11 MAY 1844

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The ugly-looking imbroglio between the Government and the East India

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Directors has been settled in the quietest and most effectual manner. This victory over difficulty may stand by the side of Comostuns's egg for simplicity and tact on the part...


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THE second great monetary measure of Sir ROBERT PEEL's life, the complement to the bill of 1819, was promulgated on Monday. We had some difficulty in believing the anticipations...

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The Peninsula is once more the scene of a little

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change. In Spain, the BRAVO Cabinet has retired, and is succeeded by one under that prince of bravoes NARVAEZ, the Dictator behind the Throne. What Spain can possibly gain by...

Hasty accounts have arrived of a new and bloody revolution

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in Hayti. At present the story is so imperfect that judgment is im- possible. Blood has indeed been shed; but, to look not to our own past history, Spain stares us in the face...

Debates anb 13roicebings in VarliamEnt.

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THE BANK CHARTER AND BANKING REFORM. '1'he House of Commons, on Monday, having resolved itself into a Committee-on the Bank of England Charter Acts, Sir ROBERT PEEL to propound...

Another delay in the Irish trials ! Ay, and no

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great matter after all. The traversers have been exercising to the full their pri- vileges of obstruction ; their counsel have spoken their utmost al- lowance; the complex...

The news from India explains a curious mutiny Wong certain

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of the troops, whose efficiency was impaired by an impolitic at- tempt to effect the impossibility of making war cheap ; and it closes the history of that embarrassment with the...

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THE history of the Court is not very eventful this week. On Saturday, the Queen, accompanied by the Princess Royal, and attended by a small suite, left town for Claremont, in...

be .fftettopolis.

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A Special Court of Proprietors of Bank Stock was held on Tuesday, to consider important communications from Government respecting the terms for renewing the Charter.' The...

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gortign anb Linta.—The fuller accounts brought by the over-land mail

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mention na very strikin g occurrence, but are not altogether without interest, The mutiny among certain Madras and Bengal regiments occupies the first place in the general...

25be Vrobinres.

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Abingdon has been visited by Mr. Thesiger ; who has successfully canvassed the electors, and is alone in the field. The nomination is fixed for today. The death of Mr. Bootle...


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The State trim nag continued its precarious course in the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, and has arrived at a new check. On Friday, Mr. )11•Donou g h closed the ar g uments for...

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A Court of Directors was held at the East India House on Monday ; when Lieutenant-General the Right Honourable Sir Henry Hardinge, K C.B., was unanimously appointed...

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The Durham Chronicle announces that the colliers in Yorkshire and

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the Midland Counties have returned to their work ; and adds that several have done so in Durham, at terms which obtained before the strike.

A great meeting was held at Exeter Hall, yesterday, to

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receive the report of the Lay Association of the (Established) Church of Scotland. The Marquis of Bute presided ; and several noblemen, gentlemen, and ministers of Scotland...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Ten-hours project was again the subject of lengthy discussion in the House of Commons last night ; but it turned somewhat more than heretofore on the...

Candidates for South Lancashire were announced on both sides, yes-

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terday,-Mr. William Brown, of the Manchester firm of William and James Brown and Co., a Free-trader ; and Mr. William Entwistle, Con- servative, formerly an unsuccessful candidate.

Last night's Gazette states that the Queen has appointed Captain

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Robert Maunsell, R.N., C.B., one of the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital, in the room of Mr. Edward Hawke Locker, resigned.


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Ai:amen-At Gravesend, 9th May, John Brewer, Brown, from China. In the Downs, Thomas Coutts, Wade, from Bombay. In the Channel. Henry, Tanner. from China; Montezuma, Selkirk,...


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Wea-ornez, May 10, 1844.-lit Dragmn Guards-G. Briggs, Gent. to be Cornet by purchase. vice Stuart, promoted. 8th Light Drags -Cornet Lord A. S. Churchill to be Lieut. by...

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Augustus Dalmas was again brought up at Wandsworth Police-office today,

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and several witnesses were examined. All females were then ordered to leave the court, and the clerk read several letters written by the prisoner. In some, written to Mrs....

There were riots in Munich on Friday last, on account

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of a rise in the price of beer. The King showed himself, and exhorted the rioters to disperse ; but the tumult was not quelled without a somewhat san- guinary use of soldiery...

