12 JANUARY 1839

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The French Deputies are employed in discussing the address. The

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debate has been generally dull ; though the Opposition speakers were GUIZOT, TRIERS, DU VERGIER DE HAURANNE, and ()DILLON BannoT. The principal Ministerial orators were Count...


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TILE published accounts of the revenue for the year and quarter just closed exhibit an unexpected improvement. According to Mr. 13raiso Rim's atatelaent, there is an increase on...

The agitation produced in the manufacturing districts by the arrest

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of Mr. STEPHENS, has in a great measure subsided. It will probably turn out that his influence and popularity have been ex- aggerated. There have been no disturbances ; and the...

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The accounts from Jamaica are unsatisfactory. The members of the

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'dissolved Legislature have been reelected ; and Sir LIONEL SMITH Li likely to find his Lew Parliament as untractable as the last. The Negroes, also, were quarrelling with the...

There is no intelligence of interest this week from the

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Peninsula. Massacres and proscriptions continue on both sides of the quarrel in Spain.

'Eby alttropoii4.

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At a meeting of the City of London Corporation Reform Society, on Thursday, Mr. Hannen the Chairman stated, that the Society con- stantly received an accession of new members:...

The body of " Sympathizers " and " Patriots," whose

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incursion from Detroit into Upper Canada was mentioned -last week, were speedily defeated and dispersed by a very inferior force of Militia of the province. It is said that the...

Late accounts from Constantinople location fresh successes of the Cireassians

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against the Russian troops ; also that the Russian General had made another attempt to put an end to the rebellion, by the offer of thvourable terms; which the Circassians,...

On the 28th of November, after a cannonade of' four

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hours and the loss of six men, the French Admiral commanding the squadron on the Mexican coast, off Vera Cruz, captured the fortress of St. Juan de 'non, once called...

The Harrisburg affair seems to have been settled ; but

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in what way, or by what means, is not clear. It is said that the troops as- sembled to prevent disturbances bad been dismissed : so it is pro- bable that something like a...

ebe Court.

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THE Queen returned to town, from Brighton, on Tuesday. Her Mn. jesty,-escorted by a party of Hussars, arrived at Buckingham Palace soon after three o'clock. In the evening,...

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At the Mansionhouse, on Wednesday, a clerk front the bank

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of Joseph Marryatt and Company requested attention to the following statement which he gave to the Lord Mayor- . A respectably-dressed man, of dark complexion and about live...

A correspondent of the Times refers to - voluntary subscriptions in

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Wiltshire for the support of the poor out of the workhouse, as proof of the failure of the new system : and, to a certain extent the facts mentioned bear out the assertion. The...

ebt Probintut.

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The Bristol Whigs assembled on Monday at a. public dinner to Mr. Berkeley, their Member. Mr. J. G. Smith, chairman, eulogized tho Whig Ministers. Captain 13erkehey defended Lord...

A large Bengal tiger escaped on Sunday evening from Wombwell's

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menagerie at Lhnehouse. He found his way into the Commercial Road, where he was seen walking leisurely along ; and continued his course quietly enough till he met a large...

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The Bury Post contains a correspondence regarding a passage in

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a sermon delivered by Mr. Stephens on the Sunday after his arrest, in his chapel at Ashton. The editor of the Bury Post, addressing the Poor- law Commissioners, says- " As I...

A correspondent calls our attention to a letter from "A

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Farmer" in the Staffordshire Examiner on the Corn-laws, and requests a reply to 'its arguments. But argument it has none ; and its misrepresentation of facts, and blunders in...


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Lord Normanby returned to Dublin on Saturday. A letter from Mr. Peter Purcell, regarding the disposition of the Precursor Society's funds, appears in the Dublin newspapers....

At the Shropshire Quarter-sessions, the Honourable Thomas Ken. yon, the

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Chairman, said that he had received a communication stating that the Government had determined to introduce a general measure for a rural police into Parliament; under which...

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The Earl of Norbury died about twelve o'clock on the

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night of the 3d, after forty-three hours of extreme suffering. A Coroner's Jury, on the next day, sat to receive evidence respecting the cause and agent of his death. The first...

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At the meeting of time Glasgow Climber of Commerce, on the 2e1 instent, the follo■ving resolutions were agreed to. " l'hat it be recom- mended to the Directors of the Chamber to...


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A m gale of wind, of extraordinary violence, from i the north-west, be- gan n the Metropolis on Sunday - night about eleven o'clock, and con- tinued till between five and six...

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We understand that several persons, who vote uniformly with .

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Ministers, and who are in a position to obtain good Ministerial informa- 4 . ti011, have been within the last week giving directions which imply that t they consider a general...


