate with a spirited speech. As we read the debate there sounded in our ears above the questions of a Budget for six months something like the knell tolling for Great Britain's freedom of trade, which for nearly a century has steadily raised us to wealth and prosperity exceeding those of other nations. Thank heaven it enabled us to finance our protectionist Allies during the War : its last great service. * * * *