21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 2

Zbe (Court.

TITE Queen, Prince Albert, and the Royal Household, attended divine service on Sunday, in Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty drove in the Parks on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, in a pony phaeton. A Court was held at the Palace on Thursday ; when Prince Esterhazy, Ambassador-Extraordinary from the Emperor of Austria, had an audience of her Majesty upon his return to England. Afterwards, Prince Esterhazy had an interview with Prince Albert.

The Dutchess of Kent continues at Ingestre House, though she is almost daily a dinner-table guest at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Sussex and the Dutchess of Inverness honour the Duke and Dutchess of Somerset with their company next week at Wimbledon Park.

The Duke of Cambridge left London on Wednesday, for Sudbury Hall, on a visit to the Queen Dowager.

Administration to the effects of the Princess Augusta was granted on Saturday last, by the Prerogative Court, to the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge. The effects were sworn to he under 30,0001., and a stamp- duty of 600/. was paid upon the letters of administration.