28 JANUARY 1905, Page 7

laid under contribution with apparently equal enthusiasm. The result is

a medley of extraordinary confusion.

We are glad to welcome another charming book of coloured illustrations by Mr. Graham Robertson. This artist gives us beauty of form and colour in so individual a shape that his work is always fresh and charming. The present instance of Mr. Robertson's art is a book of French Songs of Old Canada (W. Heinemann, 31s. ed. net). These songs, which the settlers brought with them from France, are many of them very old. In some of them survive the old ecclesiastical modes, now sub- merged by our major and minor scale. The words have in them the mocking fun of so many French children's rhymes. There is one song in which a little girl asks " Monsieur qua voili" to escort her through a wood. In the middle of this wood the Monsieur thinks he hears wolves, and they run till they reach the open. Here the protector is well laughed at for having taken partridges for wolves.