12 AUGUST 1848

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lit several forms our foreign policy has been among the sub- jects most frequently and prominently discussed in Parliament this week. The Naval Estimates furnished the occasion...

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Mr. Smith O'Brien was taken at the close of last

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week, under characteristic circumstances. The fugitive from justice com- mitted such a practical:bull as to -venture to a railway station. He who was but yesterday extravagantly...

The reports from Italy are dark, and almost hopeless. Charles

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Albert has been obliged to withdraw before the Austrians, and appears to be in full retreat for his own dominions ; and Milan is said to have capitulated. The reports of this...

In Paris, the event of the week, discussed with evident

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feel- ings of flattered pride, is the union of England with France in the Italian mediation : but the most serious interest still turns upon the report of the Committee of...

Debates anti 1prottellings in Varliament.

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PUBLIC HEALTH BLLL : CHOLERA. The House of Commons, on Monday, went into Committee to consider the Lords' amendments of the Public Health Bill; Lord MonrETli suggest- ing a...

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THE Royal Family spend a healthful time at Osborne; relieving mono- tony by the entertainment of distinguished visiters, and by brief voyages of pleasure. The Dutchess of...

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The election of Sheriffs terminated on Monday. The numbers polled were—for Alderman Finnis, 384; Mr. Emanuel Goodhart, 366; Mr. Bew- ley, 29; Mr. J. Goodhart, 10; Mr. Dicey, 3;...

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The chief Irish event is the arrest of Mr. Smith t Thurles, on Saturday, and his safe conduct to Kilmainham Gaol. O'Brien,dany accounts of the arrest are given, which do not...


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The annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science commenced on Wednesday, at Swansea. Notwithstanding the un- fortunate state of the weather, a very...

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We have seen a letter addressed to a gentleman at

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this . place from a naval officer who was at Bermuda at the tire° that Mr. Mitchel arrived there, in which the writer says—" I have seen the newly-arrived heroic patriot lodged...

The reports of the potato crop are not more threatening

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than they were last week : the disease seems to be general, but not virulent. The corn harvest has commenced in the Southern counties, on the whole favourably, notwithstanding...

Advices from Sydney . to the 10th of April recount a

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fresh outrage by the natives of New Caledonia. The Avon left Sydney for New Zealand, and thence proceeded to the South Sea Islands for a cargo of sandal-wood. The vessel...

In another page, we have some comments on the report

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and evidence presented to the House of Commons by the Select Committee on Miscel- laneous Expenditure, and we have taken the Stationery Offico as an ex- ample to illustrate some...

The Sultan steamer brought to Southampton on Saturday 250,0001. in

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specie from the Black Sea. Upwards of half a million's worth of the coin exported to the Caspian provinces for corn in the past two years, has, it is said, returned to Eng- land...

The Ministerial white-bait dinner, usual on the eve of the

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rising of Parliament, is fixed for Saturday the 19th. We are informed, and we believe, that the intention of the Whig Govern- ment at this moment—an intention to which they...

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The electric telegraph conveys this intelligence, dated " Dublin, Friday

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evening "— " Richard O'Gorman, one of the insurrectionist healers, escaped yesterday from the Shannon, in a vessel bound fur America. A war-steamer has gone in pursuit." In the...


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ii The House of Commons spenimany hours yesterday, at the early sit- ting and again in thq evening, in - Committee of Supply, first on the Naval, and then on the Miscellaneous...

At Aigbnrth, near Liverpool, the child of John Greenwood, porter,.

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picked up some waste paper, and crumpled it idly in one hand, while he carried in the other his father's tea. He played with his companions half an hour, while his father took...

The Times gives the following sketch "from a spectator "-

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" At twelve o clock last night the condition of honourable Members in the two galleries of the House of Commons was most pitiable. Legislation is evil ntly much inure fatiguing...

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Last night's Gazette notifies that the Queen had appointed Colonel

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Sir William Macbean George Colebrooke to be Governor and Commander-in-chief of Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, Tobago, and St. Lucia. Mr. Burge, late M.P., made an application...

The Prince of Leiningen, Minister for Foreign Affairs under the

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new Regent of Germany, has issued a manifesto in many ways remarkable: it is not only curious as emanating from a Minister in actual possession of office, for the personal air...

Accounts received in Paris yesterday remove all doubts as to

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the fate of Lombardy. On the night of the 4th August, Charles Albert capitulated on these terms—a suspension of hostilities, the retreat of the Piedmontese army to the Tessino,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFKERNOON. The settlement of the Consol Account, yesterday, gave an appearance of ac. tivity to the market, which was not borne out by the actual state...


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Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday last— Number of Bummer deaths. average • Zyntotle Diseases 434 ,, _...

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Tan Select Committee on Miscellaneous Expenditure evidently set about its task with a conscientious and intelligent wish to per- form its duties effectually ; but its report...


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FRANCE AND ENGLAND IN ITALY. Dons the Anglo-Gallic intervention in Italy come too late f We believe not, if the intervening powers, and England especially, understand the true...

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WE have already pointed out the singular legislative helplessness which paralyzes us in railway affairs; that we have a railway tribunal which seems to per form no function...

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THE perfection of gentlemanly breeding has just been made known to the House of Commons by Colonel Sibthorp. It is not that overflowing hospitality to which he confesses, like a...


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VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, A Narrative of the Expedition sent by her Majesty's Government to the River Niger, in 1841, under the Command of Captain H. D. Trotter, R.N. By Captain...

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NOTWITHSTANDING the various virtues of the Society of Friends, neither their mode of education nor their social pursuits are favourable to the acquisition of comprehensive...

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Tau condition of Irish society and the characteristics of Irish life about the time of the Revolution of 1688, seem nearly as well qualified to form the groundwork of a series...

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THE truest test of power in poetry is self-dependence. There is enough in these volumes both of purity and delicacy of sentiment, and musical finish of execution, to cause...

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PRUNE'S ORIENTAL ALBUM. M. PRIME is a French artist who has traversed Egypt and the upper re- gions of the Nile, and a magnificent volume has been drawn from his rich...


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Orrzcz or ORDNANCE, Aug. I1.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Brevet Major H. Sand- ham to be Lieut.-Col. vice Page, retired on haltpay ; See. Capt. W. C. Hidden to be Capt. vice...


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On the 1st August, at Westwell Vicarage, Kent, the Wife of the Rev. J. A. Ross, of a daughter. On the 5th, in Upper Harley Street, the Honourable Mrs. Clifford, of a daughter....


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Tuesday, August 8. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. G. and J. Braund, Exeter, woollendrapers-Hoare and Crosby, Ringwood, Hamp- shire, builders-Hammond and Grimsdale, Uxbridge,...

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BRITISH FONDS. (Closing Prices.) &nerd. Monday. Twoday.,Wedasa 3 pier Cent Consols 861 87 861 eel Dit to for Account 57 861 se sci 3 per Cents Reduced 86 861 3 1 per Cents...