21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 5

(FROM TIlE ANTI-CORN-LAW CIRCULAR, NO'. 19.1 "In consequence of the

interruptions experienced by Mr. Murray at Lime- rick, a copy of the following has been sent to him, to be inserted in such news- papers as he may deem proper. " National Anti-Ciro-law League, Manchester, 17th November 1S.10.

The Council of the National Anti-Corn-law League having observed that Mr. John Murray has been obstructed whilst delivering lectures against the bread-tax in Limerick, hereby give notice, that Mr. Murray is one of their au- thorized lecturers; that they have the greatest confidence in his ability and discretion; and that they will protect bins from illegal interference en the part of any person or persons during his progress through Ireland.

(Signed) " By order of the Council, " GEORGE WiLsor, Chairman."

[Of the obstruction at Limerick, alluded to in these credentials, some account will be found in the Topic of the Day, " An Irish Riot and an English Pacificator."]