23 JANUARY 1909, Page 1

The President did not deny the need of reforms, but

he had to doubt that a successful effort was being made to accom- plish them. The great salient fact, however, was that the Presence of the English in India had been for the advantage of Mankind, and every true friend of humanity should realise that the part, played by England in India had been to India's immeasurable advantage. " For her honour, her profit, and her civilisation we should feel a profound satisfaction in the stability and permanence of English rule." Turning to the African race in America, Mr. Roosevelt noted that while the United States had no territorial interest in Africa, it had a Putt moral responsibility, because no other country outside Africa had so large a negro population. What was more, there were no other ten million negroes in the world who owned a° much property, and who had as large a percentage of their People known to be intelligent, moral, and thrifty. Mr. Roosevelt's eulogy of our Indian administration is all the more welcome in view of the persistent campaign against British rule in India which has been carried on in America of recent years by native emissaries of sedition, and countenanced by the ill-instructed and ill-advised -writings and speeches of Mr. Bryan, and latterly of Mr. Keir Hardie.