23 JANUARY 1909, Page 3

The death of the Rev. A. G. Butler, which was

announeed on Monday, will be mourned by a wide circle of friends and pupils. Son of one Head-Master of Harrow, brother of another, and himself brilliantly distinguished as a scholar and athlete at Rugby and Oxford, he was the first Head-Master of Halley- bury, where he did admirable work during his brief tenure of office. Returning to Oxford in 1875, he was for twenty years Tutor of Oriel, his old College, where his fine scholarship, his enthusiasm for all generous endeavour, and his love of mealy sport combined to give him a peculiar influence over the undergraduates. For many years he was a frequent con- tributor to these columns, where his verses, over the initials " A. G. B.," bore eloquent witness to his love of Nature and his zeal for social reform. We also note with regret the death of Lord Amherst of Hackney, recently the object of general sympathy for the undeserved misfortune which obliged him to sell the greater part of the famous library and art collection which he had spent half-a-century in gathering together. Owing to the defalcations of a man of business who managed a property of which he was a trustee, Lord Amherst is said to have lost no less than £300,000. —.—