28 JANUARY 1905, Page 32


Each setting sun beheld his force laid low, Borne down by their confederate attack.

Around the citadel from day to day Those watchful troops in deadly ambush lay.

Till from a life of smooth, inglorious ease He plunged into the world of men and things, And as the vessel on the open seas Leaps to the gale that round her seethes and sings, Forth on each fresh, glad enterprise he fared, And toiled and served, and sowed and reaped and dared.

With eyes unveiled he saw God's earth afresh,—

Love without lust and Beauty without stain.

And lo the phantoms that allured the flesh Lay silent in the darkness, crushed and slain, Like Pharaoh's hosts upon the Red Sea shore ; And his own soul was his for evermore.