14 JULY 1849

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As the sleeping Richard was haunted by the ghosts of the old companions he had murdered, so Ministers, slumbering on the Treasury bench of the House of Commons, have - been...

The movements of certain royal and quasi-royal persons have been

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the subject of some gossiping controversy. It was said that the Count de Chambord and the Prince de Joinville had met at Vienna, in order to negotiate an alliance between the...

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Authentic accounts from California confirm the earlier reports of the

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place,—its Midas-like superabundance of gold, its anarchy, and its starvation. The chief magistrate under the United States rents a house like a turnpike lodge, for 1,0001. a...

Rome has been completely taken into possession by the French,

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and General Oudinot has signalized his entrance by various acts of tyranny, sweeping and petty,—suppression of all public action or speech, and paltry contests to put down the...

Erebatts an iproteebings in Varliameni.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Hann or LORDS. Monday, July 9. Prison Discipline Additional Resolutions by Lord Brougham—Adjourned at Oh. 45 res. Tuesday, July 10. Buenos...

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Ebe Gourt.

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Tns Court remains at Osborne, in comparative retirement. Sir Robert Peel, Lady Peel, and Miss Peel, have been her Majesty's visiters. On Thursday, Prince Albert crossed the...

et, Prittropolis.

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The chairmen of the district committees who conducted Baron Roth_ /child's election assembled on Tuesday at Guildhall, to meet the central committee and consult on the fit steps...

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fforeign anb Colonial.

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FizurcE.—The supplementary elections for Paris have taken Onit e selld are without exception in favour of the Moderate-madidates. a the pro- v i nces, M. de Lamartine has been...


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We are assured, on reliable authority, that it is not improbable that the pro- visions of the Irish Encumbered Estates Act will be carried into execution by Sir Edward Sugden,...


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Mr. Prentice has continued his Financial Reform agitation in Scotland, till most of the leading towns have been visited. At Edinburgh, Redding- ton, Cupar Fife, St. Andrew's,...

be Vrobinte53.

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The South Staffordshire iron-trade is in a drooping state; partly, it would seem, from the competition of Welsh and Scotch manufacturers, who manage to undersell the...

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The Imperial Grand Datchess 'Alexandra Alexandrowna, daughter of the Hereditary Grand Duke of Russia, and granddaughter of the Emperor, died at St. Petersburg on the 28th June....

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SATURDAY. The House of Commons met at noon yesterday, and, with an interval of two hours, sat till past midnight, transacting a great variety of business. At the early sitting...

Letters from Gaeta, of the 4th instant, state that a

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French Colonel of Engi- neers had arrived there at midday to present to the Pope the keys of the two gates of Rome through which the French troops entered. A letter from...

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A second report has been made to the shareholders of

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the York, Newcastle, and Berwick Railway Company, by the Committee of investigation appointed some months since: it reports further instances of breach of trust and falsifica-...

The CommithOm the Dublin Improvement (No. 2) Bill commenced their

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la- bours at. eleven crclock yesterday morning, and continued their sitting until two o'clock this morning, in order to pass the bill. Let it not be said hereafter that the...


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The reappearance of Sontag, after a retirement of nearly twenty years into the shades of private life, is something like a revisit to " the glimpses of the moon " by one long...


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- Sioux ExcisANGE, FRIDAY APTERNOON. The English Funds have been slowly advancing during the whole week; and after being today at 93 both for Money and Account, close at 934,...

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When one goes to see a new piece now-a-days, we

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may reasonably ex- pect to hear a feiv Aewjokes, or to behold some novel combinations; but one no more anticipates a really new position than the discovery of a sovereign in a...


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OF all debated and contested subjects, the treatment of criminals is the one in the most unsatisfactory and unsettled state. The reasons for that condition are twofold. The very...


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THE INVITATION TO REVOLUTIONARIES. How the statesman class of this country is allowing power to slip from its hands, we see exemplified in the debate on the new little Irish...

The last meeting of the Musical Union, on Tuesday, may

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be regarded as the closing concert of the season. The Union has been carried on this year with great spirit and success. The subscribers, belonging exclusively to the circles of...

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MORE flings we see at Mr. Hudson l In various railway com- panies, inquiries into Mr. Hudson's peculiar system have been going on, and as each newly uncovered instance of his...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 10th July 1849. Sin—When a housemaid contents herself (as many will) with sweeping the dust and flue under the beds or sofas, instead of...


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IT is with regret that we see leading journals, both in London and Pam, give currency to systematically false representations as to the reception of the French in Rome. The...


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RELIGION and Art, says the Bishop of London, are essentially connected : a high authority, which ought to reconcile many sceptical persons to an inevitable truth. The right...

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ELIOT'S LIBERTY OP ANCIENT NATIONS. * Ir we leave out of account such original and single-subject histories as Sallust's Cetiline Conspiracy and Clarendon's Rebellion, there are...

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MAYO ON POPULAR SU PERSTITIONS. 4 Arun many years of useful

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and active exertions as an anatomist and physiologist, during which he helped to advance our knowledge of the nervous system, Herbert Mayo withdrew to Germany, and gave much...

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THE Germans and French have a species of fiction called art-novels, ia which the customary story of romance is made a vehicle for artistic de- scription and criticism ; the...

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Boog.s. A. Naval Biographical Dictionary: comprising the Life and Services of every Living Officer in her Majesty's Navy, from the rank of Admiral of the Fleet to that of...

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Slight in appearance, M. Panofka's series of engravings from the fictile vases is a useful and opportune auxiliary to the study of Greek arcbmology. It will excellently prepare...


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THE ST. PHILIP AND ST. JAMES BY PAOLO VERONESE. IN the possession of Mr. Morris Moore, 27 Soho Square, is one of the finest works we ever saw from the easel of Paolo Veronese....


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WAR-OFFICE, July 13.—Royal Regt. of Horse Guards—Lieut. R. Sheffield to be Capt. by purchase, vice Hood, who retires ; Cornet E. Breedon to be Lleut. by purchase, vice...


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PARTNER/HMS DISSOLVED. Bailey and Ritchie, St. Paul's Churchyard, silk-mercers—Evans and Lascelles, Great Guildford Street, Southwark, coopers—Rees and Thomas, Thornton Street,...

On the 6th July, at ayiesmore House, Gloucestershire, the Wife

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of Captain Lacoe, R.N., of a son. On the 7th, at Arrowe Park, Cheshire, the Lady of J. R. Shaw, Esq., of a daughter. On the 7th, at Clarendon Park, Wilts, Lady Harvey Bathurst,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Batting. Monday..Tuesday. ifedoes. 8 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account Spec Cents Reduced 3¢ per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent...