21 NOVEMBER 1840, Page 8

The A delphi convulses its fun-loving visiters with the preposterous

drollery of the Beggar's Opera with the characters reversed ; the women played by men, the men by women. It is very ludicrous to see Mrs. linsa.m. as Macheath, straining up on tiptoe to kiss his Magog of a Polly in the monstrous shape of Nut. Blossoms ; and the manner in which BEDFORD subdues his stentorian lungs, so as to give the airs of the part a humorous effect without destroying their beauty, is ad- mirable. Wiii01I'r's 1 erformance of Mrs. Peachum is highly comic ; and YATES and W.H.iilNsUN, as Jenny Direr and Salay Tawdry, and H. Ilau. as Lucy, are laughable figures. But when once the incongruity is laughed at, there is an end of the joke ; and short as is the parody, it proved too tedious for souse persons on the first night.