11 MAY 1850

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May buds more regularly in its meetings than in its

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foliage and flowers. Exeter Hall is fertile as usual. The Protestant Asso- ciation duly meets to declare its horror at the goings-on of Minis- ters, Legislature, and public in...

The French Ministers have made a bold stroke in the

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National Assembly to abolish universal suffrage and substitute a sort of taxpaying household suffrage, and to effect it in such a manner as to disfranchise a very great number...


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LORD JOHN RUSSELL has been unwell this week, and absent from Parliament till last night. " When the cat's away, the mice will play," said Charles Buller on a memorable occasion...

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&hafts frith Vratraing5 in Varliniunt.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. Horan OF Leans. Monday, May 6. Ecclesiastical Patronage; Archbishop Sum- ner's Explanation—Administration of Criminal Justice Improvement Bill,...

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The-Protectionists have made a notable demonstration in the Metropo- lis:

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The Diike.of Richmond and ten other Peers; with upwards of forty Members of Parliament, headed a crowchof landed proprietors, - merchants, and delegates from local Protectionist...

Of Court.

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Tete, Queen's. recovery was so far advanced on Wednesday,. that no more bulletins of her health were issued after that day. The infant is reported tube , "perfectly well-" The...

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Mr. Fenand is strenuously endeavouring to gain agricultural adherents to his " Wool League." Since the initiative meeting at Pontefract, he has, held a meeting at Doncaster ;...


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The abuse of delay having manifested itself in the practice of solicitors having the "carriage" of sales under the Encumbered Estates Act, the Commissioners have struck at the...

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The Madrid Gazette of the 3d instant contains a decree naming Don Francisco Xavier d'Isturitz to be her Catholic Majesty's "Envoy Ex- traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to...

,furtigu nub tulatial.

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Flares.—The anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic by the Constituent Assembly was celebrated on Saturday, with extraordinary splendour and success as a spectacle, and...

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The points of interest in the House of Commons last night were , first, Sir -Charles Wood's new statement reseting the alteration of the Stamp.. duties ; next, the third reading...

Prince Albert attended Professor Faraday's -lecture at the Royal Insti-

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tution this afternoon. The subject illustrated was the philosophy of V. Lamp.

The initiative.has been taken, by some influential electors of the

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Me- tropolitan borough of Finsbury, to bring about the resignation of Mr. Wakley and Mr. Duncombe, on account of their continued absence from Parliamentary duty. The case of...

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The Lake of Killarney was opened to private view at

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Burford's Pano- rama today, in order to public exhibition on Monday. The scene- aa amphitheatre o f hills, encloci g the lake whose waters are intersected by grou p s o f i s l...

Letters fromAthens, of the 28th Apyil, announce that the negotiations

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be- tween Mr. - Wyse and Baron Gros having terminated, coercive measures had been resumed by Admiral Parker; and that after a two-days blockade, and as report goes) a threat to...

Last night's Gazette contains a notification by the 'Lord Chamberlain

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that her Majesty's birthday '(the leith instant) will be celebrated on Wednesday next, the 15th instant. We arc authorized to state that the Reverend Richard Dawes, Vicar of...

gOatrts gulf Zitsit.

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A contrast of any chef-d'amwe by Scribe with any modern English comedy—we may almost say, excepting some half-dozen productions, with any English comedy whatever—will show that...


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ilforidrzy, May 13. Australian C01070 S Government BM; Third reading. Amend- ments. • Stamp-duties Acts.; Committee to he mewed. And twenty-seven other Bills. .Tzlesday, May...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been remarkably steady. Consols fluctuated from buyers to sellers at 951 till this morning, when intelligence of...

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The other two "foreign theatres" are filled three times a

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week ; the younger house relying chiefly on the power of its orchestral and choral masses, worked to perfection in two or three favourite pieces ; the senior trusting more to...

At the Philharmonic concert on Monday, the instrumental pieces were,

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Beethoven's Eighth Symphony, Haydn's Eighty-first Quartett, Mozart's Pianoforte Concerto in C minor, played by Mr. Lindsay Sloper, and an Overture by Mr. Griesbach. Vr. H....