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The Duke of Wellington has been sibs htly indisposed, at Smithfield- tea ye which has prevented his Grace from hunting, as usual, at Hart- ford Bridge, with Sir John Cope's or...

The capital authorized to be raised for making railarays, under

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acts passed in tile t'our sessions of 18:3:3, 1834,1835, and 1836, was 29,000,0001; and the ,•,7inemte of' those for which bills were petitioned in 1837 was 31,tunt,ittloil. The...

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We are informed by a correspondent, on whose accuracy we

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have much reliance, and who resides near the spot, that a meeting of Tories recently took place at Clamber; that Sir ROBERT PEEL was invited and attended, this being the first...


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SATURDAY. The Paris papers of Thursday are filled with reports of the debate of the previous day in the Chamber of Deputies ; which was very animated, and provoked much...


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SATIIRBAY MORNING. Arrived—Off Margate, Princess Victoria, Lee, from Bengal. Off Portland, Isabella, Munroe, front ditto.

Quarterly average of the weekly liabilities and assets of the

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Bank of England, from the 16th of October 1838 to the 8th of January 1839— LIABILITIES. ASSETS. Circulation £18,201,000 Securities £21,680,000 Deposits 10,315,000 Bullion...

A correspondent informs us that Charles Kean has been engaged

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by Wallack, the lessee of the National Theatre in New York, to act fifty nights, for which he is to receive sixty pounds for each night's per- formance. Miss Shirreff, Mr....


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The favourable state of the revenue produced a momentary impression on the Money Market; and an improvement of per cent, in the prices of...

Much curiosity has attached among commercial men to the first

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sale of the specimens of Assam tea, imported by the East India Company from that part of the British territory, where it is expected that its cul- tivation and preparation may...

The Mayor of Liverpool, in compliance with a numerously-signed requisition,

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has summoned a public meeting of the inhabitants of Liver- pool for Wednesday next, to consider the Corn-laws. The Manchester manufacturers subscribed nearly 2,000/. at the...

The corn averages continue to rise. The price of wheat

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has now reached 83s. a quarter in Mark Lane ; and the average of the six weeks, regulating the duty, is 77s. 3d. We learn that a number of vessels have been despatched to the...


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BIRTHS. On the 6th inst., the Countess of ARRAN, of a son. On the 30th Dee., at Woodside, Lymingtou, Hants, the Lady of WH,LIAM W. Boone, Esq., of a daughter. On the 7th inst.,...

A letter from Liverpool in this morning's Times, represents the

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con- duct of the wreckers on that coast as most disgraceful- " The wrecks of the Pennsylvania and the Lockwoods being on the banks, a fleet of wreckers surrounded these...

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POPULAR LEADERSHIP, WITH REFERENCE TO LORD DURHAM. THE bargain between Lord DURHAM and the Reformers, which has been proposed in Tait's Magazine, would be disgraceful to both...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th January 1838 and 5th January 1839, showing the Increase or Decrease on each head...

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To their " insincerity" Lord FRANCIS EGERTON ascribes the un- popularity of the Whigs. He assured the Conservatives of Oldham at public dinner assembled, " that there is hardly...

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IN the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol resides a wealthy Whig Rector, Mr. LNURENCE TOWNSEND. This gentleman has the good fortune to possess the living of Bishop's Cleeve, and...

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'WnEN it was announced that a treaty of commerce had been con- cluded with Austria on principles of reciprocity—not a reciprocity of exclusiveness, but of liberaliq - -we...

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Ma. GLEIG is a person well qualified to travel with advantage. Having heretofore visited strange countries, he can discern, more easily than a common tourist, those points in...


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TRAMS, Germany, Bohemia, and Hungary. Visited in 1837. By the Rev. G. R. Gleig, M.A., Chaplain to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. In B vole Parker. HisTour, Correspondence of...

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THE letters of this second volume commence in 1757, and close in 1766 ; embracing the most important period of CHATHAM'S life. From 1757 to 1760, he was at the height of his...

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THE author of this romance is an able and a painstaking man. He has much fluency and some invention ; a very nice judgment in perceiving the true qualities of things ; he has...

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We have received a letter of complaint from a respectable cor- respondent relating to our two notices of Dr. GRANVILLE'S publi- cations—that of his Oration on the 1st and of his...


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BOUND BOOKS. Rob of the Bowl. A Romance of the Days of Charles the Second. By J. P. KENNEDY. III three volumes. Francia's Reign of 7'error. Sequel to Letters on Paraguay. By...

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JONES'S ARCHITECTURE OF THE ALHAMBRA. THE glories of the Alhambra, that splendid monument of the archi- tectural science and magnificent taste of the Moorish conquerors of...


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A CORRESPONDENT has called our attention to a point of importance to artists generally, and those who are less publicly known—of course the far greater number—in particular. He...