21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 4

Some of Mr. M a eaulay's constituents appear to be 'keeping a

watchful eye on the belligerent exhibitions of' tit it "junior Member." In the last number of the Edinburgh Weekly Ckiwilele, we find the following notice of Lucky Tom, in the shape of a communication from a London. correspondent, pertinent to the Peace meetings- " What place is to move next ? No one can say ; but sure lain it will not be Edinburgh. I will tell you why I think so. You know your junior Member. and what splendid declamations he can get up. But you must also be aware that they are got-vp. The speeches which he made at the hustings in Edinburgh were mere repetitions of his articles in the Edinburgh Review, and they have since been repeated in the House of Come mons. He requires to rehearse frequently before the oration is perfect. Now, he has at present a very fine speech in the course of rehearsal in favour of the Ministerial War policy. There is no time to make an article of it for the Edinburgh in the first place; and Whig public demonstrations there have been none since 'the House' rose. But he is a man of great versatility and resources. He rehearses his speech at every dinner or other party he is invited to. His friends arc devoutly praying that the time of his delivery were arrived, for the bore of undergoing his eloquence is really becoming insufferable. It is not certain whether the speech is meant for a visit he is said to intend paying to Edinburgh this month, or for the debate on the Address at the opening of next session, or for both. But you will have it in due time, to the great relief of his private friends. But what has this to do with my conviction that there will be no movement in favour of peace in Edinburgh? Simply thus much— that so long as the Member few Edinburgh, he being a member of the Cabinet, pleases to be warlike, not a Whig or a Whig-Radical in your city will utter a cheep in favour of peace. They will put up with far more at his hands : with their defeat in the Town-Council by the Tories and Non-intrusionists fresh in their memories, they will pardon his coquetting with Nun-Intrusion."