21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 7



There has not been any very material fluctuation in the Fonds during the past week. The market has experienced occasional depressions, chiefly pro- duced by speculative sales, but has always undergone a speedy reaction from the operation of continued purchases for Money : this, however, has been its usual course for some time. The extreme prices of Consols have been 885 and Sq. Money has been in considerable demand, and 6 per cent. has been readily paid for loans upon the security of English Stock and Exchequer Bills. The demand for Consuls has, however, been so great, that the jobbers were more anxious to sell for Account than for Money ; and to-day, when the pressure was at its height and 6 per cent. readily given for loans upon all the other English Stocks, the jobbers were glad to borrow Consols till the Account. India Bonds have been declining the whole week, and to-day, its consequence of the scarcity of money, have been as low as 2os. discount. Exchequer Bills are also heavy, but have not been so much depressed, not having beets lower than 2s. discount. Bank Stock has been done at 159, and is to-day .quoted at 16U; while India Stock has been called 238 to 210, but has not been done lower than 239 ; at which price it is quoted to-day. "The exchanges have improved slightly from the depression to which we last alluded, but arc not quite so high as they were the week bethre last.

The books of the various Stocks the dividends upon which become due will close and reopen on the days specified below. Shut. Open. 1841 Consolidated Three per Cent. Annuities ,Wedne,day, 2...Friday, Jas. 13

New Three.and.a hall' per ('cuts. Thursday „ 3... Three per Cent Annuities, 1726 „ 10...Tuesday „ 12

New Vivo per Cent. Annuities „ 12

• Annuities tor Penis of 'Year; Moteaay „ 7. .Friday „ 22 South Sea-Swel' etinesloy „ „ „ 13

New South Sea Annuities, moo 1571 ... .Tharsday „ 3 ..Thurbday „ 14

neglected, hire been quitted to-day at 17 and IS; and South A.merican Funds are generally more in demand. Mexican Five peeCents. have been at 30, and arc to-day 211,1 ; while t he Lood Warrants, or Dollen-el Stock, are at 10. Portuguese Five per Cents. have Leon tolerably steely, the fluctuation not having exceeded 1 per cent.-the extreme quotations Lein ,: 3512 mid ; they were in demand to-day at 26, but the market is not joie so firm at the close. Spanish Active, after experiencing a fluctuation of per cent., closes at the price of last Saturday. The firmness of this Stock in Paris caused an improvement East India stock „ " 14 favourable to the lowest for,., Its the Foreign Market, the principal object of interest is the New Belgian knowin,c audiences wax see, • Loan, for which the Messrs. RoTuseno,n have contracted. The amount is to "lye reality to tinescene I:. very trilling, via. abort 1,003,000/., being the un,inleier11;,4 amount of the loon for the completion of the Belgian railways ; part of which was take:: in Sep- .

tember last by the S.teiet6 Generale of Brussels: of this stun of 1,00:),00-A, re,ent anon ,s entet..it •

only one-third is to be circulated in London, and the remainder in equal pin on theart of . portions in Brussels and Paris. 'rhe loan is contracted in a Five per cent. Stock, mg- theatrical at the price of 96; and compared with the curreut varieties of other Be4:lan will be clone, tir.lo. Securities, is considered cheap, as the instalments will not be heavy, and are fore us mar.- fixed at the following periods- 20 per cent. ou2Oth Novi-niter 1840.

1G ,, 21st Deornber 1810. 0 „ :2 nth .1,011141'y 1S-11. With t110 addiliall or iffierem at 4 per 2U „ 1:101 Vebro tie 1841. cent. per :11:111Ill. from 23i1 instant to 20 „ 19th Maceli 1841. the dale ot payariLt.

The Government engages also that the operation of the sinking-fund shall only hilt,c., l':110 will "play \'. it:, take place by purchases, and not by drawing, as in the present Belgian loans ; the -,valls, as it were, ' •.' i:,-- and that the Bonds shall not he reimbursed ,:t par for a p..-r.d41 of six years. The „nt, 0 dor of Ail..., clause by which interest is charged upon the payments. being unusual, his cc used I A c,„,),.),Is toweciii, 1., some remark, and an influential member of the Stock Exchange on this : ,--. .1 ' ' 1 • -1 - account sold his portion at par-the only harg:tin that was effected at that wee:: arc .istec t tire !,..1.1..- pricc. The Scrip has since heels current at - and at I premium for the socon,1 tilll P'''11111:ilmliC ''''2".. payment, and closed lower, vie. prem. , marble Citrynti•les reilie e 1 An official communication has been received by th., Committee of the South 'find 'lassie cost9T111-',.: ,"' ,l e ''' .''' '• • ' American Bondholders, stating that the Gm-eminent of Venezuela has ac- ' days." Ii these I iv.... :.--t• ., cepted the terms of settlement proposed in the beginning of the year to Senor vi d •):12ry ; the wood-, :e.en es :::: t' i _,• FouTiquE, the agent of the Government in this country, but to which that. springs out ..if the :rmun(1. 1. -•.. gentleman then did not consider he was authorized to aceede. The arrange- inid,t of a thiclict, which is t, meat now adopted is as follows. That the Government of Venezuela shall in future pay upon the 2812 per cent. of its allotted potti,at of the Columbian Debt, being a capital of 1,889,390/., an in tert.....t of 2 per vent. for seven years ; such payment to lie increased at the rate of -fi per cent. annually. until the inte- rest shall reach to 6 per cent. This Deferred :toe'. shall k. doiord for the ai too ot of dividends now overdue upon the Columbian Stock, siZ. ;:,4 per cent. at ilie rate of 100/, stock for evert- 84/. of such arrear of interest : which Bonds shall not bear interest until the Active portion of the debt (viz. the 1,888,.1f41.% reflection in Co' -1:.cani already referred to) shall hear an iatere$t of 6 per cent., when a divi.lend of send:- the d:tiv:; 1;:..