The well-known piece Les Demoiselles de St. Cyr has been

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revived at the St. James's, and M. Wont has reappeared in his original character.

At the dosing of Drury Lane on Saturday night, Mr.

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Anderson made an affecting valedictory speech on his want of encouragement. One of his topics of complaint was the coolness of the press. Indeed, the com- ments of newspaper...

The inconveniences to which a young gentleman subjects himself by

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pretending to be married in order to win a wager, are very comically set forth in a flirce called .Not to be Done, produced at the New Strand Theatre. The pretended wife is an...


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London, May 1850. Sin—I observe a proposal from a correspondent, in your paper of the 27th April, for an association for advancing loans to emigrants to the colonies, per- haps,...

A long story about a number of yeomanry dressed in

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uniform, a num- ber of hussar officers likewise dressed in uniform, and a number of ladies, the wives of the former, dressed in half uniform—that is to say uniform down to the...

A posthumous Quartett of Mendelssohn was performed at the Musical

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Union on Tuesday, for the first time in this country ; the first violin being taken by Ernst. We merely record the fact, without giving an opinion of the composition. It is very...

Tettro to ter Calor.

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Hitchen, 8th May 1850. Sin—So the result of the anxious deliberations of the Right Reverend Bench of Bishops with regard to the questions which at present agitate the Church...

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IRRTAND is specially favoured in possessing Chancery reformers so vigorous that Elish suitors cannot but feel envious. Mr. Commissioner Longfield has just been stirring up the...


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In his amendment after Sir William Molesworth' ,s Mr. Glad- stone mooted in the Colonial aspect a question which he and his friends would be very glad to moot at home : ho...


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A NOTE FOR HISTORY. IF the Australian Colonies Government Bill had passed through the House of Commons unopposed, unnoticed, and unknown, that would have been according to...

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A 'VISIT to the - Reading Room is a trial of patience ; and a person entering for a literary purpose is likely to have his tranquillity disturbed at the outset. If he enters in...


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BORE time since it was discovered that competition could not co- erce railway companies—they are too large for that species of co- ercion; but the compulsion under which they...

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LiETTSOK'S TRANSLATION OF THE N.IBELIINGENLIED. 9 THE Nibelungenlied is to the Northern or Teutonic raoe, what the poem of The Cid is to the leininaulae ,peqple,—a great...

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Tun volume comprises an account of a tour through Spain, made in the summer months of 1849, without other ostensible object than to vary the Continental excursion by visiting a...

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some extent the matter of this volume, have already appeared at various times and on various occasions, as we intimated in acknowledging its receipt. Part of it was pub- lished...

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CALMET'S PHANTOM WORLD. * AMONG the numerous works of Augustine Calmet,

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was a. series of treatises on the various superstitions of mankind, from magic to 'flimsies of the Burnish Church.. With his native sense, the anther displayed in his book the...

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ROYAL ACADEMY : STORY MITRES. For some years the distinguishing power of Fhglish art, beyond the province of landscape-painting, has shown itself in the treatment of: what we...


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Booms. Impressions and Experiences of the West Indies and North America in. 1849. By Robert Baird, A.M. In two volumes. liedivont, and Savoy : a Summer Ramble. By Charles...

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A scattered disputation has been going on in literary and artistic circles respecting the discovery of a portrait of Dante by his friend Giotto. In Florence there is a prison...


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On the 1st May, at Caledon House, Ireland, the Countess of Caledon, of a daughter. On the 4th, at Hopton, Lady , Lacon, of a son. On the 4th, at the Bishop of Rochester's,...

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Tuesday, May 7. PARTNERSHIPS DissotvEu.-Barker and Till, Burslem, earthenware-manufacturers - Mercer and Parton, Maidstone, millers-Hedges and Keymer, Cirencester, linen-...


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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Prices.) Safari. Monday. Tuesday. Wearies. Thurs. FrWay,,, I per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 951 931 95 94 952 931 951 96 954 962 3 per...