23 JANUARY 1909, Page 1

On Monday in the Chamber of Deputies M. Pichon made

a long speech on the policy of France in Morocco. A good deal of it was in answer to M. Jaures, who had declared that French troops intended to march to Fez, and that all Europe would be embroiled. M. Pichon said that the whole truth was that M. Regnault, the French Minister to Morocco, had been asked to visit Fez, and would do so. There he would discuss the common interests of both France and Morocco, but would do nothing to weaken the position of the Sultan, who (we quote the Times) was " in complete possession of the power belonging to the Sultanate." The chief questions to be discussed were indemnities and the evacuation of the Shawia country. The evacuation would be effected as soon as possible. General d'Amade had already received the necessary instructions. M. Pichon denied M. Jaures's assertion that the operations on the frontier amounted to a scheme of conquest. A certain number of market centres had been established with the consent of the Shereefian Government, and these would be increased. The object was pacification, and the results were, so far, most happy. The Eastern frontier had never been crossed by troops except in self-defence. A Resolution approving the Moroccan policy of the Government was carried by a large majority. M. Regnault's Mission left Tangier for Fez on Wednesday.