Intelligence of the 4th instant has been received from Madrid.

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The State of siege was raised on that day ; and two decrees were promul- gated, appointing Mazaredo, Captain-General of Madrid, and General Shelley, Captain-General of Seville.

Letters from Paris state that a new absentee-tax, ordained by

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the Emperor of Russia, has frightened home numbers of that nation. For a family of three, who pass a year away from Russia, the absentee-tax amounts to about 2401.

Two hundred homeward-bound ships have been detained in the channel

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by the Easterly winds ; but as the adverse breezes have yielded, many vessels are expected to arrive tomorrow or next day. We have an earnest in an arrival from Port Phillip,...

The Paris papers of Thursday state that on the previous

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day, the Chamber of Deputies voted a paragraph of the New Penitentiary Bill, which suppresses the bagnes (or hulks), and provides that criminals sentenced to hard labour shall...


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MADAME Triumoir, who is now drawing crowds to the Princess's Theatre, by her successful performance in a very pretty opera by ADDER, entitled The Crown Diamonds, (" Les Diamans...


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The development of the Government plan for the renewal of the Bank Charter has given a better tone to the Money-market, and dissipated the...

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The English vocalists find separate entertainments, in which story and

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song are combined, the most popular and profitable. Mr. LOVER has brought out a new budget of national melodies and anecdotes, which he christens the Irish Brigade : hilarious...


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THE ADJUSTMENT OF THE CIRCULATION. THE propositions of Sir ROBERT PEEL on Monday last are marked by the great merit of carrying out a comprehensive principle without...

Elsewhere the changeful stream of pleasure casts up new attractions.

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At the Italian Opera, HEaoLD's Zampa was produced on Thursday, under more favourable auspices than it was at the beginning of the sea- son; when FORNASARls absence thrust the...

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AFTER allowing all the weight it deserves to the argument that nothing ought to be done without absolute necessity to increase the chronic irritation of the people of Ireland,...


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MORE than a month ago, it was positively announced that his most Autocratic Majesty the "Self-governor' of all the Russia's was to pay a visit this summer to her Britannic...


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THE ASHLEY agitation has called forth some eloquent descriptions of the happy lot of a class of operatives hitherto supposed to be rather uncomfortable. As the...

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TRAVELS, A Tour in Ireland; with Meditations and Reflections. By James Johnson, &T.D., Fee. &c Highley. EPISTOLARY CORRESPONDENCE, Letters of Horace Walpole. Earl of Orford,...


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THE Globe, rich in the gossip of the Palace-halls, understands "that the expensive establishment of the Royal Buckhounds, which, with the salary to the noble Master, the Earl of...


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Tint newspapers this week have announced the termination of no less than two civil wars. One of them, the Portuguese, has been from first to last a shabby enough affair—a...

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THE letters in these concluding volumes of the series commence in 1776, when WALPOLE was about sixty and beginning to talk of old age, and end in 1786, the year of Sir HORACE...

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Ix may seem like a contradiction, but it is nevertheless a truth, that mere authorship, however excellent, will not suffice for a literary periodical. Its first purpose is to...


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Fr - via May 3d to May 9th. Booes. Journal of a March from Delhi to Peshil tour, and from thence to Ciibul, with the Mission of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir C. M. Wade Kt., C.B....

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QUARTET CONCERTS—THRONE-ROOM, CROSBY HALL. MR. DANDO varies his performances at this place very judiciously ; intermingling with the established and stock favourite pieces...


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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION, 1844. THE test of a fine picture is the impression it leaves on the mind : ap- plying this test to the present exhibition at the Royal Academy, the...

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Tuesday, May 7. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Armstrong anti Curling, druggists-Cleaton and Good, Tottenham Court Road, lace; dealers-Chapman and Dean. Liverpool, ironmongers-Hill...


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BIRTHS. On the 25111 April, at Canon Froome Court, Herefordshire, the Lady of JOHN Memoir, Esq., of a daughter. On the 1st May, at Shadforth Parsonage, the Wife of the Rev. R....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday Tuesday. Wedges 991 994 991 991 991 991 991 991 961 9 9 1 98, 981 984 99 99 1011 1011 104 1011 102 104 1041 104 1024 1021 121...