21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 6

The natioaal nod r l h ence 'Texas has been filly recognized

by England. (In Motel:':, I.ea, Lord Palmerston and General Hamilton, the Envoy of I L.X I a treaty, which places this colony of the Anglo-Saxon re e s • , s.112 r'.1/ hag of amity with her veritable mother-coubtrs I sl sss , .t.oldished with Belgium, Holland, France, and the I li !I one, Lard Pahneraton ! For they are a pOW(Ti.11 c.,01 :try who have blindly promoted -war and slavely e az, the 1trIrmi Government to maintain a

hostile attittele 'FAA- ; the Minister who has the bold-

ness to affrob! 11 --,•rvys r torn eryolit than if lie had merely adere1 a w;i:ch coil would approve. They will accuse him Jiro.'. sleo, V. hen in fuel he has saved her from a fermid..S:- y v.111 charge him \kith having en- COUraged A...cr■ r .4 it iq wiwn ia truth he has pre- vented the sl,:vcry throughout .Mexico, and has, moreover, 0, ,tesl abolitieu of slavery in Text.so itself.

'Phis last paint, mriohout r% -;fug ghat may he emphatieally termed

a policy of peleas CH the most important. Among nearly Ti00,000 free ',op! • O!, , are but 5,000 So small a property in s! 110 Cr II '11.S1.1.% b ■ it the cost of incurring the bad opinion oa. l'atroope, ! reload:lag Prioi::h emigration. It' assured of an um:-1, la!,,a1;. fo•oln Europe, To-No--; wool I pure every

motive for aboh: :livery. Nay, ualess fob,. abolish slavery, it will

be vain for her to 10,1,e for the grvatc.it of all a,b;atitages to a country in her position- extmos.ive iimeigation of capitol! and labour from the Old World. ft a as eess by Villa, SO long as England insulted her by denying her iritio.rolity, to persuade her of the benefits of immigra- tion and the Pt .11:1 Or slavery. We may now discuss this subject with the Texans is itimut in arty degree wounding their pride, They will now choose without passion between ininliaration and slavery. Who can doubt what their choiee Will be, re:com and truth and the friendly persuasion of England letting fair play- ? Well done, I,ord Palmer- aton!--Colonial Gazette, Nov. 18.