6 MARCH 1880, Page 23

is founded on the work of Professor Mohl, and other


The Psalms are arranged into stanzas, and "the idea of the publica- tion is that, analysed according to their sense and probable original structure; they should explain themselves." The Authorised Version is adopted, without material variation. The book is well got-up, the type is clear and good, and the divisions of the choral hymns are

carefully noted, and will furnish useful explanation to those who are

accustomed to their Bibles only, and are necessarily unable, from the want of such divisions, to understand the true meaning of many Psalms,

as, ex. gr., 24 and 118. The book can be recommended to those who are chiefly familiar with the Bible Version, and who do not require a work of critical value, but one "merely designed to bring the beauty of the Psalms before those who are not likely to study the -writings of the learned."