per cent, annually will commence upon the 11eferred Stock. and continue to :4111:1:11,1') • S' increase per cent, annually until it shall reach an interest oh , per cent. 'file cloudsLuce.t, I .r dividends to be paid by Messrs, Item, IttvING, and Co., upon lot Alai;DudTi„„ •.

1st October in each year. All the new 13onds, whozher of the Active or De- but „..„, ,;

ferret' Stock, will lie receivable at par itt the payments Ihr pitreltao,s of every ,r tin' „ „... it description or national property. A sinkiim-fund is to established ; arta all ' F;.',1' - the arriingenients seem equitable, and if Iflrt, dOliht 110t, will give great made s•:) security to the Columbian creditor. A. meeting of the Btindholders is stun- l'• muted for Monday next, to receive this communication. The ',rive of liontis min-t when tlei has improreit more thou per cent., and has been as high :Is 26 1, but nlld snl,,lnya tone declined to 25,1, to rally again to 25i. Chilian Bands have been at GO, but play at the close. •.. lave declined to-11 ti to 37. Buenos Ayres litonds. which have been long amber tri•i besiiles being an praisewortliv elearn,:ss. her v to 241; but as this high prtee brought in sellers, the mark'et SO011 receded 1 per I loud, to enable her to control I's ry, cent., viz. to 23;-,. To-day an impulse was given to the market by a large par- plays llelena with groat earnestn,,,.:1 chase, said to be made upon Belgian Account, and the price rose to 23L ; but -din:dv, does not smteeed in conceali:.

that price has not been supported, and the closing price is 2:1.4 Aurr.is La.ev. as Titanitt, mouths

The nomarrival of the French mail, due to-day, by leaving us without any late news or prices of French Funds has tended to cheek speculation; and to this cause may be attributed the trifling of business transacted to-day. SATUROAY. Twi•tet; O'CLOCK.

The only transaction of note that has occurred in the English Funds this morning has been a sale by the Bank Broker of 25,000 Reduced Three per ' Cents., at 98. The market has been steady the whole morning, at the opening prices. Consols for Money seem still in demand, as though the nominal price is 89h 1 both for Money and Account there: is a quotation in the Official List of 99i for Money, and of only 89 for Account. Exchequer Bills are lower, viz. 3s. to Is. discount, while small bills are in deniaml, and have been quoted at 5s. and since at 2s. prem. India Bonds are nominally 20s. to 15s. die. India Stock is quoted at 2.10 and 2391: for Account, and Bank Stock at 15912; both prices marking a decline. In the Foreign Market, business has been con- fined to Spanish Active Stock, which opened at 231 ;, but lets been depressed by an influential sale to 23, to rally again, and is now 2:0; 3. The other Fo- reign Funds are heavy, at yesterday's prices, with very little business of any kind. We cannot notice any transactions in the New Belgian Serip, which is nominally 4 to 1 premium.

31:er Cent. Censols 891 4 1 11.1,1.115 per 1-10,•-, . 97 8 Ditto hir Account . 891 4 Co.-0,:::a:, t: po C ••1, 251 i 3 per Coot. itedoved 831 D.tni-11 ' 1 -; t' • . 77 8 31 per Cent. Ditto 9"1 Ditch 2! i --t• Gulls 51+ New 1:4- per Cents 081 1 Mexicali 3 per 0,14. Coosa. 291 ii Baal,: Stock 13.41,,,,to,Atese it••2eoey a isq Cls. 351 4 Exchequer Bills ... '5 1 die. 1,:it., :i i-r Cer,-. 224 I In•liA Stuck 2391 40 1121 1131 Brlzilian 3 pert 74 5 8.-;......-11: a--•'-- 234 i