11 JUNE 1892

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The festival at Nancy has been a great success. The

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French President has visited the old capital of Lorraine, has received all officials, has reviewed troops, and has been addressed by the clergy, the students, and the...

The meeting of the German and Russian Emperors, to which

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a certain importance is attached on the Continent, came off at Kiel on Tuesday. The Sovereigns met, with a great appearance of cordiality, in the harbour on board the German...

Mr. Chamberlain made a very effective speech on Tuesday to

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a social meting of the chairmen and secretaries of the wards and divisions of the Birmingham Liberal Unionist Association, held at the offices of the Association. He spoke with...


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T HE twenty-fifth anniversary of the Emperor Francis Joseph's coronation as King of Hungary occurred on Wed- nesday, and was marked by a grand reception given by Buda-Pesth to...

The House of Commons is evidently in a hurry for

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the Dissolution, and disposed to wind up all preliminary business with the greatest rapidity. Mr. Balfour moved on Thursday that the whole time of the House be given to the...

'IV The Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript, in any

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On Mr. Chamberlain's powerful reply to Lord Rosebery's recent Birmingham

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speech, we have dwelt enough in another column ; we may add here that on the Ulster question be thought Mr. Gladstone's mode of speaking of the hardy Protestants and...

Lord Rosebery delivered a formal reply to Mr. Chamber- lain's

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Birmingham speech at Sutton on Thursday, in a meeting held to promote the candidature of Mr. Bmssey for the Epsom Division of Surrey. (We suppose that he has no chance of...

The New Oriental Bank, which took over the assets of

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the- previous institution of that name, has been compelled to go- into liquidation. The reason assigned is the fall in silver; but men engaged in Asiatic business would say that...

The Mormons, it is said, contemplate another and an imme-

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diate emigration. A large number of them are discontented with the supervision of the United States Government, and, they have therefore purchased a hundred thousand acres in...

Mr. McKinley has been appointed Chairman of the Con- vention,

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and made on Wednesday a furiously Protectionist speech. He said that "the Democrats believe in direct taxa- tion,—that is, in taxing ourselves ; but we Republicans do not...

The Convention of the American Republican Party has been sitting

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all the week at Minneapolis, but it is improbable that a nomination will be made before Monday at the earliest. The struggle between the parties behind the scenes is very...

Mr. Chamberlain made another powerful speech on Thurs- day, at

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Smethwick. He maintained that the Unionist Government had made fewer mistakes than any Government of recent times; that it had so restored social order in Ire- land that the...

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A letter in the Calcutta Englishman gives a curious account

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of what is oddly termed the "criminal career" of a leopard, which in twenty-one months killed 154 human beings, amongst others forty-one boys, twenty-two girls, and forty old...

On Tuesday, the Convocation of the University of Oxford accepted

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Dr. Fortnum's conditional offer to bequeath to that University the remainder of his collection of arclneological treasures, as well as his library, and to transfer to it £10,000...

Mr. Goschen made a speech at Hawkhurst, in Kent, on

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Tuesday, in favour of the candidature of Mr. Lawrence- Hardy, the Conservative candidate for the Ashford Divi- sion of Kent. He remarked on the number of times the Government...

Bank Rate, 2 per cent.

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New Consols (2i) were on Friday 96i.

Professor Dicey, in a lecture delivered on Wednesday to the

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Oxford Liberal Unionist Association, suggests that if Irish Home-rule were carried, the Protestants of Ulster, feeling themselves betrayed, might join the Roman Catholics in a...

The Times' correspondent on the prospects of the Unionists in

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Wales, assured us on Wednesday that there are several seats to be won there by a very little earnest effort, if the Welsh magnates would but exert themselves with anything like...

An appeal by the Irish Nonconformists to the Noncon- formists

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of Great Britain has been published, in which they declare their belief that, if a Home-rule Parliament and Administration is given to Ireland, their religions liberties will be...

The correspondent of the Times in Berlin reports for the

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second time the official opinion in Germany that the famine has not been due to an accidental drought, but is the outcome of a steady decay of agricultural prosperity in Russia,...

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THE UNCERTAINTY OF THE COMING ELECTION. E VERYBODY is prophesying about the result of the coming Election ; but nobody knows it, and very few pretend even to possess the...

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W HEN one compares Mr. Chamberlain's speech on Tuesday to the Liberal Unionists of Birmingham, with the attack of Lord Rosebery to which it was a reply, and the rejoinder of...

