10 JUNE 1854

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It is perhaps rather characteristic of a strange perversity in

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the national mood at present, that those " movements " about the country which have the greatest semblance of action are evidently less likely to be productive of results than...

Silistria held out on the 30th; still repulsing the successive

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as- saults of the Russians, whose progress in the investment is slow, while the sorties of the defenders are fast and furious. The gene- ral tenour of the accounts from the...


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Tirs first subject which meets Parliament on reassembling after the holidays is the reconstruction of the War Department, so far at least as the appointment of a separate...

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A meeting to express the opposition felt in the City to Lord Harr ow by's bill for the removal of Churches was held on Wednesday ; Mr. Hub- bard, Governor of the Bank of...

44t Court.

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Tee Query held a Privy Council, at Buckingham Palace ' on Thursday. The Marquis of Anglesey was appointed Lord-Lieutenant the county of Anglesey ; and Lord Hatherton was...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Horse or Loans. Friday, June 9. Minister of War; Lord Derby's Questions —Military Knights of Windsor ; Lord Albemarle's Motion for a Select...

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'trr Vronium If. Kossuth has again appeared before the English public;

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choosing Sheffield as the theatre, and the reconstruction of Poland as the theme of his harangues. He was invited by some local friends of the Polish and Hungarian exiles at...

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Mr. John Hatcbell, formerly Whig Attorney-General for Ireland, has been appointed Commissioner of the Dublin Insolvent Court, in the room of the late Mr. Baldwin. Dr. Newman...

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Fa/aim—The Paris press is so much taken up with the war that it furnishes little domestic intelligence. The lioniteur de r.eirinde states that the indications published by the...

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Ministers seem disposed to reform the Army administration in all di- rections : the same week in which it is recorded that "the Guards paraded without stocks" at Scutari on the...


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On the 20th April, at Teheran, Persia, the Lady of Keith Edward Abbott, Esq., her Majesty's Consul, of a son. On the let June, at Harwood Hall, Corbet's Toy, Essex, the Wife of...

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&MOAT. It appears that though Lord John Russell does not take the Colonial Office, he has accepted the post of President of the Council ; without going to the House of Lords,...

The Crystal Palace was opened this afternoon by Queen Victoria

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in person. 'The ceremony on the occasion greatly resembled that performed in 1851, in Hyde Park. The Queen and Prince Albert, with the King of Portugal and the Duke of Oporto,...


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The Oxford University Bill as amended. The bill in its new shape consists of forty-three clauses, instead of fifty -nine. The clauses struck out related to the mode in which...

Telegraphic despatches with the "latest news," from various quarters, are

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given in the morning papers. Dantzie, Friday.—" The frigate Desperate, Captain D'Eyncourt, has ar- rived here. She left the fleet on the 7th. After Hango had been bom- barded,...

The brother of Lord Aberdeen, Admiral Gordon, having accepted the

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command at the Nore, it is anticipated he will retire from the representa- tion of Aberdeenshire. Lord Haddo, the son of the Premier, is spoken of as likely to obtain the vacant...

"A leading member of Prd Derby's Government "—the story has

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no less a source, and perhaps we ought to say the "leading member of Lord Derby's Cabinet," which was assuredly not Lord Derby himself—. has been circulating the glad tidings...

In the House of Commons, last night, the new writ

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was ordered for the City of London in the room of Lord John Russell on his acceptance of the office of President of the Council. In Committee of Supply, the Civil Estimates...


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THE COMMONS. STAILP-DUTIES BILL-Committee; Monday, June 12. MISCELLANEOUS ESTIMATES-Class 3 resumed; Monday, Jane 12. TESTAMENTARY JURISDICTION BILL-Second reading; Monday,...

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Partly by accident, perhaps, the theatrically-forgotten festival of Whit- suntide has been celebrated this year with unusual solemnity. Thus, on Monday, the Lyceum was reopened,...


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STOCK EXCHANOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. This week, like its predecessor, has been remarkable for the frequent changes in Government Securities, but has exceeded the latter in their...

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Madame Viardot, after an absence of three years, has reappeared

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at the Royal Italian Opera, in the character of Fides, of which she was the original representative. There was an extremely crowded house on Thursday evening, and her...


