21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 13


MORAL PITTLOSOPHY, The Natural History of Society in the Barbarous and Civilized State: Essay towards discerning the Origin mid Coarse of !Inman Improvement. By W. ('..she Taylor, Esq., LL.D., M.R.A.S. In two volt Longman and Co. Ficnow, The Conspirators; or the Romance of Military Life. By Edward Quillinati. iu

3 volt Colt urn.

THE ANNUALS, The Keepsake. Edited by the Countess of Blessington. 1841-- Losfpnan and Co. Heath's llo:dv of Beauty. Edited by the Ceuntess of Blessington. 1841.

Larigagan and Co.

Portraits of the Children sr the Nobility, A series of highly•fini,hed from Drawings by Alfred E. Chalon, Esq., B.A., Paitrer to the Queen, awl (alter eminent Artists. With Illustrations in Verse, by distinguished contributors.

Edited by Mrs. Fairlie. Third Series. ongman and Cs. Filldell'S Table:MY : the Iris of Prose, Poetry, and Art, fur 18-11. Edited by Mary

Russell Mittoid, Author of " Oar Village.' lihreh end Arn,troiy. Fisher's Drawing-Room 8crap-Book, la-t1. Wilt Poetical Illustrations by Mary How M. Fisher end Cs. The Juvenile Scragp Book. IS4l. Ilv Mrs. Ellis Fisher and Death's Pietaresque Annual, for 1841. Belgium. By Thomas Roscoe., Esq. With sixteen highly-finished Engravings from Original Drawings by Thomas Allem, Esq ungatan 'nut Co. Legends of Venice. Illustrated by J. R. Ileibeit, Edited by Thomas 110iCtie, Eal I »Iwo» raid Cu. MIserhi.ANEotts,

011a Podrida. By tho Author of " Peter Simple," Re. Re. In 3 vols. Longynau and Co.