21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 5

We learn that the French Government has been strongly urged

by that of Austria to exert all its influence with Mehemet Ali to induce him to offer terms of submission to the Sultan, on the condition of his being allowed to retain the possession of Egypt. There is reason to believe that the French. Government will comply with the request. As there can be no doubt that the Four Powers will be equally ready to use their influence with the Sultan, to induce hint to accept the submiseioa of the Pasha and continue hint in the possession of Egypt if the French Government honestly exerts its influence we can have little doitat of the submission of the Pasha; in which case, the Whole ficestIon will at once be brought to an encl.—Month/ Chronicle, Nov. est.

The Presse, which is considered in Paris the senti-official organ of Government, states that the Minister for Foreign Affairs had despatched • two messengers—one to Alexandria, with despatches to counsel the Viceroy of Egypt to submit ; and another to Constantinople, to induce the Sultan to withdraw the act of deposition against the Pasha of Egypt.