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Crispin—Geronte--Lisette—these names take us back to the Parisian stage of a hundred years ago. Indeed, on the present occasion they be.. long to a new comedy written carefully...


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As these lines fall under the eyes of our earliest readers, the new Crystal Palace will be opening or opened. The Queen may be delivering the words whereby the fact is to be...

French comic operas have been set on foot at the

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St. James's Theatre, seemingly by the directors of the Paris Theatre Lyrique, who announce the arrival in London of their entire company. We cannot say that they have made a...

The concert of the Musical Union, on Tuesday, was interesting,

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in the first place, from the unusual circumstance of two violinists of the highest ales, Ernst and Molique, playing together, taking alternately the first and second, in which...

The two Philharmonic Societies have had concerts this week. The

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Old Society, departing from their usual course and yielding seemingly to the "pressure from without," produced a bulky novelty in the shape of a symphony by Schumann,—a German...

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OUR GERMAN OBLIGATIONS AND LIABILITIES. AUSTRIA would seem to be now taking a more active part in the proceedings against Russia. When a new confederate enters into a course of...

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Lorin MONTEAGLE made his speech on this subject at a lucky time, and the dearth of topics of interest during the recess has gained for it an attention which many a better speech...


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COMPARED with the hopeful appearance of things which attended the present Ministry at its formation and during its first year, the results of its efforts at legislation this...

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WHAT is the British Army to look like, now that "the Clothing Colonel" has been extinguished ? The question naturally excites some anxiety in conservative minds, who fear that...


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LORD PALMERSTON has issued a circular suggesting that teachers of schools should train children, not to imitate copperplate writing with its ornamental hair-strokes and...

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Blairgowrie, Perthshire, 27th May 1854. Sin—The newspapers lately contained a letter from an eminent authoress complaining of a cruel statement which had been circulated, that...

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THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. 6th June. Sm—At such a serious time as the present, no wonder that sharp com- ments have been made concerning the defective commissariat...


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_Barnes, 7th June 1854. Sin—After all that has been stated against "the stocks," it is but fair to give them such credit as they deserve. I was a Lieutenant in the Twenty-ninth...

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VON MO LTILE'S EIISSIA.N CAMPAIGNS IN TURKEY, 182 8 -'2 9.* ,k TRANSLATION of Moltke's history of the Russian campaigns of 1828-'29 may seem to be late in the day ; since not...

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MEMOIRS OF MRS. °PIE. * Mits. OMR was one of that

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band of writers who stood between the 'weakness or unnatural fantasies of the circulating-library fic- tionists of the old school, and the historical romance of Scott or the...

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HITHERTO Lamartine's best works have been productions of the imagination on legitimate subjects as poems, or the result of ob- servation, as in his travels, or narrative history...


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Boom Siluria. The History . of the Oldest Known Rocks containing Organic Remains, with a brief Sketch of the Distribution of Gold over the Earth. By Sir Roderick Impey...

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fita Jrto.

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THE BRITISH INSTITUTION: EXHIBITION OF OLD MASTERS. The Exhibition of the present year is not se decidedly less good as it is less interesting than some recent ones. There are...


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ADM/SALTY, June 2.—The following promotions have this day taken place conse- quent on the decease of Vice-Admiral of the White H. Parker, C.B.: Vice-Admiral of the Blue Sir W....


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M. Claudet's reception-room in the Quadrant, designed by Messrs. Banks and Barry, has been appropriately decorated with paintings by M. Hervieu,—an artist known by etchings and...

Ten Weeks Week

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of 1844-'53. of 1854. Symotic Diseases 1,928 .... 309 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 421 51 Tubercular Diseases 1,920 189 Diseases of the...

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Tuesday, June 6. • ParernEasuirs DISSOLVED.—Watson and Webster, Liv.rpool,attornies-Licfmann and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-Atkins and Finn, Nottingham, lace-...


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WAR-OFFICE, June 6.-Memorandum-Her Majesty has been pleased to approve of au first appointments of Gentlemen to Commissions in the Fusilier and Rifle Re- giments being in future...

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SHARES. Week ending Friday Evening.) BANIB- — Australasian 581 British North American 56 Colonial 121 Commercial ef London 90 London and Westminster 95 London Chartd. Bak. of...