23 JANUARY 1909, Page 25

Daily Mail Year Book. Edited by Percy L. Parker. (Associated

Newspapers. Cl. net.)—The purchaser will get a quite amazing amount of information for his money, and not information only, but speculation also. Home and foreign politics, social questions, the unemployed, the work and wages of women, comparative rent and prices of food in the towns of the United Kingdom (rent is higheat in Loudon, and lowest in Peterborough; food dearest in Dover, cheapest in Stockport and Wigan), Socialism, the Licensing Bill,—these and many other subjects are discussed. Then we have " Biographies "; then "Travel and Traffics" by land, sea, and, not least interesting, air ; then "Education." And not a few things have been left out of the list. The " Biographies," in respect of the selection, seem to be the least satisfactory.