6 MARCH 1880, Page 3

Privilege has been a serious thing for Mr. C. E.

Qrissell.. It will be remembered that he was accused last Session of repre- senting to the agents of the Tower High-Level Bridge that he could control the House of Commons Committee on the sub- ject, for £2,000. A Committee reported that he had com- mitted a breach of Privilege, and he was ordered to attend, but crossed over into France, and only surrendered a day before the prorogation. He was, however, remembered, and. the Howie, considering it had been laughed at, on Wednesday arrested him again, and in spite of an abject apology, committed him to Newgat,e for an indefinite period. He will probably be released at the Easter holidays, which begin on the 25th lust, Mr. Grissell entirely deserved his fate, and indeed brought it on himself ; but we wish such offenders could be sent before a standing Judicial Committee of the House, which would act in all cases alike, and on some principle. A s it is, l!Lix. Wards also guilty of breach of privilege, who was modest, got off with a week of the Clock Tower ; while Mr. Grissell, who was im- pudent, spends three weeks in Newgato.