6 MARCH 1880, Page 3

Reuter announces, in a telegram from Teheran, that the Persian

Government has finally declined to occupy Herat, the political risks being too serious. On the Continent, it appears to be believed that the Shah yielded to Russian pressure, which, according to a correspondent of the Chronicle, involved a threat of occupying a province on the Caspian; but it is quite as possible that the Shah asked too much from the British Government. The ,enterprise would have been a very difficult one for Persia, which has very little real strength; a vast territory, with a population not exceeding that of Belgium; and some 30,000 soldiers, of whom 10,000 may be considered fairly efficient. The late Shah raved at Lord Palmerston for thinking to invade him "with a few rotten Hindoos ;" but he yielded, nevertheless, or his kingdom would have broken up. The failure of this plan renders the further plan of partitioning Afghanistan among Afghan Sirdars, with a British guarantee, very difficult, and Sir Stafford North- cots on Tuesday declared it "wholly imaginary." No plan for governing Afghanistan seems to have been adopted, and the only fast certain is that we are to take Ghnznee and Bamian. We shall accomplish those objects, and then be no nearer to the end.