21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 4

An important suit between the Irish Society of London and

the Bishop of Derry, which has been for some time pending, was brought to a conclusion in the Court of Common Pleas, Dublin, on Thursday scnnight. The cause of action was the right of presentation to the church living of Camos' in the diocese of Derry. At the sitting of the Court on Thursday, Chief Justice Doherty charged. the Jury, and almost told them in direct terms that they were bound to find for the plaintiff, (the Irish Society,) unless they believed that public documents were forgeries; which, in his opinion, proved to be genuine. The Jury retired at half-past twelve o'clock, aul the Court was subsequently en- gaged up to five o'clock in discussing objections to the Judge's charge. The Jury were then called out ; and on stating that there was no pro- bability of their agreeing, they were given in charge to the Sheriff of Londonderry ; and a bailiff was sworn to prevent their receiving any refreshments except whatever was ordered by the Court. At half-past ten at night, Mr. Justice Ball entered the court ; when the Jury intl• mated that they had agreed to their verdict. Previous to the Jury handing in the verdict, the Foreman demanded ten guineas for each of the jurors for travelling-expenses, besides the usual fee of a guinea a day. The demand being agreed to by the attornies on both sides, the Jury returned a verdict for the defendant, with 6d. costs.