21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 6

Letters from Bristol, of yesterday's date, announce the shipwreck of

the Irish steam-packet City of Bristol, with the loss of all on hoard with the exception of one man. The following are the only particulars yet given of this calamity— "Bristol, Nov. 20.—The city has been thrown into universal gloom this morning, in consequence of the melancholy news hnving arrived of the ship- wreck of one of the finest Irish steamers upon this station, the City of Bristol, Captain Stacey, on her voyage from Cork to Bristol, with the loss of every soul on board save one. At present the particulars are necessarily brief; the only intelligence which has yet reached the attire of the General Steam Navigation Company being, that she was wrecked in the dreadful storm of Wednesday night last, off the Worm's Bead, between Swansea and Cot, marthen, on the Welsh coast ; and that of thirty-six persons on board, the complain and thirty-four others perished; the only man saved being an Irish cattle-drover, who was washed on shore upon a hen-coop, but who, at the time the intelligence left, was in so weak a state as to be unable to reply to further questions than those general ones which we have stated."