23 JANUARY 1909, Page 2

An article in the Times of Monday reminds us how

much of the world remains unexplored, although it may be true that the great days of exploration are over. There is no longer a whole continent like Africa, before us. The article gives a list of the principal expeditions which will start this year. Not to mention Polar exploration (which is being carried on both North and South more enthusiastically than ever), it is hoped to cross that vast unknown region, perhaps the most forbidding desert on earth, which lies in Arabia between Aden and Muscat. In Asia, especially along the Tibeto-Chinese borders, much remains to be done, in spite of the splendid daring and industry of Dr. Sven Hedin, and Dr. Stein will soon start on an archaeological and surveying journey. Another very interesting undertaking will be the penetration of Dutch New Guinea by Mr. Einar Mikkelsen, the Arctic explorer. The interior is absolutely unknown. Finally, we may mention that about two million square miles are unexplored in South America. It is hoped that Major Fawcett, who has done much work already, may be able to continue his journeys in Bolivia or Central Brazil.