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M R. HALDANE, M.P. for Haddingtonshire, con- tributed to last week's Speaker an ingenious article on "Home-rule and Imperial Supremacy," the gist of which was that "the extent...

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THE CEREMONIALS OF THE WEEK. T HREE political ceremonials have been

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performed this week, each of them in itself rather striking to the imagination ; but probably no one of the three will have any political effect. The Czar, after holding back...

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and Mr. Balfour. question. No sooner had he done so,

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than he began to doubt the No one is better fitted than Mr. Gladstone to put this wisdom of the course he had taken. The London Trades obligation clearly before the deputation....

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T HE most striking of the many differences between American and English politics is the relation of parties to their leaders. In England, the leader is almost everything,...

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TJ NDER the above title, an excellent little pamphlet has just been published by Messrs. S. Barker and Co., of Wellington Street, Leicester. The author, who calls himself "...

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M R. BURNAND has just brought out in a separate IN__L volume his Punch parody on "Sandford and Merton," that didactic work published between 1783 and 1789 for the benefit of our...

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W HO was Cleopatra's grandmother? That seems rather a ludicrous question when put so baldly ; but upon the answer to it depends not only an ethnological question of some...

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M OUNTAIN, sea, and stream are the natural features which most invite tired men from town ; and for our part, we never could understand where lay the difficulty of choice. The...

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T HOSE indefatigable people, the providers of public amusements, whose ingenuity and resources must have been taxed to the utmost in their efforts year after year to find...

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SIR HARRY VERNEY'S EXPERIENCE. fro THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIE,-A letter which is conceived in so genial a spirit, and written with so facile a pen as Sir H. Verney's,...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE " EPECTATOR,1 SIR,—You say in the Spectator of May 21st "We cannot doubt that the chief set-off against the enormous benefit of an Established Church is...

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INADEQUACY. THE haste, the bended knee, the cry With eager youth's ideal warm, The sad love in the Master's eye That followed the departing form : Fine ardours quenched in...


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[To THE &DMZ OF THE 'SPECTATOR.'] SIR,—In the Spectator of June 4th it is mentioned that plagues of voles have been recorded for the last four cen- turies. A still earlier date...


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THE BARON DE MARBOT'S MEMOIRS.* IT is hardly necessary to say much in introduction of the- Marbot Memoirs. Many reviews of the original have made at least the main features of a...


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[To nu: EDITOR Or THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—I am inclined to hope that my brethren of the clergy will pause ere they suffer themselves to pose as " ecclesias- tical mediators." We...


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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—You suggest that the House of Commons should ad- journ over "Eton Montem ; " but " Montem " was abolished many, many years ago. I was at...

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Mn. FRANK STOCKTON is in London just now, and he was present at the recent Authors' Dinner. Had any one, we wonder, the courageous indiscretion to ask the chronicler of the...

TALES BY " Q."* " Q's " tales are all

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marked by power and truthfulness, not that kind of truthfulness which insists on all the blots, and makes light of all the traces of what is inspiring in man, but the...

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THE ART OF THE CONNOISSEUR.* THAT there is a Renaissance,

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on a small scale, of the interest taken by educated people in the work of the best Italian painters, is evident to all who do not live secluded lives. Some who have a little...

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ADVENTURES are to the adventurous, and when a man of adventurous disposition goes to sea in war-time, it is in the nature of things that he should meet with many "disastrous...

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THE lyrics of the seventeenth century are scarcely known except to students. Mr. %lien, to whom Mr. Saintsbury constantly refers in the notes to this little book, has done much,...

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Messrs. Sampson Low and Co. now publish, with the title of Fashions of To-Day, an English edition of the well-known and popular Parisian La Mode Pratique, under the editorship...

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The Comedies of Carlo Goldoni. Edited, with Introduction, by Helen

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Zimmern. (D. Stott.)—Miss Zimmern has prefixed to the four selected comedies a well-written memoir of Goldoni, and a careful appreciation of his powers and place in literature....

MAGAZINES A.ND SERIAL PUBLICATIONS. — We have received the following for June

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:—The English Illustrated Magazine, Part 15 of the Universal Atlas, No. 1 of the Volunteer Service Magazine, Literary Opinion, Natural Science, the Bookman, the Expositor, the...

Mr. Wilt's Widow. By Anthony Hope. (A. D. lanes and

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Co.) —Mr. "Anthony Hope" describes his book as a frivolous tale, we do not exactly see why. It is as serious as most tales, as it is certainly better told than most. George...